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We will help you find the best possible mattress to suit your needs at the best possible price. We do this by providing honest and accurate mattress reviews, buying guides, tips and articles that will cover all the leading mattress manufacturers such as King Koil, Jamison, Sealy, Simmons and many more….

You can spend as little as $100 to as much as $3,000 on a leading brand memory foam mattress, and although this website is called ‘Cheap Mattress Reviews’, we review mattresses in every price range – this site is all about buying a mattress at the cheapest price possible.

While we can help you with information, unfortunately we can’t accompany you to the store when you go to make your purchase. You will need to do a little work yourself, so have a read through some of our reviews of Latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, pillowtop mattresses, Kingsdown mattresses or any of the cheap mattresses we cover to get an understanding of what to look out for.

Best mattress – How to choose the right one?

There is only one factor to consider when choosing a new mattress, and that is comfort. Whatever style or type of mattress you finally decide on, you should only be guided by how comfortable it is for you to sleep on…….Sure, price is always an issue, but it should never come before comfort.

To decide though, you first need to determine what features are most relevant to your needs. If you suffer from chronic back pain for example, an orthopedic mattress might be the best choice for you. If you are larger than the average build, a king size or California king mattress might a better option.

Personally I suffer from intermittent back problems that are sometimes worse when I wake up in the morning, what solved the problem for me was to buy a medium firm inner-sprung mattress with a high coil count. Within a week of buying my new mattress, my occasional back aches had disappeared for good.

What are the best mattress brands?

We are asked this question all the time, and it really depends on your own personal circumstances. You could argue that the Vividus mattress by Hastens is the finest mattress available, but costing in the region of $50,000 (no that’s not a typo 🙂 ), it is well outside the range of 99% of the population……so we can hardly provide a cheap mattress review on that model!

Most of the leading manufacturers have ranges to suit most budgets, and they all have good points and bad. One of our aims with this site is to provide you with honest feedback on each of the best mattress reviews we bring you, and we promise to give you the good and bad about each model we review.

So unfortunately, without knowing you all personally, it is impossible to say what the best mattress is going to be, because there is a good chance that will be different for each and every one of you.

What are the best mattress types?

To make the right choice, you first need to start by understanding the different types of mattresses that are made.

The following is not a definitive list with all the features of every mattress, but is designed to help the newcomer to mattress-buying be less confused about all of the options he or she has when it comes to types of mattresses.

When shopping it is useful to compare mattress types across a broad range of characteristics, not just price, so this should help you “home in” on a suitable type of mattress for you….

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are still the most common type of mattress in the US, but there are many variations within the broad spectrum of inner-springs or inner-coils.

The basic set up with an inner-spring is a spring core, a comfort or upholstery later and a foundation.

The spring core nowadays normally includes steel coils which vary in strength and gauge, which will affect the support they offer to the mattress. They will also vary in density – a queen size mattress with 300 coils is going to feel significantly different to one with 2000 coils, no matter how they are arranged.

Another common variation is the arrangement of the coils. Often they are connected or “continuous”, which helps the mattress bind together and keep its shape, but pocket-springs are also more common these days, where the springs work independently and control motion transfer well, with fabric encasements that help the mattress keep its shape.

Coils have been used in mattresses since the late 1800′s and many of the leading US manufacturers started out producing inner-coil mattresses as a lead-on from cotton-filled mattresses.

The oldest and cheapest type of coil is the “Bonnell coil” or “open coil”, which is hourglass shaped and is still used in the lower-end mattresses today.

“Marshall coils”, which you will find in the Simmons BeautyRest for example, are individually wrapped in fabric encasements, and may have other metals added or may be pre-compressed for added strength.

You may also see “offset coils”, “mira coils” or “continuous coils” mentioned, which work with a hinging effect – these are used by Serta amongst others and have a reputation for being very supportive but noisier than other types.

To sum up you will find many variations on the inner-spring mattress from all the leading manufacturers and many smaller ones too. Often nowadays the inners-spring design will be blended with more and more advanced materials in the comfort, upholstery layers, like memory foam and latex, giving you the best of both worlds.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses have been used for many decades, originally as a cheaper alternative to innerspring mattresses.

The technology has advanced considerably into expensive, high quality, shape-conforming foams like memory foam (see below) but you still get some manufacturers producing value-for-money foam mattresses.

Ikea, for example, make very price-competitive mattresses in their Sultan range which use standard

Polyurethane foam at 1.4 lb or 1.5 lb per cu.ft with Polyester and viscose wadding. This is low-density, no frills foam that is designed to produce a low cost, basic sleep surface.

Another mattress in the same range uses higher density polyurethane foam at 2.2 lb/cu.ft., mixed with the 1.5 lb/cu.ft foam. This is a slightly higher quality foam, but still low price compared to the more advanced foams you will read about in the following passages.

Visco Elastic or “Memory Foam” Mattresses

In 1992 Tempurpedic introduced the first visco-elastic memory foam mattress into the US. After many years developing the foam that NASA used for its great cushioning and temperature-response effects with its astronauts during take-off, and adjusting production methods to make it viable for use in bedding, it was a breakthrough.

Since then there has been a steady trend for memory foam to be used more and more. Originally it wasn’t priced within everybody’s means – a queen size Tempurpedic HD mattress can still cost over $7000 – but nowadays different production methods and use of chemicals to add to the basic polyurethane produces “visco elastic” materials or “memory foams” of vastly differing qualities – meaning you will see a wide range of variant prices for mattresses that essentially look the same.

The thing with memory foam mattresses is to read the labels and check composition, memory foam density and ILD ratings. The density or weight of the memory foam can tell you a lot – it is measured in pounds per square foot and a good yardstick to use is Tempurpedic, whose foam measures well over 5 lb/ sq.ft. Some densities are around the 2 or 3 mark and these will be lower quality.

The ILD rating tells you how hard or soft the material is …the higher the ILD, the firmer the foam and you will usually see ratings between 6 and 16.

Another thing that can vary greatly with memory foam is the cell structure – this affects air flow around the mattress, with a closed cell structure preventing adequate breath-ability in many cases.

Also check a mattress for how much memory foam is used. Anything less than 2 inches is not much of an advantage, while over-thick use of memory foam layers can make the mattress too soft as well as expensive. A balance is necessary.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is often considered to be a recent addition to the bedding market but in actual fact Dunlop created the first latex foam in 1926 and British mattress manufacturers have been including it in mattresses since then.

The Dunlop method of making latex foam, which took the natural rubber, whipped it up into a froth and heated it, to produce a dense natural foam, was diversified in the 1940′s to produce Talalay latex. This added a couple of steps to the process, including treating it in a vacuum and freezing it, as well as the addition of some chemicals like ammonia, producing a springier and slightly softer foam that was a combination of the natural and the man-made.

Nowadays most of the leading manufacturers in the US include latex as a comfort material in the upholstery layers of their finest mattresses. They are usually the most expensive in the range and if you come across a latex mattress that is cheap you should probably ask the question “why?” You will probably find that Talalay latex is a bit more expensive that Dunlop.

Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbed mattresses were popularized in the 1970′s but, like most things 70s-based, they have experienced re-births. The features that attract people to them are mainly that they can be heated, which is a great advantage in the colder climates, and the fact that well-made waterbeds can be extremely comfortable because water takes the body shape completely and creates little pressure on the body. In addition to this the water provides a dust-mite and allergen-free “filling” to the mattress so they are good for people with allergies.

There are two basic types of waterbeds: soft-sided, which includes a water-containing mattress inside a foam frame and sitting on a platform; and hard-sided where the mattress usually sits within a wooden frame on a plywood deck. The latter type is usually cheaper.

Nowadays the designs of waterbeds have been improved and the single-chamber waterbed, where every slight movement in bed creates a wave to your sleeping partner, has been superseded by beds that control motion transfer very well, using either fiber batting, interconnected water chambers or a combination of air and water chambers.

Futon Mattresses

Often considered the domain of the student and apartment dweller, the futon is still alive and well in furniture and sleep land! Popularized during the 1960′s and 1970′s in the US, they were seen as a versatile and cheap alternative to the standard inner-spring mattress sets.

They are versatile because many futons have a frame that can be collapsed to form a bed frame or raised to make a sofa or chair frame. It doubles up the uses, which is great for someone who lives in an apartment, without a spare room for guests. It means their visitors have a place to sleep without it taking up any more space.

Futon mattresses will usually be sold with a recommended frame, but can be bought separately. They will usually be filled with cotton and batting and will be available in most of the standard sizes, with many choices of removable cover, from colorful cotton designs to vinyl or leather-look.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are a great alternative to a standard mattress if you are looking for somewhere for the kids’ friends to sleep during a sleepover, somewhere for guests to sleep on if you don’t have a spare room, something to take camping or even a mattress for the main bedroom if you don’t want a traditional innerspring or foam mattress.

The old PVC air mattress of the 1970′s, which resembled a body-size float for use in a swimming pool, is still available today and is very cheap, but there are far more advanced air mattresses to choose from now – some air beds are the size and shape of a conventional bed, can be bought in king size even and cost almost as much as a standard quality mattress set. The basic ribbed PVC design may now be vulcanized rubber with a fabric coating for extra comfort, the pump may be built-in, battery-operated or electric, rather than foot pump or oral inflation method of old. Yes, the technology has advanced greatly, so if you’re looking for temporary bedding or you just fancy sleeping on air, then air mattresses are worth another look these days.

Crib Mattresses

Normally you will find crib mattresses on sale at mother and baby stores or in the baby-care sections of large retailers, though some bedding centers may stock them too, as well as specialist online stores.

Buying a crib mattress needs some thought and research as cribs are associated with the highest child injury rates of any nursery item. Certain precautions you will need to take when looking for a crib mattress include measuring your crib and the mattress carefully as not all “standard” sizes are standard at all, making sure the mattress is not too soft and carefully reading labels so that you know the exact composition of your mattress. All of these factors can prove hazardous for your child, for different reasons.

Mattress things to consider

There are a number of other things to consider before committing to buy:

  • Robustness – A new mattress is a big investment, so you need to make sure that your new purchase will last. Part of that equation is down to how you take care of it after you’ve bought it, but the biggest factor in how long it will last is the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.
  • Comfort – I keep stressing that comfort is the most important factor, and I make no apologies for repeating it here. It is vital that any mattress supports your body frame adequately, so make sure that you get one that provides lots of support around your head and neck, and in the pelvic region. These are the areas that will make the difference between you getting a good night’s sleep or not.
  • Size – There are two things to consider when choosing the size of your mattress. Firstly you need to know the dimensions of your bedroom to ensure that your new bed will fit. Second, if you have the space in your room, you should never scrimp on the size of the mattress you buy. A king mattress will generally be more than big enough for most couples, and it is a great size if your children are in the habit of sharing your bed.

To help you choose the right size, here’s a handy mattress size chart:

California King Size 72″ x 84″ – (182cm x 213cm)
King Size 76″ x 80″ – (198cm x 203cm)
Queen Size 60″ x 80″ – (153cm x 203cm)
Full – Double Size 54″ x 75″ – (137cm x 190cm)
Twin Size 39″ x 75″ – (99cm x 190cm)

Never forget that you will be sleeping on your new mattress for the next 10 years or so, so take your time making your decision. Use the cheap mattress reviews on this site, and don’t base that decision purely on price, because if the mattress is not comfortable as well, it will probably need replacing quite quickly.

Let’s face it, most mattresses aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, but the growing popularity of Eco mattress models shows that people are trying to address the issue. Eco manufacturers are doing everything they can to ensure their mattresses aren’t harming the planet or your health.

Possible Reactions to Standard Mattresses

If you currently sleep on a memory foam mattress, or use a combination mattress with spring and foam inside, then you may not know that the foam component is usually 100% man-made. Often the foam is manufactured using petroleum-based chemicals like polyurethane that can emit strong odors. Even the flame retardant materials, that are meant to protect us while we sleep, have a potential to harm your health because of their use of chemicals.

Reactions to these chemicals can be irritation to the throat, eyes and nose, difficulty with breathing and even asthma-like reactions.

In addition to this, the carbon footprint from traditional mattress manufacturing is large and the track record of recycling mattresses is not very good – because there are so many component materials that go into the manufacturing process, they are difficult to separate.

The Eco Mattress Alternative

The eco mattress presents an alternative to these chemical-based products and aims for an entirely natural sleeping environment without sacrificing any of the comfort and support we have become accustomed to.

The idea is that they have a smaller carbon footprint to make and deliver, pose less of a health risk and are designed to be recyclable.

You can find them in all the sizes you would expect including Crib size, Twin Extra Long, Twin, Full/Double, Queen, Eastern King/Standard King and California King.

However, to buy one of these mattresses you may have to visit an online store that specializes in Eco-friendly bedding – these are becoming more widespread as the demand for Eco-friendly products in general increases.

Eco-Friendly Materials

You’re might be wondering just what materials would be used in order to be classed as a true Eco-friendly mattresses.

This is normally a combination of certified organic cotton batting, unbleached and uncolored organic cotton or hemp mattress covering fabric, premium Eco wool for the comfort layers, 100% pure natural latex also in the comfort layer ; some mattresses may use tempered steel coils for the support system.

Some mattress makers have also developed a bio-foam; this is a new type of memory foam that adds castor bean oil to the petroleum to make a semi-natural foam without any harmful VOCs or formaldehyde, both of which can cause irritation.

There is nothing man-made in true Eco mattresses, so you are guaranteed to be free from potentially harmful chemicals. They also breathe better than many chemical-based foams so they can stay cooler and moisture-free for a more healthy sleeping surface.

Of course there’s not a lot of point getting an Eco-mattress if the accessories like pillows and comforters are off-gassing chemicals, so if you are heading down the natural products route with your bedding then think about the accessories you will need for your bedroom too.

What’s the Difference?

In terms of comfort and support levels and the overall sleeping experience, most people would find it difficult to tell the difference between a well-made Eco mattress and a standard mattress, in truth.

The extra comfort of Eco mattresses comes more in the peace of mind that you are not exposing yourself to chemicals, and you are being kind to the environment by using all-natural materials.

Mattress Bases

Most Eco mattresses are designed to be used without the traditional box-spring, because this would add to the “footprint” of making the bed. There are however any numbers of high quality wooden beds that will partner your mattress perfectly. This also saves on costs.

Read the Labels!

Some retailers have used the popularity of Eco-friendly products to label their goods a little misleadingly. If being 100% Eco-friendly and using natural or organic materials is important to you then read the fine print and research exactly what has gone into the making of the mattress – don’t just read the headlines!

For example, using cotton that is bleached or dyed can still expose you to chemicals and so for this reason should not be classed as 100% natural or particularly “Eco-friendly”.

Fire Retardancy

A note about fire retardancy: Eco-friendly mattresses can either use all natural 100% wool padding for a fire barrier or a cotton fabric treated with a non-toxic FR agent to achieve the desired protection.


It doesn’t make much sense to create Eco-friendly mattresses, only for the packaging to be decidedly unfriendly!

Ideally the packaging uses recyclable material and is kept to a minimum. Some mattresses will be flat-packed and compressed, only returning to their shape after a day of de-compressing. If this is important to you, check with the retailer how your mattress will be packaged.


You may pay a premium for going Eco-friendly until this way of making mattresses becomes the norm.

Around $1000-$2000 will be the price-range if you are looking for a well-made queen size mattress containing latex foam, wool etc.

You may find cheaper mattresses using cheaper materials but make sure you can guarantee the Eco-friendliness of the model. You can certainly find latex-based all natural mattresses for over $2000 too.

Friendly Return Policy and Warranty?

As with all mattresses, try to find a manufacturer that offers a 30-day comfort exchange policy, so that you can exchange your mattress if you find that you chose the wrong firmness or plushness. This is especially important if you are buying online.

If you are paying a premium you also want that backed up with a decent warranty. Standard for a good quality mattress is 10 years; some manufacturers offer 12 years or more.

Futons were a wonderful invention; they were introduced in the 1960’s and became wildly popular in the 1970’s. The first futons sold came as a set, mattress and frame; you had to purchase the mattress cover separately. The mattress covers were very colorful, psychedelic, batik and tie-dye. The mattresses were very comfortable – if you liked sleeping on a rock! It was a wonderful era, but you had to have been there to really understand and appreciate.

In today’s world, futons are just as useful as they were 50 years ago. Most outlets still sell the futons with ‘horrid’ mattresses – that is why the can sell them so cheaply. If your futon is a little ‘beat up’, the mattress lumpy and just plain ugly, do yourself a favor check the frame. If the frame is still good, chuck the mattress and get a new one.

Futon mattresses that are available now are incredible; you can sleep better on a futon than on a regular bed. The main mattress types are the traditional (foam and cotton), the innerspring (the springs are built into the mattress and have a feel of a ‘real’ bed), and the memory foam mattress. Now that is luxury! You can get the memory foam mattress for as little as $250.00, and it is worth every penny.

You can set up your futon as a bed in the spare room. When opened and made, the futon looks exactly like one of the new platform beds. If you are going to set it up as a bed, get a mattress pad. This will help keep your new mattress clean. There is no need to purchase a futon cover if your mattress is used solely as a bed. The futon can still be used as a couch and converted to a bed when needed.

TIP: Save yourself some money; do not purchase your new mattress at the local outlet. You can try out the mattresses to see which one you like best, but do your purchase online. Online retailers are almost always cheaper; you can find great sales and some merchants’ offer free shipping.

While most parents, college students, singles/bachelors/bachelorettes may think of bunk beds as something only for sailors in cramped quarters traversing the Atlantic, modern designers have come up with creative ways to leverage the bunk bed form to create space-saving furniture ideas. Basically taking a bunk bed and replacing the bottom bed, these “all-in-one” combinations provide a great place for students to put their computers, kids to have extra play space and those with limited space in rooms or apartments to free up valuable square footage.

Loft beds

A fantastic room idea for older kids to college students, this space-saving dorm room computer desk is a loft bunk bed in a sturdy black metal frame finish. It comes with matching metal futon chair frame and a computer chair. It is practically an entire twin-sized dorm!

Loft beds

This versatile space saver is a combination a twin bed and a full size futon. Good for families with a large age discrepancy between two kids that are in the same room. Also, for one child allows for instant sleep-overs, or left as a sofa for lounging.

Loft beds

For the bachelor/bachelorette, an exceptional workstation and sleeping quarters all in one. A sturdy metal frame, loft style design and double ladder access. Tube framing is rugged and is finished to complement any decor. Study space features pullout keyboard tray and bookshelf.

Loft beds

Good for older child to pre-teen, this Storage Twin Loft Bed comes with a 4-drawer Chest, Bookcase, Desk, Birch Side Rail and Birch Ladder/safety rail set. The drawers and desk unit are interchangeable.

Loft beds

With a focus on play area for children, this universal junior loft bed is a fun and creative addition to any child’s room. Choice of colors and accessories can customize it for boys or girls.The loft has bookshelves at both ends to provide ample storage space. It also offers a removable fabric curtain that creates a playhouse in the space below the bed and a removable desk with stool to create a study area. For families that are limited on space, the dresser fits conveniently under the bed, to increase storage space without decreasing your living space.

While the beds above can be found at many online outlets such as, and, the main accessory you would have to buy is the bunk bed mattress. Hence, this site was created to provide expert resources on types of mattresses that would be best for your bed, as well as information on pricing and quality. Bunk bed mattress could come in Innerspring, latex, foam and memory foam (generally the most expensive). Choice of mattress should be made based on if you are using the bed occasionally for guests or every night, the size and weight of the individual, price, quality and of course, going to physical stores and lying on the mattress to actually experience the comfort.

In 1926 Dunlop first developed a process that turned the raw rubber sap collected from rubber trees into a vulcanized latex foam that could be used in bedding. That was the birth of latex being used in mattresses and pillows and many people may be surprised that latex was being used so long ago by the British. It is viewed generally as one of the “newer” materials and in the US, latex mattresses are still luxury items.

Since 1926, of course, the process of latex foam making has not stood still. In addition to the Dunlop latex, which had the feature of being slightly denser at its base than at the top, because of the rubber sediment settling towards the base of the mold, a new process was developed and became widely used in the 1940′s. This is the Talalay method of latex foam making and it adds a vacuum and freezing step to the process which stabilizes the cell structure of the rubber and includes the addition of carbon dioxide before it is heated. This produces a foam of more even density than the Dunlop process.

Talalay latex is marketed as being healthier than the Dunlop method because it is less likely to give off volatile compounds as they age. It is also often marketed as “natural” or “organic” which is not always true because during the process most Talalay latex uses “unspecified curing agents” which may include man-made chemicals, as well as the use of ammonia in stabilizing the liquid rubber. If you are looking at natural latex mattresses be sure that the manufacturer claims are not misleading. There are many synthetic latex materials out on the market now and they will often be used in the cheaper mattresses you see. A manufacturer like Ikea is very upfront about the latex they use and even on their web site they will detail the percentage of synthetic and natural latex in a particular mattress.

Whether you choose Talalay or Dunlop latex may depend on the overall feel you want from your mattress. Talalay provides a more pillowy-soft surface than Dunlop, which is slightly denser and considered to be more durable.

It is the natural springiness and support of latex, as well as its inherent hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant qualities, which makes it an ideal choice in mattress comfort layers. Often nowadays you will see latex mattresses sitting at the top of the range of the established manufacturers, with a few inches of latex foam being used to top off the conventional pocket-spring mattress. It is a combination that offers the best of both worlds but it usually comes at a premium price as the thing you will notice about latex is – it’s not cheap.

Generally the best latex mattresses are well received by owners, who report great motion isolation and general comfort and support levels, as well as good breathe-ability. The main complaint about latex mattresses are that they are heavy, which can make turning and changing the sheets a little harder than standard inner-spring mattresses.

Buying mattresses based on price alone can be a dangerous and costly game, as without considering all the other factors we could be left with one that disturbs our sleep, damages our posture or is simply rendered useless after a year. However there are some situations when a cheap double mattress is a good solution in most homes….

If you have visitors popping that sometimes turn into overnight guests and you don’t have a spare room, then how do you provide adequate bedding for them? I’m sure you’d rather not turn them away to the nearest motel or make them drive home late.

Keeping a couple of cheap double mattresses around is a great way of looking after your visitors – whether they are couples or individuals – and they needn’t even take up much space, if you choose the right type.

There are two kinds of mattresses that fit the bill perfectly for space and cost saving – the air mattress and the futon bed.

The air mattress can be packed away into a closet and, when needed, brought out and inflated quickly and easily using the electric or battery–operated pumps. If you keep a bed in a bag handy you can conveniently add all the bed linen and have the bed made in minutes. Whether your guests sleep on the living room floor or in the hallway, they can get a good comfortable night’s sleep from a well-made double air mattress, which is easily adjustable for their desired level of firmness (just inflate or deflate a little!). You can usually pick up these mattresses for $50 – $200 online.

Futons are usually cotton-filled mattresses that will be used flat on their frame as a bed or upright on their frame as a sofa. They save space because they are dual-purpose so, like the air mattress, they are ideal for apartment living. Futons come in a variety of sizes and many different styles of covers are available, making them easy to maintain and able to fit in with all decors. Depending on what style of frame and mattress you choose a futon will cost you anything from under $100 to $750.

These are two instances where inexpensive double mattresses can be put to good use in the home. The key is that they are only for occasional use (unless you are also using the futon as your main sofa, of course) so will not have to be the most robust, best made items that have to stand up to daily wear and tear. In the case of the futon that you use as your main sofa, of course it’s worth spending a bit extra on that to ensure a good quality wooden or steel frame and a mattress that will retain its comfort over time.

Bragada may be a manufacturer that you are not familiar with but you may be surprised to know that they have been hand-making mattresses in the US since 1958. That’s over 50 years. Here we look at the online resources and some Bragada mattress reviews to summarize what the company offers and what you can expect if you are considering one of their models.

Bragada claim to have made bedding for nearly 15 million homes in the last 50 years. They back up the quality of their workmanship with a lifetime manufacturers warranty on every mattress. Their flagship products are their memory foam mattresses and their adjustable beds, which are made using CoolTempTM Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and topped off using natural materials like 100% pure cotton, bamboo, and soft silk and cashmere fabrics – available on every sleep system, memory foam mattress and mattress topper they make. Your exact choices will be made to order in their factory. Most of their mattresses are sold online, which helps to keep down costs.

Another boast that Bragada make is that their memory foam mattresses are the only memory foam models in the world to be awarded the Orthopaedic Research Institute Seal of Approval.

Looking at their memory foam mattresses, we see 10 basic models ranging in thicknesses from the 7-inch Aspen, featuring 2″ of 4.0 lb memory foam topped by a luxurious 4-way stretch fabric, to the 15-inch Vivaldi which features 6 inches of 4.5 lb dense memory foam and a quilted cashmere anti-microbial fabric.

The most basic Aspen model weighs in at about $450 for queen size mattress and you should add another $200 if you want the box spring with it and $90 for a cover. The Vivaldi, on the other hand, will be around $1500 for queen size mattress with the same additional pricing for the extras.

Bragada mattresses are set up to compete directly with Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses and other, cheaper manufacturers and they are aggressive in their stance, often talking about their “competitors’ inferior products.” They back up their quality assurances with a 121-night at-home trial of all of their memory foam mattresses except the Aspen.

On the review sites Bragada mattresses fared somewhat less favorably than you would expect, from some of their claims. They rated well for affordability and motion isolation (as most memory foam mattresses do) but were marked down consistently for premature sagging and softening (twice as often as with Tempurpedic, in fact.) Almost twice as many users also reported the mattresses causing pain than with Tempurpedic, too.

Ikea have been supplying products in the US since the 1980′s and are one of the leading brands in the world for home goods. Their range of mattresses and beds include inner-spring, standard foam, high-resilience foam and memory foam as well as latex foam. Here we concentrate on the Ikea latex mattress review sites out there and see what we can learn.

The Ikea latex mattresses are from their Sultan range. There are the Erfjord , the Elsfjord and the Engenes, which are all latex models, the Sultan Fjordgard which is a memory foam and latex blend, the Sultan Fossing which mixes foam with latex and the Sultan Holmsta which blends latex with inner-springs.

Let’s take them in price order, with the most expensive first. The Erfjord is the top of the range and costs $699 for a twin. It features seven inches of 85% natural latex (15 % synthetic latex), with all its pressure-relieving capacity and seven comfort zones aimed at tailoring the support levels to your body. The open-cell structure of the latex material allows good air circulation and moisture to evaporate naturally. The finishes are 100% eco-cotton, which keeps things natural and aids the breathe-able nature of the bed. The mattress is reversible which helps maintain and keep it free from wear and tear.

The Sultan Engenes is $549 for a twin and features a 7 1/8″ thick blend of natural and synthetic latex (20 % natural/ 80 % synthetic) and 5 comfort zones for pressure relief of comfort and hips. The open cell latex material allows for great air circulation. There is a removable cover that can be machine washed and the mattress is reversible, so maintenance is easy and wear and tear can be minimized.

The Sultan Fjordgard, which is $509 for a twin, blends a 2″ thick layer of latex (20 % natural/ 80 % synthetic) with high-resilience foam to provide good comfort layers. The mattress is kept breathe-able, moisture-free and temperature controlled by the lamb’s wool and lyocell in the ticking. It is easy to maintain and keep clean by the removable cover provided, which can be machine-washed.

The Sultan Fossing, which is $409 for a twin, mixes a 1″ thick layer of latex (20 % natural/ 80 % synthetic) with high-resilience foam for its comfort layers. It also use the lamb’s wool and lyocell filling and the removable cover providing the same benefits as mentioned above.

The Sultan Holmsta is $399 for a twin and blends synthetic latex cushioning and foam for comfort with 260 Active-Response Coils (in a twin) that respond to you body and relieve pressure, while maintaining spinal alignment and providing support and also controlling motion transfer. A blend of synthetic and natural fibers makes up the ticking, fabric encasements and protective fabrics.

The Sultan Elsfjord weighs in at $349 for a twin and uses 5 .5″ of synthetic latex, providing comfort, temperature regulation and breathe-ability. It has the removable cover and is reversible.

In the Ikea latex mattress reviews we read there was a better response than for the Ikea spring mattresses. Owner satisfaction was very high especially with value for money, comfort, motion isolation and being odorless and noiseless. The main downsides mentioned were that they are heavy (like all latex mattresses), excessive firmness and occasional sagging.

Comparing mattresses directly between two different brands can be rather dangerous as it really does come down to personal preference. Between the best, most established mattress manufacturers the differences can be very minor and may come down to a particular fabric used or another single feature. If we are asked to compare Simmons vs Sealy perhaps we should look at the leading mattress model in each range and see how they shape up.

Simmons and Sealy are two of the oldest manufacturers in the US and both are instantly-recognizable household names with mattress models that are also instantly known by many. In the case of Simmons we have the BeautyRest and with Sealy we have the Posturepedic. Both are innerspring mattresses, so let’s see the relevant features of each.

Simmons’ BeautyRest was first introduced to the market in 1925, so we are talking about a history of 85 years for a single mattress brand! It has always used pocketed coil springs to provide the comfort and support and they have made innovations and additions over the years, as the spring technology has advanced. The BeautyRest added strength by using heavy-gauge steel and extra comfort by using high performance foams, pillow top finishes and enhanced support by re-designing their foundations to meet the needs of the times. Use of premium foam layers (memory foam and latex) and the luxury line BeautyRest Black have been the latest innovations.

The Super Pocketed Coil springs presently used in the BeautyRest are high carbon steel springs that are pre-compressed and sit inside their non-allergenic fabric cases. This means that there is great conformity to body shape and the motion isolation is better because the springs are not tied as in continuous coil models. The main models in the BeautyRest range include the Classic, the Anniversary, the World Class, the Exceptionale and the NxG. The Exceptionale features a dual-layer pocket spring design that doubles up on the support, whilst the NxG uses Next Generation memory foam for extra comfort.

Sealy’s Posturepedic has almost as much history as the BeautyRest, being introduced 65 years ago, so it too has stood the test of time remarkably. There are two basic models of Posturepedic, one using the Titanium SS single-stage coil system and the other using the Titanium DSx dual-stage system. The latter is the premium type, offering enhanced and conforming support on the surface and deeper down in the mattress.

The Posturepedic also features a CoreSupport Center, which adds support to the central third of the mattress, where the heaviest part of your body is resting. As well as this the StayTight foundation is rubberized and means the mattress won’t move around at night and the SitRight Edge system means that the sides of the mattress are well reinforced. Other useful features of the Posturepedic bed are its adjustable base and the LiftRight handles that are on most mattresses. These allow it to be moved easily, which benefits flipping and turning the mattress as well as changing the bed linen.

Our advice if you want to compare Simmons and Sealy is to go to the store, lie on the beds, feel the comfort levels, the support, the quality of the finish and the overall workmanship. That’s the only way of really knowing which one suits you best. You can always go back online to actually buy the mattress you are after.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbeds for many people may be a throwback to the 1970′s but, like many ’70′s things, they are becoming popular again. In fact it’s a little surprising that it’s taken so long for waterbed mattresses to have their resurgence.

They come in two main forms – that’s the hard-sided beds and the soft-sided beds. On a hard-sided bed the waterbed mattress sits inside a rectangular wooden frame which rests on a plywood deck which all sits on a platform. A soft-sided waterbed has the mattress sitting inside a frame of sturdy foam, zippered inside a fabric casing, which sits on a platform that may resemble a conventional box-spring. The soft-sided type looks more like a standard bed.

How comfortable a waterbed is nowadays will largely depend on the mattress. The early ones often used a single water chamber which meant that motion in one area of the bed was transferred very easily via waves into the other areas of the bed. For sleeping couples this obviously wasn’t ideal. As the technology improved the mattresses incorporated wave-reducing methods such as fiber batting and interconnected water chambers. Nowadays some of the most expensive waterbeds are, essentially wave-less and use a mixture of interconnected air and water chambers.

Most waterbed mattresses are made from PVC. Punctures can be repaired with a normal vinyl repair kit. Many of these beds are heated ( sleeping on cold water can be uncomfortable)and temperature will be controlled by a thermostat, but this can be a rather expensive process as it uses a lot of electricity, especially in the case of a hard-sided model.

Other downsides of waterbeds include that sometimes hard-sided beds are made in different sizes to standard mattresses so that finding the right sized bedding can be problematical; movement of waterbeds is difficult as the bed needs to be drained, the base taken apart and, after movement, it needs to be re-assembled and filled with water that may need to be heated for many hours until it’s ready for use; also the chances of an annoying leak at some point in your waterbed’s life are fairly high – a plastic liner is a good idea to reduce damage but it will still need repairing which is a big inconvenience as the water will have to be drained and then re-filled again; the other major disadvantage is the heavy weight of a fully-filled waterbed, which can put a stress on floorboards in some properties – rented apartments especially may restrict the use of waterbeds.

Looking on the brighter side, the main advantages of waterbeds are that wave-less, heated models are extremely comfy, as there is virtually no pressure on the spine or the joints from water. The other main reason why people might choose a waterbed is that there is no place for dust-mites or other potential allergens to hide; even dirt and dead skin can be easily cleaned from the surface of the bed so they are very hygienic and easy to maintain.

The price of waterbeds will vary hugely – you will see $200 beds online, but you will also see $2000 beds in the same stores. As ever, do your research first and choose carefully.

Sleep Number beds are made by Select Comfort and have been on the market for about 25 years now. You may have seen them advertised on TV by Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or you may even have been into one of their 400 stores nationwide. They have been marketed as the adjustable bed for personalized comfort on each side of the mattress, but how much does a Sleep Number bed cost?

Let’s first just see what these beds feature as it will help to explain their price. They have an adjustable air chamber in the middle of each side of the mattress. Above the foundation, the air chamber is situated between two support foam layers, above which lies a comfort pad of foam before the mattress is topped off by a breathable knit fabric cover. So the whole bed is foam and air based – there are no springs at all.

Select Comfort advertise their Sleep Number bed prices on their web site so there is no great mystery, but their pricing policy can mean that it’s very difficult to find discounted beds.

The Classic range features 4 beds ranging in price from $1000 – $1800 for a queen size mattress with a standard modular base (not including a mattress cover.) The pricing difference is based upon the thickness of the mattress and the type of remote control.

The Performance Series includes 3 beds that range in price from $2000 – $2800 for a queen size mattress with a standard modular base. Again thicknesses vary between the cheaper and more expensive models, as well as the usage of memory foam in the top of the range P7 model.

Finally the two mattresses in the Innovation series are priced at $3000 and $4500 for a queen size, depending on the thickness of the memory foam comfort layer.

You will see from the above that the Sleep Number bed cost will be prohibitive for many people, but Select Comfort do run sale pricing on their beds from time to time and it’s worth checking their web site for current promotions. Often savings of a few hundred dollars are advertised there.

Ikea are a massive European name in home decorating, originating from Scandinavia and now being recognized all around the world for reasonably-priced, good quality products. They have outlets in over 40 countries and have been in the US since the 1980′s. Let’s take a look at some Ikea mattress review sites to see how their bedding shapes up.

I think it’s fair to say that Ikea mattresses fall into the value-for-money, high-volume bracket. They are made for bulk sale and are therefore priced very much at the lower end of the scale.

There are around 20-25 mattresses to choose from in several ranges. The most basic twin size Jaren spring mattresses can be picked up for around $80 online and would be best suited as a spare bed – they probably would not stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday usage. Even thicker spring mattresses like the Sultan Huglo are only around $150 online. Slightly more advanced active response coil mattresses are also available at a slightly higher price.

Next we move to the foam mattresses. Ikea make a mixture of high-resilience foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses. The memory foam models range from $200 – $600 for a twin size, depending on thickness. Natural latex models are around $350 – $700 (twin size) and are top of the range, as per usual, though there are couple of spring/latex combinations that are cheaper.

Ikea mattresses, while very reasonable priced, do come with a 25 year limited warranty in most cases (please note that the Jaren, mentioned above, does NOT.) In the US you are able to exchange a mattress within ninety days if you’re not satisfied with it.

They use edge support technology that reinforces the area of the mattress that suffers wear and tear most easily – Ikea claim that a 220 pound weight is raised and lowered onto the bed’s edge 20,000 times during testing. They also claim that the main body of their mattresses are tested by a body weight moving up and down on them 10,000 times.

Ikea mattresses are sold with a choice of removable, washable covers that make maintenance of the mattresses a breeze. They make a wide array of mattress toppers and bed bases too, including box springs and slatted bases that are often bought together with the mattresses. They also have a range of futon beds and sofa-beds if you are looking for space-saving ideas.

Ikea mattress reviews are a little hard to come by online, other than on the Ikea site itself. One site that we did spend some time one rated most Ikea mattresses well for their value for money and warranty, as well as their overall comfort. The main criticism was that some of their mattresses are not very thick so watch out for that when shopping.

There’s not really much of a secret to finding the best mattress prices these days. Unless you are lucky enough to need a new mattress at the time that a bedding center is closing down and you can pick up a phenomenal price in the sale they are holding, then it is likely that the best price will be online. If you are reading this then you will probably know that already and you may be familiar with the discounts that can be made by buying items online.

A word of warning here though, to those who are not used to the process – it is all well and good going for the cheap mattress prices you can find online, but it’s not much use if the mattress you receive is not comfortable, not the right one or is delivered to the wrong address! Each of these things can and do happen…here’s how to prevent them happening to you.

Firstly you need to research your product. Considering you may be using it for 8 hours a night for the next 10 years it’s the least you can do for your peace of mind and your back! Spending time to check the manufacturers’ web site and balance the claims they make with what independent review sites say is a good way of getting a fuller picture.

Also, balance your online research with testing beds out in-store. Beds are a very personal buy, so the more you can try the more you will have a feel for the right type for your body. If you will be sharing your mattress with a partner then make sure you both check them out.

The trick is to make notes while shopping in the store. Take note of the exact models you like, the sizes, the finishes and all the options that are best for you. You can then check for mattresses from the same maker of this exact spec online. You may be lucky and find the exact one at a reduced price from the store. Buying “cold” online, having no prior experience of comfort or support levels, is a dangerous path to take and is not advised.

Likewise, if you do decide to take advantage of the best mattress prices online then be sure to use a retailer that has a good track record of delivering what it promises. That means that they should have efficient selection, ordering, payment and delivery procedures.

Corsicana mattress reviews – Named after the Texas town in which they were founded, Corsicana Bedding Inc. was formed in 1971, so they are relatively new on the US mattress-making scene. Originally formed to meet the demand for furniture and bedding from mobile home manufacturers, they expanded to become a leading US retail brand of box-spring beds, especially in the western states. That expanded eastwards to the point that they eventually moved their manufacturing plant to Tennessee, where they are now based.

Corsicana pride themselves on being low cost, high volume, wholesale manufacturers and supplying discount models that are attractive to dealers and are delivered on time. They market to dealers rather than to the public.

Nowadays, Corsicana mattresses fall into 6 main ranges and the company also makes bunk-beds and has a rental service. The 6 mattress ranges are the Visco Memory Foam collection, the Regal Collection, the Elegance Collection, the Elite Collection, the Bingham Collection and the Harmony Collection.

All of the Inner-spring collections feature a large range of mattresses. In most of the collections there are 4 Double-Sided mattresses that vary from 290-460 inner-springs (Verticoils or Bonnell springs), 9 Single-Sided mattresses that have a similar range of spring densities, 7 Foam-Encased mattresses that all have 460 Verticoils but are foam encased to add more edge support to the sides. Finally in the Bingham Collection are the Pocket-Spring mattresses that feature between 567 and 720 pocket springs in foam encased units. Most of the mattresses mentioned come with a 1 to 5 year warranty, except the pocket springs which are little higher grade and carry a 10-year warranty. The differences between the Regal, Harmony, Elegance, Elite and Bingham are minimal.

The Visco Memory Foam range includes 3 mattresses with Plush, Euro-top or Pillow-top finishes. The lowest spec model features 2 inches of 4 LB memory foam with 6 inches of support foam and the highest grade model uses 3 inches of memory foam and 7 inches of support foam. All mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

Corsicana mattress prices are very reasonable. They don’t pretend to make the highest quality mattresses and there prices are clearly aimed at high volume. You can pick Queen size inner-springs up for a few hundred dollars online and even their memory foam models are not expensive. It is actually quite difficult to find a Corsicana mattress priced at more than about $650.

Reports about the mattresses offering 5 to 10 year warranties are fairly good, with many people happy that they didn’t spend the extra money on a higher-end brand that spends a lot of their money on advertising – which the mattress buyer ends up paying for. Corsicana advertises only to dealers, so their overheads are immediately lower in this sense.

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is something of an institution in the mattress world, if only for the length of time that it’s been gracing the showroom floors around the US. Not only have Sealy themselves been making mattresses for 130 years, but they have been producing the Posturepedic model in various guises for 60 years!

During the Great Depression, Sealy not only managed to survive, but they introduced a new Button-Free Innerspring mattress model. This tells you something about the company and helps explain why they have risen to become the largest mattress manufacturer in the world. They sell a LOT of beds!

Even as times have changed and new models have been introduced – like the Embody range of memory foam and latex foam mattresses – the Sealy Posturepedic models still sit proudly as a key feature of the Sealy lines.

If you are looking to buy one of these what will you get for your investment? Firstly, being 60 years old, you probably guessed it’s a traditional innerspring model but it’s not quite that simple. There are 2 different types of systems used – one using the Posturepedic Titanium SS technology and the other using the Posturepedic Titanium DSx. The SS is a single-stage coil and the DSx is a dual-stage coil that offers even more support. The center third of the mattress, where the most support is necessary, is power-packed to further increase support there.

All mattresses feature LiftRight handles which may or may not go all the way around, making maintenance of the mattresses (turning, flipping, changing bed linen) much easier. They also feature a StayTight rubber foundation cover stops shifting of the mattress on its base.

Around the edges of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses you find the SitTight Edge System which reinforces the bed edges from the wear and tear they can experience; it also extends the sleeping surface right to the corners of the mattress.

The base of a Posturepedic is adjustable and uses a Dual Massage programmable position memory function and a wireless controller.

The top of the mattress comes down to your personal taste, as Sealy offer plush, firm and pillow-top finishes for you to choose from.

The mattresses are available in all the standard sizes you would expect, plus the California King size and a split Queen size (two 30″ x 80″ box springs.) They all come with a 10 year warranty.

Sealy Posturepedic prices vary depending on the options you choose, but the most basic Queen size mattress will be around $600. If you choose a Titanium DSx it will be around $900 for the mattress.

Loft beds are from the same family as bunk beds, in that they include an elevated bed on the top level that is usually reached by a ladder running up the end of the structure; unlike bunk beds they don’t have a lower bed. Instead they have an open space underneath that can be used for storage using a chest, drawers, shelves or even a desk or work station.

Sometimes the storage devices may be built in to the structure. This makes them popular in homes where space can be a problem – especially in kids’ rooms, where clutter and mess can be a problem and where loft beds will also hold some novelty value.

Sturdy, cheap loft beds are available at major online retailers like Amazon, as well as sites that focus on bunk bed style beds. They may be more expensive than bunk beds if they have built in storage areas or other features, as some do. For example, some of them will have a built in trundle bed that stores away and can be rolled out when needed to provide an extra sleeping surface.

As with other types of beds like cabin (captain’s) beds, designers have become more and more creative with loft beds to tap into their novelty value with children. This has created something of a resurgence in the popularity of kids loft beds. Nowadays there are ones specifically aimed at young girls bedrooms that are pink colored and Wendy House or cottage shaped, with slides and other accessories; likewise for boys there are loft beds in the theme of castles or boats.

The simplest kids loft beds, made of powder-coated steel and really just a frame with a slatted upper base for a twin mattress, a side rail for safety and a built-in ladder, are available for a couple of hundred dollars online, with the more elaborate themed ones, made from wood and with lots of built-in draws, closets and a workstation, rising to over two thousand dollars, even when discounted on Amazon.

If you’ve ever had to consider getting temporary bedding for your home you are probably no stranger to the air mattress concept, whereby an inflatable bed can be deflated and packed away in a closet when not being used, to save floor-space. Here we take a look at one of the leading manufacturers of these items, by casting an eye over the Coleman air mattress collection.

The first mattress to look at is the Double High Pillow Top Air Mattress. This is a queen size bed (78″ long by 60″ wide when inflated) that is as thick as a standard mattress and is topped off with a fiber-filled, quilted, pillow-top pad, just like a standard mattress. Of course there are no springs or foam though – just air inside. The pad zips off and can be machine washed for easy maintenance. The bed is designed for permanent or frequent use (as opposed to some air mattresses which are not as robust and are designed for temporary or occasional use.) It has a built-in electric pump that inflates and deflates the bed in seconds and the Coleman Airtight System guarantees a leak-free mattress. Usually it comes with a convenient carry bag that makes it nice and portable.

Another of the more popular air beds from Coleman is the Queen Double-High Airbed with 120 Volt Pump. This mattress measures 78″ long x 60″ wide x 17″ thick when inflated, so is again the same size as a standard queen mattress set that raises the sleeper well off the floor. It has a soft suede finish to it that provides a smooth and soft sleeping surface. Obviously firmness can be controlled by deflating or inflating the mattress and it comes with an electric pump that inflates the bed in about 3 minutes. It uses the Coleman Advanced Double Lock Valve, which locks in the air, working in combination with the Coleman Airtight System. It is easy to store as it can be rolled up, so it makes an ideal bed to keep for visitors who need a place to rest their head for the night. You should find that this mattress wears well as it is made from resilient PVC that doesn’t puncture easily but, like with all air mattresses, it’s best to keep the cats away from it!

The above mattress also comes in Twin size, measuring 78″ long x 39″ wide x 17″ thick when fully inflated. There are several other variations on this theme in the Coleman Collection that are featured on their web site and available on Amazon for around $60-80. Coleman also makes a combination air mattress and cot, designed for guests or camping quarters. It has a lightweight aluminum folding frame and nylon cover and the frame carries a three-year warranty.

If you’re expecting a new arrival in the coming months you will have to put some time to selecting from the wide array of baby cribs available in the mother and baby stores, baby sections of department stores and at specialist sites online. The trick to making a good choice is combining reading online with physical testing and measuring.

Starting with size, there is a standard crib size in the US, since regulators clamped down in the 1970′s.This is 30 inches wide by 54 inches long. This is important because when you buy your crib mattress it will need to fit as snugly as possible. You will need to measure both the crib and the mattress yourself , rather than relying on the measurements on the labels, and when the mattress is sitting in the crib there should not be more than two fingers width of a gap between the mattress edge and the crib sides. This is a safety precaution so that there is no place for catching anything or creating suffocation risks.

There are many other safety considerations to bear in mind, seeing as that’s the single most important factor when selecting the best baby cribs. Most manufacturers in the US fully abide by the guidelines set down by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but it doesn’t hurt for you to know some of the key ones as you are choosing your crib: firstly, the vertical bars or slats on the sides and ends must be 2 and 3/8 inches or less apart, so that your baby cannot get stuck or fall through. You should also check that the slats or bars are fixed firmly and cannot be dislodged by a strong baby. Thirdly, when the sides are lowered there must be at least 9 inches between the top of the mattress and the top of the side; this distance must be 26 inches minimum when the sides are raised.

This last point will not be a factor in the future because, as of June 2011, all cribs sold in the US will have to have fixed sides; the sale of and use of drop-side cribs in hotels and care centers will be prohibited, because of connections to infant deaths. In fact, 50 infants die each year and around 9,000 are injured in crib bed accidents in the U.S.

Apart from the regulations there are some basic safety precautions you can take yourself so that you know you are choosing one of the safest baby cribs. This includes a firmness test for the mattress: if you can bend it in two then it is far too soft; it will need to have some firmness to it so that suffocation pockets cannot form.

In addition to this, check carefully what is in your baby mattress. Sometimes labels can be misleading and claim all “natural” materials despite chemicals being used in the treatment of those materials to make them waterproof or fire retardant for example. Many parents like to choose all natural or organic crib mattresses nowadays, which use materials like wool, cotton and latex, so there is no risk of toxins affecting their baby.

Nowadays baby cribs come in many different designs and some of them can even be converted in to a toddler’s bed when the child has outgrown the crib. As well as convertible cribs there are also Jenny Lind designs, sleigh designs, rocking cribs, mini-cribs, round cribs, portable cribs and cribs for twins. Some cribs may be mounted on caster wheels these days and others may include storage compartments underneath.

You might be lucky and find safe, well-made cheap baby cribs online, but be wary of ones that are too cheap as they may not last or they may present a safety hazard.

Serta, based in Illinois, are the second largest mattress manufacturer in the US after Sealy. They have been making mattresses for 80 years and are best known for their inner-spring mattresses like the Perfect Sleeper and also their latex mattresses, which they supply to the hospitality industry as well as to home users. Here we take a quick look at the Serta memory foam mattress range to see how it stacks up.

Memory foam mattresses appear across several Serta ranges including the Perfect Sleeper and the Vera Wang ranges and they also make quite a range of memory foam toppers.

The Vera Wang is probably the best known of the Serta memory foam mattresses. The collection actually uses Serta’s exclusive Free Flex Innerspring (532 coils in a queen size) as its core and latex foam or memory foam is added in selected models. The memory foam model is a luxurious bed that uses a dense, high quality, 5lb memory foam that molds to the contours of the body, relieves pressure on the joints and reduces motion transfer to an absolute minimum, because it absorbs the movement of the sleeper without affecting the other sections of the mattress. It uses SmartFabric technology to finish the mattress off and keep the sleeping surface cool. The Vera Wang mattresses are also extremely sturdy and robust, employing a double-beam foundation and they back up this durability with a 30-year limited warranty.

If you are shopping for a Vera Wang mattress then you will need to check out the various comfort finishes that Serta provide – whether you opt for the Euro-Top, the Firm or the Plush finish will depend on just how soft you like your comfort layer. The Euro Top features an extra layer of upholstery to provide extra cushioning like the Pillow-Top (but it will feel slightly firmer than the Pillow-Top.) The Plush finish will feel soft even without the extra upholstery layer – this is achieved by extra comfort layers at the sleep surface. Some people choose the Vera Wang without these comfort finishes and prefer the classic memory foam with zippered cover, so that they are sleeping directly on the memory foam core rather than plush comfort layers on top of it.

Serta claim that they make the best mattresses in the world. This can be debated forever, but the Vera Wang memory foam model is certainly well rated online. A queen sells for around $1500 in stores but you should be able to pick it up at a discounted price online.

Southerland Inc. is another one of the traditional US manufacturers that has been producing mattresses for well over a century. With their headquarters in Nashville Tennessee they are unusual in that they are 100% employee-owned. Southerland made a name for quality in production of inner-spring mattresses but recently announced an agreement with the Sharper Image to make specialty mattresses in memory foam, inner spring, air and latex, plus adjustable mattresses. Here we take a quick look at the existing Southerland mattress range.

The main Southerland collections are the basic Southerland range, the Sleep Xpressions range, the American Sleep range, the Estate Collection, the Majestic gold, the Majestic Silver and the Total Protection range.

If we take a cross-section of Southerland mattresses from across these ranges we see that a queen size Sleep Xpressions Rockwell inner-spring is a 14 inch mattress that includes over 800 coils in combination with memory foam or latex foam. It costs around $900 and comes with a 12-year warranty. A queen size Singer mattress from the same range is slightly thicker, uses latex foam and costs around $1000 and a Turner will be around $1200.

In the Majestic Silver range a queen size Athens mattress is a 7.6 inches thick mattress, using around 460 coils, polyurethane foam in the comfort layers and comes with a 7-year warranty. This mattress retails for around $400.

This gives you a feel for Southerland mattresses but it is rather difficult to find much information online for such an established mattress manufacturer. The Southerland official web site has many pictures of their beds but very little detail on the individual products; likewise you may find it a struggle to find much in the way of meaningful Southerland mattress reviews.

Fold Up beds are something you may consider for a temporary bedding solution where space is at a premium – like in a small apartment for example. Usually apartment living means that you don’t have a spare room, so if you want to host overnight guests then you need a way to provide a temporary bed without it taking up floor-space. There are a few options available for you.

Probably the most common space-saving beds in this situation are futon sofa-beds and air mattresses – not really fold-up beds – but saving space by acting as a sofa or chair in the case of a futon and being able to be packed away in a cupboard in the case of an air mattress.

A true fold up bed, on the other hand, can be in the form of a simple army-style canvas bed on a metal frame – usually a single/twin size for one person; an ottoman bed that stacks joined cushions into an ottoman stool when not being used as a folded-out bed – again, usually a one-person size; a wall bed or “Murphy bed” as it’s known in the US, that completely hides in the wall and then folds out – this may be a full, queen or king size unit and is a very high end solution; or, most commonly a fold-up bed may be in the same form that a hotel or hospital will use for an extra guest in a room – these will fold a metal frame and mattress in half, so that it can be stored neatly in a cupboard or storage room, taking up no floor-space. Many of these will be mounted on caster wheels for extra portability and may be called “rollaway beds.”

If you are looking for any of these types of folding bed units to keep tucked away in your apartment the best place to shop is online. Most bricks and mortar stores may have very limited ranges of these types of specialist beds but online there are stores that are designed with these fold up beds and other temporary bedding solutions in mind. There will be more choice and the prices will be more competitive. Of course you need to check brands and quality, but it’s less important for you to check personal comfort levels as it will only be used occasionally and temporarily, not every night like a bed in the master bedroom.

For example, a cheap fold up hotel-style bed, on wheels, can be bought for around $150 online. Higher-end, heavy duty models with sturdier frames and plusher mattresses may be up to $500 or $600, but there are plenty of designs to choose from between these two extremes.

Choosing a Slumberland Mattress

Slumberland may bring a couple of things to mind, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are based. In the US, Slumberland is the name of a furniture retailer that has been operating since the 1960′s; however, in the UK Slumberland is a well-established mattress manufacturer that has been in business since 1919. Here we concentrate on the latter and take a look at the Slumberland mattress collection.

Slumberland is now part of the Hilding Anders group, which is the largest bed group in Europe. They originally made their name making fine quality pocket-spring mattresses and divan bases and this has continued in modern times – their Pocketed Posture Springs are used in their models, each row of springs being encapsulated within its own continuous pocket. They have also lead the way with a number of design innovations in their mattresses, with the release of the no-turn sprung interior mattress, and in their divans, with the introduction of drawers for extra storage space. More recently they have started to use 100% bamboo covers on selected mattresses in a move to make the company more biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Looking at their mattress collections, we see 4 major ranges of mattresses – the Seal, the Memory Collection, the Latex Collection and the Posture Flex Collection.

The Seal Collection incorporates 3 standards of Slumberland mattresses – the Gold, Silver and the Bronze Seal models. The top-of-the-range Gold Seal mattress features 2700 pocket-springs with a mini pocket-spring system also incorporated. The upholstery layers feature natural wool, silk and Dunlopillo latex for a very luxurious feel that tops of the support of the inner-coils very well. The fabrics used to finish the mattress are filled with friendly micro-biotic micro-capsules that keep the mattress breathe-able, allergy-free, healthy and fresh. The mattress does not have to be flipped, so maintenance is very easy with some rotating every now and again. The Silver Seal is almost identical, but features 2300 coils and natural cotton and wool fabrics with reflex foam in the filling rather than latex; the Bronze Seal features 1900 pocket-springs and cotton and wool upholstery fabrics.

The Posture-Flex Collection features 9 Slumberland mattresses in total, ranging from the high-end Topaz to the Shannon. These mattresses are a step down from the more luxurious Seal collection. The Topaz features 800 pocket-springs and is memory foam encapsulated for support from edge-to-edge and the upholstery consists of wool which provides natural spring. Like the Seal range the Topaz requires no flipping. At the lower end of the Posture-Flex collection, the Shannon has 500 pocket springs but this mattress needs to be turned every 6 months for best performance and longevity.

The Memory Collection has 5 mattresses combining different densities of pocket springs (from 800-1200) with Contour Flow Memory Foam, which improves airflow and reduces pressure points by conforming to the body shape and spreading the weight across the mattress. These mattresses all use 100% bamboo covers; the mattresses are foam-encapsulated and do not need to be turned. The divans for these beds, like in other collections from Slumberland, have optional drawers available which can be built-in.

Finally the Latex Collection features 3 mattresses combining the quality pocket springs you expect from Slumberland with a layer of Dunlopillo latex that provides great air-flow and luxurious comfort. Many of the other features are similar to those described above in the Memory Collection.

Overall then there is something for everyone in the Slumberland ranges, where you can opt for a traditionally crafted pocket spring mattress using all the tried and tested methods of mattress-making or combine modern materials with that know-how to get the best of both worlds. All of their mattresses are backed with a twelve year warranty.

You won’t find them in standard bedding centers but you may see cabin beds mentioned online at some specialist bedding sites and wonder what they are and exactly who would use them.

Essentially a cabin bed is a raised bed that has storage areas underneath in the form of drawers or other compartments. They are sometimes referred to as a captain’s beds, chest beds or loft beds and they are probably most commonly seen in kids’ rooms (they have a certain novelty factor that children do seem to like) or where space for storage is at a premium, like in apartments.

Kids cabin beds will usually have a built-in ladder running up the side or end of the unit for easy access to the bed, above the storage compartments area. Alternatively they may have a built-in mini-staircase that leads up the end of the bed, with the steps doubling up as extra storage space. They will normally feature a safety rail or board along the side of the bed section to prevent falling out.

Nowadays they are made in a whole host of designs and targeted towards particular audiences – there will be pink ones or ones with storage areas shaped like a Wendy House aimed at young girls and blue ones with football or pirate designs built-in to the storage area for the boys. There will even be ones that have slides built in or shaped like boats – looking more like they belong in a theme park than in a bedroom! The creative and imaginative designs now available enhance the novelty value and it’s a good way to make your kids’ bedroom more attractive and playful.

Less frequently you will see full size, queen or king size cabin beds. Nowadays the mattress in these beds may be memory foam and, rather than the sleeping surface being raised a long way off the ground like a kids’ bed, it will be a much lower platform with typically 6 or 12 drawers built in to the sides.

Cabin beds are made of a variety of materials – most commonly wood (often pine or oak) is used and this may be lacquered, stained or colored with a variety of finishes nowadays; more expensive ones may be made of hardwood.

If you are looking to buy cabin beds the best place these days is online. Because you are buying this bed as much for the look as the comfort value you can check out many specialist sites online and search around the thumbnail pictures for the type you are after, comparing prices easily. Search with your child and include him or her in the process and you will get automatic buy-in!

Online at a specialist cabin or captain’s bed site you will also guarantee getting a good variety of cheap cabin beds. In the kids section of department stores you will find thee items but there will be less choice and they will be more expensive.

Mattress pads and covers used to be mainly about offering protection to the mattress so that warranty wasn’t invalidated by stains or signs of wear and tear. With mattress toppers becoming plusher and heated mattress pad sets now available they now play an important comfort role too, as well as protection.

Heated mattress pads are really a spin on the old electric blankets that were once popular. Whereas an electric blanket essentially integrated an electrical heating device inside a blanket that was usually placed over the top bed sheet, a heated mattress pad is something that will sit on top of the mattress, below the bottom bed sheet, so that it protects the mattress and warms the sleeping surface.

People have traditionally used heated beds for a variety of reasons. The obvious one is in cold climates it gives instant warmth to a bed you are climbing into; however, they are also used for health reasons – applying heat to muscles increases the blood flow and can aid in healing or with certain conditions like arthritis or back pain.

The older electric blankets (more than 10 years old) suffered from a reputation for lack of safety as well as being expensive to run – in the UK, an estimated 5,000 fires per year are caused by faulty electric blankets over 10 years old. However, the modern ones have carbon fiber wires and usually work on 24 volts (lower than the older ones.)

Modern heated mattress pads will usually be waterproof and come with one or two controls. They will be made in all the standard sizes that mattresses are made in. They may be fitted or non-fitted and the non-fitted ones can be tied to the corners of the mattress usually. They look much the same as a standard white, lightly quilted mattress pad or cover. Price wise, you can find these items on Amazon for $60 – $150 for a Twin. More advanced ones have more zones to the pad which can be individually controlled and these will be more expensive.

If you’ve ever been to one of their 39 US stores or shopped online at Ikea you will be aware of the type of household products they offer – value-for-money items made of good quality materials and stylish in design, that are often self-assembled and able to be carried home in the back of the car. The Ikea sofa bed collection is no different.

Ikea make quite an extensive range of sofa beds and sofa bed covers. The main ranges include the the Lovas which are $200-400,the Havet, which range in price from $300-500, the Murbo which are $250-350, the Resmpo which are $350-450, the Ektorp which are $650- 800, the Hagalund which are around $500, the Karlstad which are $800-900 and the Kivik which are $750 – $1010. You can see from this alone that there are many styles and choices available.

If we look at their most basic range and their most expensive range you should get an idea of the types of Ikea sofa beds available.

The Lovas range sofa beds are 78 3/4 “(2 meters) wide by 41 inches (just over a meter) deep and 35 7/8″ (91 cm) tall. They convert into a bed that is big enough for 2 sleepers. The bed’s frame is made of steel and it has 4 feet to raise it off the floor, made of polypropylene. These beds come with a simple, firm polyurethane foam mattress made from 1.7 lb/cu.ft foam that can be used every night and may be used with a mattress pad, which can be a good idea for extra protection from stains. In any case they come provided with a removable cotton cover that can be machine-washed and it may be an idea to get an extra cover for use while it’s being washed. All of these sofa beds are fire retardant.

The Kivik range of sofa-beds is more stylish than the Lovas range but is around 3 times the price. The extra benefits provided by these beds are extra width (around 96 1/2 ” sofa) allowing more seating space, with a soft, deep seat which provides comfortable back support – this seat may include a layer of 3.1 lb/cu.ft memory foam in some of the models. They also feature an easy fold out system for when the sofa will be used as a bed. Also the armrests include a smart storage system, with a zipped cover, so that you can keep your things hidden away! Some of them also come with a foot-stool. The frame of these sofa beds is made of fiberboard, particleboard, plywood and pine. Also provided is an easily removable, dry-clean only cotton cover for ease of maintenance.

In addition to the ranges mentioned and described above Ikea also stock chair beds which fold down into a single/twin bed.

A novel addition to all their ranges has been mounting the chair and sofa-beds on caster wheels, making moving very easy for cleaning or for re-locating to another room.

If you want to buy Ikea sofa bed units the best place to start is online, where they list some 12,000 products, but at some point it will be best to go to the store and check out comfort and support levels, both in sofa position and bed position.

Platform beds consist of only a firm, stable, horizontal base, on which a mattress sits; there is no need for a traditional box spring to sit on a frame and support a mattress, so it creates a 2-part bed rather than a 3-part set up. The base may be slatted or solid.

Platform beds actually pre-date the invention of the box-spring as every raised bed up to the invention of the box-spring in the 1860′s could be called a “platform bed”. Nowadays the bases are usually made of wood, metal or bamboo and may or may not include a headboard or footboard.

Modern style platform beds often take the European style of solid colors and simple, stylish, neutral designs. Those that include a headrest may use microfiber or leather padding which provides a comfortable backrest when sitting up in bed. Nowadays platform beds may also double up as storage furniture, with built-in drawers and compartments around the bed, below the raised mattress – these are popular where space is tight like in apartments.

A brief online search will point you towards many specialist sites where you can buy platform beds cheap. Not only will they be cheaper than in the bedding stores but you will probably get more choice as many sites will deal only in platform beds and will have efficient selection, order, payment and delivery procedures. Remember to check credentials of the retailer first and bear in mind that buying a bed is something that usually requires you testing the mattress out for comfort levels first, so buying on looks and promises alone involves many risks!

These sites should present many options for discount platform beds – made from wood, metal or upholstered models, both traditional and modern styles. Most of the wood ones in the US will be made from oak, maple, cherry, poplar or imported Bamboo; another popular type is the leather platform beds, which are very stylish. Asian platform beds are another style that is becoming more widespread, with the popularity of simple and neutral “peninsular style” furniture.

Size-wise you will find platform beds in all of the standard sizes that mattresses are made in, including California King. Prices will, as you would expect, vary greatly, according to sizes, materials and workmanship.

The Spring Air Company (known as Spring Air International since 2009) was founded in 1926, so it is one of the traditional US mattress manufacturers that have seen many of the ups and downs of the past 85 years. It has done more than survived – it has flourished and is ranked only behind Sealy, Serta and Simmons in the amount of mattresses it sells in the US. One of their claims to fame is that they introduced the Pillow-Top mattress to the bedding market in 1973. So, what are the main features of the Spring Air mattress ranges nowadays?

Spring Air mattresses are manufactured in 13 U.S. facilities and in 22 international facilities in 32 countries worldwide. Their main ranges are Nature’s Rest, Back Supporter, Four Seasons and Chattam and Wells and traditionally these mattresses are known for their free-end offset pocket coil design, which adjusts very well to body weight.

Starting with the BackSupporter line, these mattresses are built on a carbon neutral eco-friendly base with special reinforcement in the zoned center, where most of the body weight will rest. All the mattresses use the Spring Air pocket coils for body-conforming support, then in the upholstery layers Conforma foam that relieves pressure on shoulders and hips. The three main mattresses in this range are the Value Collection, featuring 400 coils and knit fabrics; the Perfect Balance 500 series, featuring 546 3-zone LFK springs and latex and memory foams in the comfort layers; and the Perfect Balance 700 series featuring a 768 5-zone Conforma Coil foam-encased design and memory foam and latex in the comfort layers. These mattresses all come with a 10-year non pro-rated warranty.

The BackSupporter range can be topped off with a SleepSense mattress topper for extra comfort. These come in 4 different materials – gel, latex, memory foam and SMT foam.

The Chattam and Wells collection is the luxury range from Spring Air, using the finest quality materials and hand craftsmanship. These mattresses use the 5-zone Conforma spring design which reduces pressure on the joints, then extra support is added for the lower back. The foam encasement provides extra stability and reinforcement for the edges. On top of the springs there is a thick layer of memory foam, providing its characteristic body-conforming comfort and temperature-responsiveness. The mattresses in the Chattam and Wells range are topped off using fabrics infused with silver to reduce static and repel dust-mites, Joma wool, cashmere and Talalay latex. The fine quality upholstery materials are inner-tufted throughout the main parts of the mattress. All mattresses in this collection come back by a 15 year non-prorated warranty.

Looking at these two collections above will give you a good idea of what you can expect if you are looking to buy spring air mattress sets. Clearly they are one of the US manufacturers offering a long history of quality products. Depending on size, materials used and design, your mattress will cost you anywhere from around $500 up to $2500.

You may have heard the term “trundle bed” in your mattress searches and wondered exactly what it is. Well, this article will clear that up and also show you where you can get your hands on one, if a trundle bed is truly for you!

Also known as truckle beds, trumple beds and hurly-beds, trundle beds are a pair of beds with one bed being able to be stored underneath the other, normally mounted on rollers or casters so that it can slide out when it is required. The “stored” bed will not have a mattress and will be just the frame/base of the bed; the mattress will need to be added. The main bed will usually be a twin size and the one underneath slightly smaller so that it can be neatly stored.

Trundle beds, like bunk beds, air mattresses or futon beds, fall into the broad category of space-saving and temporary bedding solutions, as they allow for a second bed to be made as needed, without taking up any floor-space normally. However, they are probably the least popular out of all the types of temporary bedding mentioned there.

Cheap trundle beds are an idea for a guest room that is pushed for space and is normally meant to host one guest, but occasionally needs bedding for a second guest. Sometimes the lower trundle bed can even “pop up” to the same height as the main twin bed, forming one double bed. Again this is a good feature in a guest room that may sometimes need to provide bedding for a couple but is not large enough to have a permanent double bed set up.

Another space-saving feature of the trundle bed is that the lower bed, because it has no mattress, can be used as storage drawer when it is not in use as a bed – a good feature for small apartments where every space-saving idea is to be welcomed.

Sometimes nowadays day-beds double up as trundle beds. A good example of these types of beds can be found at the Ikea online store where there are several model available in the Hemnes, Meldal and Tromso ranges. The high-end model sells for around $500 and is a solid pine bed that can be used as a sofa, a single bed, a bed for two or a storage area, depending on preferences.

At other specialist online stores you can buy trundle beds in many other designs. As well as those already mentioned they have bunk beds which are also trundle beds (so 3 beds in all), full size trundle beds and trundle beds made especially for girls. Prices vary greatly depending on the design and materials you choose – from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars, so it’s difficult to generalize.

Shopping for a King Size bed? You wouldn’t be the first shopper to get their brand new upgraded mattress home only to find it fitted a little too snugly in the bedroom – meaning that there was no space to walk around it as it stretched from one side of the room to the other! It’s important therefore, to get the standard king size bed dimensions and all the possible variations clear in your head before you buy.

It depends where you buy your king size bed, but in North America and Australia the standard king (sometimes also called as Eastern King) will measure 76 inches wide × 80 inches long. On the west coast of the US there is another common size called the California King which is longer and narrower than the standard king at 72 inches × 84 inches. In the US a standard King may have a king-size box-spring base or two smaller box-springs side by side to support it.

Whichever King model you choose in North America it is going to be 12 to 16 inches wider than the average queen size so take care that your bedroom is large enough to handle the increased size without making it seem cramped.

In the UK and Ireland the King size mattress is around the same size as the North American queen size (there is no queen size in the UK.) It measures around 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. The wider 72 inches × 84 inches mattress is called the Super King.

Sizing Up a Single Mattress

It would be far too simple for all single mattresses to be the same size – after all this is the world of bedding where things are rarely simple! If you are looking to but a single mattress it depends where in the world you are as to what size you will be getting.

In the US the single mattress is usually referred to as a Twin – it sounds less lonely perhaps? The North American standard size of the Twin is 39 inches wide × 75 inches long; in Australia it measures 36 inches × 74 inches; in the UK it will be 36 inches × 75 inches and in Continental Europe and Latin America it will be 35.4 in × 79 in. So there are some slight variations even to the so-called standard single or standard twin.

Then it gets more complicated as there are non-standard single sizes. In North America there is the extra long twin which is 39 inches × 80 inches and the very rare three quarter which measures 48 inches × 75 inches .There is also the wider and longer Super Single (48 inches × 84 inches) which is like a 4ft bed.

In the UK the non-standard single mattresses are the small single, which measures 30 inches x 72 inches and the three quarter (which can be considered a large single or a small double) at 48 inches x 75 inches. The latter is not very common at all.

In mainland Europe there are yet more other sizes, such as the small single which is narrower than the standard single, the extra small single which is narrower again and the large single which is wider than the average single ( but close the US standard Twin.)

Are you confused yet? Don’t worry too much. If you are shopping around for a cheap single mattress the likelihood is that the standard sizes in your country will be the ones on offer, but it is a good habit anyway to be aware of all the sizes available and to check both the labels on your mattress and the size of your room before buying.

The Sealy Corporation, based in North Carolina, is the largest manufacturer of mattresses in the world and they presently operate 25 bedding plants in the US. They take their name from Sealy, Texas, where they started out in the late 1800′s in the cotton industry. Through the years they have seen many booms and dips and still survived to tell the tale – more than that, in fact; they have flourished. This says something about the strength of the brand and the reputation they have built for affordable quality mattresses that use great materials and great know-how in their design. What are the main types of Sealy beds available today?

Sealy sell most of their mattresses under the brand names Posturepedic, Stearns and Foster (which they acquired in 1983) and Bassett, as well as Sealy. You may also be familiar with the Embody brand name which is their most recent addition.

Over the years Sealy have achieved something of a name for innovation and so it was when they unveiled the first ever King size bed and when the Sealy Posturepedic mattress was released.

The Posturepedic remains the flagship product of the Sealy brand and it has had many incarnations in the 65 years it’s been on the market. The Posturepedic has a great reputation for quality because of its longevity, yet a queen size is available from around $600. There are, of course, many options available that add to the cost if you take them, but for a famous household name mattress Sealy beds prices are very reasonable.

The Posturepedic is an innerspring mattress that comes in two basic choices of continuous coil: single stage and dual stage coils. The latter is the more advanced design, affording deeper comfort and support to the sleeper right through the mattress. It starts at around $900 for a queen size. Virtually all Posturepedic mattresses come with LiftRight Handles that make movement and turning of the mattress easier, as well as changing the sheets. The more advanced the model, the more advanced and extensive the handles will be.

Other common features to all Posturepedic mattresses include the CoreSupport system which reinforces the central one third of the mattress which supports most of the body weight, reinforced foam edges that reduce bounce and add support to the mattress as well as helping it to stand the test of time, plus a rubberized foundation cover that prevents the mattress from slipping.

When you buy your Posturepedic mattress you have the choice of bases, some of which are adjustable. You also have the choice of adding memory foam or latex to the comfort layers of the mattress.

We have concentrated here on the Posturepedic as it is their most famous inner-spring bed, but there are cheap Sealy beds available in their Sealy range. These start at $400 for a queen size. There are also the luxury inner-spring beds from the well established Stearns and Foster range which start at $1200for a queen size and come with a full 10-year warranty.

If you are considering a luxury foam Sealy model then you will look at the Embody mattresses, which use progressive latex and memory foams in their design and start at around $2000 for a queen. They have a 20-year limited warranty.

Ikea have 39 of their home products superstores dotted around the USA, representing their second biggest market after Germany. Since the 1980′s they have built a name for largely self-assembled furniture made to a good standard at very affordable prices. Their bedding products are no exception and here we take a look at the Ikea mattress choices that you have.

You can find a full listing of Ikea products on their web site, where there are roughly 12,000 products. In terms of Ikea mattresses they are split into 3 main types – the basic inner-spring models, the standard foam models and then the luxury foam models.

The inner-spring models start at an incredibly low $80 and go up to around $250 (including base.) There are two main types – the standard Bonell coil design and the active response or pocket spring design. The cheaper Bonell coil mattresses will have between 170 and 270 Bonell coils in a twin size mattress and will provide adequate, if not luxurious, comfort and support for most people. These mattresses will be around 17cms thick.

The active response coils in the more expensive pocket spring mattresses, such as the Sultan Hallen model, help with increased support and spinal alignment as well containing motion so that movements in bed are more isolated and not transferred to your partner. These are thicker mattresses (around 24cms) that also use more polyurethane foam in the comfort layers above the springs.

Some of the mattresses are sold separately and some as a set with a base. For those sold separately – like the $80 spring model called the Jaren – you can buy a slatted wooden base to position the mattress on. Most of the cheaper models are roll packed for portability and will regain their proper shape in around 3 to 4 days, so bear this in mind when you get your mattress home.

The standard polyurethane foam models that you may see featured in Ikea mattress reviews online – like the Sultan Fonnes and the Sultan Florvag – are very reasonably priced at around $100-150. These are basic mattresses 10-12cm thick, using Polyurethane foam of 1.4 lb/cu.ft or 1.5 lb/cu.ft density. Most of these mattresses are reversible so that you can use both sides for even wear and tear, and they will be roll-packed when you buy them. You will need to buy a slatted base separately.

The higher quality foam mattresses will user high-resilient polyurethane foam, memory foam or latex and these range in price from $200-700, depending on the type of foam used. The specifications of the foams they use are clearly marked, even on the web site, so it’s easy to check densities and compositions. Ikea even state clearly the percentages of natural and artificial latex that are included in their latex models. This is a refreshing change from some manufacturers who seem to do their best to conceal this information.

Most Ikea mattresses come with a 25 year limited warranty, which is amazing given their value-for-money price. If money is tight and you don’t need the finest quality hand-made mattress with all the trimmings and silky fabrics to finish it off, you could do a lot worse than browse through the Ikea collections.

If you’re buying your mattress and base separately rather than as a unit, you may need to research where you can get hold of well-made cheap bed frames. What type of bed frame you are after will, of course, depend on what type of mattress you have.

The bed frame, sometimes called the bed stead, is what the mattress will sit on when it’s in position. They are usually made of wood or metal and will include several components – the head, the foot and the side rails. Larger double or queen beds and up, will need some central support system also because of the extra weight they will have to support.

Nowadays the household name retailers will stock a selection of bed frames and you can buy them in-store or online. Their price will vary greatly depending on size, material and level of workmanship and it’s never a good idea to buy solely on price as this item will be the foundation of your sleeping system in your bedroom. If your bed frame is poor quality then it will collapse and it doesn’t matter how good your mattress is.

Ikea is a retailer that specializes in good quality cheap bed frames and mattresses. Checking their online store you can pick up a Fjellse slatted bed frame for $50 – this is a stylish pine wood frame that is around will support a double/full size mattress ( 53 inches wide by 74.5 inches long.)

The Ikea Malm range is very popular and these sell for between $100 and $250. These have adjustable sides to support different mattress heights, making them very flexible. These frames use particleboard and fiberboard with a galvanized steel midbeam for extra support.

Of course if you are looking for a well-made cheap bed frame we have only scratched the surface here of the type of models available. Many other manufacturers have a multitude of different designs and styles for you to research. Naturally, if you have a different type of mattress – like a waterbed mattress, air mattress or futon – you will be looking for an entirely different bed frame to what we have described above and these can normally be found at the specialist online retailers.

Ikea, the Swedish company that operates all around the world and is, in fact the world’s largest furniture seller, has been in the US since the 1980′s and it represents one of their most important markets; there are 37 stores in the USA. Mattresses and beds are a big part of the 12,000 products that they include on their web site and here we take a look at the range of Ikea futons available.

Like with most of their products Ikea makes futons that are easy to assemble, pleasing on the eye and good value for money. Most of them are in the form of a sofa-bed, which acts as both a place to sleep and a place to sit, making them not only a great cost-saving item ( no need to buy an extra spare bed for visitors) but they can also save on valuable floor-space in tight apartments.

A typical Ikea futon will be priced between $300 and $800 and will be designed for ease of positioning and ease of folding down when used as a bed, as well as appealing to many different design tastes – evidenced by the wide array of designs and covers available for the futon.

Nowadays it can be quite difficult to tell a sofa bed apart from a plush 3-seater sofa, such is the comfort level of sofa-beds. The more expensive Ikea ones – such as those in the Ektorp range – look and feel like a normal sofa. They are 2 meters wide, a meter deep and around 90cm tall and they convert into a comfortable full size bed. The frame is made of steel and the 4 3/8″ thick high-resilience polyurethane foam mattress provides the necessary comfort and support whether sleeping or sitting. When the sofa-bed is used as a bed, the head section can be turned up to provide a convenient rest for watching TV or reading. These beds come with a machine-washable cotton removable cover – this is important as sofa-beds usually have to stand up to a lot more wear and tear than normal beds, especially as many people eat and drink on their sofas. Many people like to use their Ikea futon bed with a mattress pad that protects it even further.

The Ikea PS Havet futon beds are their mid-range option. Some of them are narrower than the plusher 2-meter Ektorp models, but can still be used a full size bed for two people. They still have a steel frame and you have the option of choosing a high-resilience foam and latex mattress to conform to body shape. This mattress is strong enough to be used every night. The other interesting feature of this range is that the whole bed is mounted on caster wheels, which makes it extremely easy to move between rooms or when you are cleaning.

Like much Ikea furniture, the futon beds are self-assemble models. Usually there will be a simple Alan Key- based assemble procedure that is detailed in the accompanying manual. You shouldn’t need to call the professionals!

Anyone claiming in a mattress review that a particular mattress is the best bed for bad backs probably needs to be treated with caution because this is still a contentious issue and most people are simply not qualified to comment.

To be brutally honest, what type of mattress you should sleep on if you are unlucky enough to suffer back pain will be a matter that you should discuss with your doctor or chiropractor and not with the marketing people of a particular web site.

In the US acute lower back pain (lumbago) is the fifth most common reason to visit the doctor and 90% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. So it is a huge problem and it’s not surprising that mattress manufacturers have targeted this large group of people in their advertising campaigns and their marketing claims, but we need to be aware of who’s doing the recommending of the “best bed for back pain” and on what authority.

I think what we can safely say is that a mattress that doesn’t provide adequate support for your back may harm it and can significantly worsen aches and pains or cause spinal misalignment in some cases. In addition to this a mattress not giving enough support will probably be quite uncomfortable and will affect your sleep, which can upset your overall health and well-being in other ways. All of this seems to be undisputed amongst doctors and chiropractors. The question is what type of mattress provided the best support and there we have some divergences of opinion.

For many years it was recommended that a firm (but not hard) mattress was the best type of mattress for back pain, even being reported as such at the 1996 Orthopedic Convention. However, a 2003 study by Spanish doctors for the Kovacs Foundation has challenged this thinking, concluding that a medium firm mattress was best for mitigating back pain. Tests showed it was more effective than a firm mattress at improving pain in the lower back.

This type of study may point to a conclusion that makes sense, but you will only really know the best mattress for you by testing some models out in store. As for everyone, choosing a mattress is a personal decision, or one you make with your partner; you will get the best results by putting in the necessary time to research and test as many as you can personally. This will give you the best experience possible of the types of support levels and comfort levels provided by inner-spring mattresses memory foam or latex models, as well as multiple manufacturers and qualities of workmanship. Many factors go into choosing a mattress – when you suffer from back pain it becomes even more important to consider them all.

When you test the mattresses out it is recommended that you do so with your partner, if you are going to be sharing your mattress, as the weight on the other side of the bed will affect both partner’s sleeping experience. Also, don’t forget to try many sleeping positions – don’t just lie there on your back and think ‘this feels nice”; lie on your side, lie on the other side, lie on your front.

Clete A. Kushida, MD, PhD, who is a spokesperson for the American Association of Sleep Medicine recommends that, when you lie on your side, “If your shoulders and hips are sinking, if you feel your spine is not aligned, it’s probably too soft. If you feel pain and discomfort, it’s probably too firm.”

Nowadays some manufacturers and retailers offer a 30-night trial or similar, so it is possible to take a mattress home, try it out for a month and then exchange or get a refund on it, if it doesn’t work out. This is a great way to minimize your risk and it will give you a chance to test the mattress much more thoroughly than in the store.

Finally, it is important to keep your mattress in tip-top condition anyway, but even more so if you suffer from back pain. It is a good idea to turn your mattress 180 degrees every 6 months to ensure even wear and tear; if your mattress is not non-flip, then turning it over every now and again is a good idea too.

Sears Mattresses are retailed by Sears, Roebuck and Co. – the same company famous for its mail order retail set up beginning and then its chain of high-end department stores that have been helping Americans part with their hard-earned cash for over a hundred years since they were formed in Minnesota in 1893. They merged with Kmart in 2004, you may have read about it.

Even today there are 926 full-size Sears stores in the United States. That’s a lot of outlets to sell their mattresses and other home goods in! So what can you expect from a Sears mattress if you decide to buy one?

We should first point out that if you go to the online Sears/Kmart store or a physical bricks and mortar store you will find mattresses from many manufacturers being sold, not just Sears own brand. Even a cursory glance will show you they have Kingsdown mattresses, Laura Ashley, Serta, Simmons and Sealy mattresses available.

The most popular and widely seen Sears mattress is the Sears-o-Pedic, which is actually made by Sealy and is very similar to their signature Posturepedic mattresses they make, which have been gracing showroom floors for over 60 years now in the US. It is available only at Sears.

If we look at the Sears-O-Pedic 3141SS for example, this is a pocket coil mattress which uses 1008 coils in its queen size version. It is a non-flip mattress, with 360 degree Foam Encased Support to reinforce the edges. The thickness of the mattress is 10 inches and the Upholstery layers include latex foam. This mattress is available for around $1300 for a queen.

This is a typical, mid-range Sears mattress. Higher in the range you will have basically similar components but the coil count will be higher and the comfort materials will vary. Similarly, lower in the range models will have a lower coil count and either less latex or a different type of foam. Prices also vary because of the top of the mattress – whether it’s Euro-Top, Pillow-Top, Tight-Top or Cushion-Firm, for example.

When shopping online it makes sense to check out some Sears mattress reviews if you’re serious about buying one of these items, or you want some independent opinion before visiting one of their stores. You may have to hunt around a little more than normal, as they are one of the lesser reviewed quality mattresses out there.

Cribs for babies are one of those items that you will want to spend some time on when shopping, as they will need to meet safety requirements and you will need to put your baby’s health and safety right at the top of considerations. It makes careful research and checking of bed choices a lot more important than when shopping for a normal bed for yourself.

There are two components of baby cribs – the actual crib and the mattress that sits inside it. They may be sold separately or you may buy them together.

The crib will be designed to restrict your baby to the bed. They will usually have steep sides with no footholds that might allow the baby to climb and they will need to ensure that there are no areas where the hands and feet can become caught. The US Government now sets out guidelines for the manufacture of these cribs, making them a lot safer than before, but you should still make sure personally that the one you are buying complies in all respects, especially if you are buying your crib online, from anywhere else other than a recognized retailer or from outside the US.

The basic checks that you can do before buying include ensuring that the vertical slats going round the crib are no more than 2 and 3/8 of an inch apart to prevent anything getting trapped between them; making sure that the bars are sturdy and cannot be dislodged; making sure the distance between the top of the side and the top of the mattress is no less than 9 inches when the side is lowered and no less than 26 inches when it is in raised position.

Baby cribs are usually made of wood – like oak – or cast iron. Nowadays they are available in a large range of colors and designs so that it’s not all serious when shopping for a crib – it can satisfy those design urges you have too! Some examples of designs include the Jenny Lind, the Sleigh, the Mini-crib, the Rocking crib, the Convertible crib (these can be converted into a standard bed as your baby gets older), the Round crib and the Cribs for Twins.

If you are buying your mattress separately there are some basic things to look for there too. Make sure that when your mattress is in place in the crib the gap between the edge of the mattress and the crib sides is no more than the width of 2 fingers; this means that you must get a mattress that is a tight fit for your crib – although they are advertised as “standard” sizes they may vary and the best thing to do is use a tape measure to give yourself peace of mind that they match. “Standard” crib mattresses should be 51 and 5/8 inches by 27 and 1/4 inches – if they differ from this you may run into problems.

Also, when choosing the mattress for your crib, ensure that it is not too soft. You will want one that cannot be bent in two, or it will be too soft and may endanger your baby by creating suffocation pockets.

Choose a mattress that has absolutely no chance of harming your baby with toxicity – that may mean a 100% organic or natural mattress, but read the labels carefully as some of them may use natural materials like cotton, wool and latex, but treat the materials with chemicals to make the mattress waterproof, fire-resistant or anti-bacterial.

The best cribs for babies tick all of the safety boxes we have described above, as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is still a reality and claims around 50 deaths per year in the US. There are also 9000 infant bed-related injuries per year!

Don’t forget, if you are looking for cheap cribs for babies that, very quickly, your baby will be a toddler. Apart from all the safety considerations you need to make, you may want to think about “upping” your budget to buy a crib that is going to be strong enough to stand up to a bouncing baby of a year old standing in his crib that has now become a playpen and throwing a tantrum! Investing in a quality crib bed and a quality mattress will be well worth the peace of mind and the durability you get from them. Also, who’s to say that you won’t be using the crib again in the future as you get new additions to the family?!!!

Ikea have been around in the US since the 1980′s but perhaps have not had quite the name that they have enjoyed in western and northern Europe. They make a huge range of home improvement products from self-assemble cabinets through lighting to rugs and bedding. Here we will take a look at the Ikea beds to show you what you can expect from their range.

The first thing you notice about Ikea beds and mattresses is that they are at the low end of the pricing spectrum. You can pick up one of their simple mattresses online for under $100. Even their most expensive latex models will not be above $700 if you are buying online. Even at these prices they are slightly more expensive than what you would pay for the same items in the UK.

Ikea mattresses basically fall into 3 main types: the inner-spring models, the low-end foam models and the higher-end latex and memory foam models.

The spring models include ones like the Jaren or the Sultan Harestua and the Sultan Huglo use basic Bonell spring coils while the higher-end Sultan Hogla uses active response coils which are individually-encased pocket springs.

There a few very basic foam mattresses from Ikea that use varying qualities of polyurethane foam in the 1.4 to 2.2 lb/cu.ft. density range. They are reversible, can be rolled away and have removable machine-washable covers so that they are easy to use, store and maintain.

The higher-end foam mattresses in their Sultan range include those using memory foam and both synthetic and natural latex foam. The memory foam Ikea use is not particularly dense, at 3.1 lb/cu.ft., and is mixed with other “high-density” foam in their models to provide the comfort layers, but the mattresses are designed to represent value for money rather than the height of luxurious comfort.

If you want to look at complete Ikea beds rather than just mattresses you will find in their stores and online many choices of twin, king, queen and full size beds as well as loft beds and bunk beds, day beds and guest beds. The standard beds will usually consist of the bed frame and a slatted base on which the mattress will sit; the bases will be made of pine wood, steel, particleboard or ABS plastic.






All of the Queen Size Mattress Dimensions You Will Find

The most popular size of mattress for couples in the US is easily the queen size, but there are a few variations in queen size mattress dimensions to be aware of if your are shopping for one of these items.

In North America and Australia the standard queen size bed size is 60 inches wide × 80 inches long (152 cm × 203 cm.) In the UK the queen size doesn’t even exist and instead the closest mattress size is called a King and measures 60 inches wide × 78 inches long (150 cm × 200 cm.) In Continental Europe and Latin America the queen is different again at 63 inches × 79 inches. Any mattress you buy in the US should be clearly marked in US sizes.

In North America there are a couple of rare variations on queen size bed measurements. There is the Olympic queen, which is wider than the standard queen, measuring 66 inches wide × 80 inches long. This is a novelty size by Simmons. Then there is the California queen at 60 inches × 84 inches, which is a longer Queen, but is hardly ever seen these days.

If you are upgrading your mattress from a Full size to a queen you will need to pay close attention to what are the measurements of a queen size bed, because you will want to ensure your room is big enough to handle the larger mattress. This may sound obvious but some people do get caught out by the extra width of the queen size. A minute with a tape measure is time well-invested!

The size of queen size bed sets is most suitable and convenient for couples who like their space but want to remain intimate enough to not feel like you’re sleeping on opposite sides of the room, as can happen with a king size mattress!

The Sleep Number bed, made by Select Comfort and sold in their retail outlets across the country, has been heavily advertised over the years and, since it came onto the market in the late 1980′s, has made a name for itself as one of the leading adjustable beds sold in the US. But what are some of the Sleep Number Bed problems that get fed back from users?

The Sleep Number collection includes 9 main mattresses in 3 different lines and they range in price from around $1000 to $4500 for a queen set. Basically a Sleep Number bed is remote controlled and uses a setting number between 1 and 100 which represents the owners’ ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness and body support. The remote controls, which are normally wireless nowadays, work by inflating or deflating the air chambers on either side of the mattress. The design of the bed has the air chamber between 2 support foam layers, then a comfort foam pad on top and a cover. Some of the higher range models will use memory foam and they will have thicker comfort pads.

The Sleep Number beds are easy to assemble and use no tools. They all come with a 20-year limited warranty and a 30-Night trial.

As we trawl through the review sites the main Sleep Number bed complaints relate to the air chambers. Some people say that the foam strip that separates the two air-chambers in the middle of the mattress is uncomfortable and makes sex difficult. Some users say they experienced a roll towards the center of the mattress, but this was more so with users who had settings vastly different on one side to the other. Others said that the mattress lost air itself over time; still others said that their Sleep Number setting was influenced by external factors such as atmospheric conditions and could vary significantly on hot days to cold days.

Other problems voiced were that the bed is noisy when inflating or deflating – to be honest this is fairly normal for air mattresses in general – and that the bed is expensive.

Sleep Number Bed complaints are not particularly plentiful as these beds generally stack up well with the best on the market. They rate well for painless sleeping, longevity and motion isolation and, of course, the adjustability means that the comfort level is generally perceived as excellent because it can be changed according to the desired level of firmness.

Sealy are old and big! If you are looking for a mattress then you will likely come across a few of their mattresses in your excursions. They are the largest maker of mattresses in the world and have been around since 1881, when they were formed in Sealy, Texas, so they know a bit about mattress making and how to please their customers. They are well known for their Posturepedic mattress which has been one of the most popular innerspring mattresses for many decades, but here we look at what you can expect from a Sealy foam mattress.

The major foam range from Sealy is the Embody range. The mattresses use high quality memory foam and latex foam to provide a sleep surface that is both highly comfortable and highly supportive, also allowing for proper airflow and temperature regulation. The cell structure of the memory foam Sealy use is open enough to allow air to circulate and the mattresses are topped off with Body Climate fabrics that keep moisture from getting to the mattress and aid breath-ability – which is an important word to Sealy. The foam is also anti-microbial, resistant to dust mites, allergens and microbes.

The Embody memory foam and latex foam line includes four different styles of mattress starting at $1999 for a Queen set. They are available in all the standard sizes including California King .The higher up the range you go, the larger amounts of memory foam and latex are used.

Caring for your new mattress will mean allowing it to air properly before use, so that the odors dissipate. You will want to use a mattress cover with it to avoid stains that will invalidate the 20-year warranty and keep your mattress in tip-top condition. You will not need to flip the mattress as its comfort layers are on one sides only, but rotating it will help to even out the high pressure usage areas of the mattress.

If Conservative Talk show hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are to be believed Sleep Number beds, from Select Comfort, are fit for a King. We take a look at some Sleep Number reviews to see if all the marketing is right!

Sleep Number beds have been around since the late 1980′s when they were introduced as the adjustable and program-able bed. Almost 25 years later they’re still going strong and the fundamental design has remained roughly the same. It still utilizes the air chamber set between two layers of support form above the foundation, with a comfort layer of foam and a cover over the mattress. This is all controlled by the Firmness Control system that will nowadays be a wireless remote control connected to an inflating or deflating device. The Sleep Number system allows the sleeper to select a firmness level number between 1 and 100 which should provide the same level of firmness at all times and allows for two different settings on either side of the bed, customizing the mattress for couples.

When you buy a Sleep Number you will get a 30-night trial and a 20-year warranty. The bed is assembled without the need for tools. Without going through them all there are 8 main mattresses in 3 different ranges – the main differences being the thickness of the comfort layers and the remote control systems.

The main Sleep Number bed reviews we came across reported great owner satisfaction in general. One site that monitored feedback from 1500 owners reported 78% customer satisfaction, rating especially well for longevity, motion isolation and overall comfort – which are 3 of the most important categories.

The main complaints were about the center of the bed where some people reported being able to feel the foam padded joint between the two air chambers; some people also reported a downwards roll towards the center, but this problem seemed to be worse in couples that had vastly different settings on the two sides of the bed. People who had similar settings didn’t point to this as an issue. The other main issues were with the bed gradually losing air and fluctuating in firmness levels because of atmospheric conditions, temperature or body-weight.

For those just starting out on their mattress-hunting journey you may come across the term “visco-elastic mattress” and wonder what on earth it is. Well, don’t worry – it’s a fancy name for “memory foam” and we will take you through a bit about what memory foam is and how it is used right here.

Visco-elastic is a polyurethane-based foam that is mixed with additional chemicals to increase its density and viscosity (which basically means its resistance.) It is totally man-made. The properties that make it good for use in mattresses are its softening in response to body heat, the way in which it envelops the body by molding to its contours and then returns to its original shape once the weight is removed.

If you are just starting to search for a new mattress you wills see many “memory foam” mattresses being advertised and you will need to exercise some caution and do your research before buying. The material was first developed by NASA in the 1960′s for their astronauts to use as a highly shock-absorbing foam, helping to ease some of the pressures on the body from the extreme forces exerted during take off. A company called Tempurpedic spent many years developing the material for use in bedding after it was released to the public domain and introduced the first Tempurpeduic Swedish mattresses onto the US market in the 1990′s. These are high quality memory foam models that get the response from the foam that people read about and which has popularized these mattresses recently. However, not all memory foam mattresses you will finds are of comparable quality.

The thing is that the quality of memory foam and its suitability as a springy, cushioning and supportive mattress material is greatly affected by its composition. Cheaper methods of production have made the mattresses more widely affordable but in some cases, quality has suffered. When shopping for these items you will need to check several things apart from how the mattress actually feels when you lie on it. Look out on the labels for the amount of memory foam used, the IFD rating and the density rating.

First things first – anything less than 2 inches of memory foam probably isn’t going to achieve much so make sure there is adequate amounts of the material used in your mattress. More than 6 inches would usually make it too soft and it would also be expensive.

Next the firmness of the mattress is measured by its IFD rating – this stands for Indentation Force Deflection and basically tells you how much pressure needs to be exerted on the mattress to make a 1 inch dent in the foam. This will vary from around 10 to 16, with 10 being the softest and 16 the firmest.

Some people feel that the IFD is less important than the density rating of the mattress in determining how soft, firm or generally how comfortable a model is. A higher IFD foam, with a lower density, may feel soft when weight is put on it. The density will be measured in pounds per cubic foot and the best mattresses will be 5 or above.

The last factor that affects the quality of visco elastic is the cell structure. A more open cell structure of the foam allows air to circulate, keeping the mattress cooler and allowing air to circulate – this is generally healthier for the mattress and the sleeper than one which traps the air or maybe traps odors too, as is more likely in a closed cell structure.

You can see from the above that, when you chose your visco elastic mattress, you will need to find the right combination of height, density and composition to give you the lasting qualities you are looking for. Read the labels and check the specs carefully!

The “Sleep for Life” mattress is an alternative name for the “Sleep to Live” mattress range which is made by Kingsdown – one of America’s oldest and most established manufacturers. Unlike Serta or Simmons, Kingsdown is a small, independent company that has always mixed quality craftsmanship with innovation and the Sleep for Life mattresses demonstrate this perfectly.

Sleep for Life is the name of the Kingsdown body diagnostics system that they have developed which allows them to take 18 different measurements from your body, ask a series of questions about how you sleep, then make over 1000 calculations to suggest the perfect mattress for your body. Once this has been determined Kingsdown will then supply a box spring mattress from its Sleep to Live 200, 400, 600 or 800 series to match your needs. So this traditional box-spring mattress manufacturer that has been making mattresses for over a century, is also at the forefront of innovation, using technology to design a mattress that is tailored to your specific body.

The crux of the Sleep for Life philosophy is to address two basic factors that affect a good night’s sleep : providing a mattress that gives correct posture support and gives ample pressure relief for your unique body.

The 200 Series mattresses include independent sleeping zones for both partners to minimize disturbance between couples when sleeping. They have semi-rigid foundation for correct support and comfort layers that ease the pressure on the body. They come with a 15 year warranty.

The 400 series includes a high end knit-cover that increases breathe-ability and a torsion box spring which is designed as a shock absorber and to assist with pressure relief. This carries a 20-year warranty.

The 600 and 800 series are even higher-end mattresses and carry a lifetime warranty. They include memory foam which responds to the body’s shape and temperature and enhances comfort and pressure relief. Both mattresses use a zoned torsion box spring which helps with lessening pressure.

The best place to buy a mattress may be online, but only if you have first tested it out – either at a friend’s house or in an actual store.

Mattresses, like clothing, are one of those things that are a very personal type of purchase…we like to feel the fabric on a pair of jeans, make sure it fits right and we might try countless pairs before finding one that fits perfectly. The same applies to a mattress: a pocket-spring one will feel different to a continuous coil spring mattress; a memory foam or latex foam mattress will feel different again. We need to try before we buy and that may mean checking 15 or 20 different mattresses until we find the right blend of size, softness, support, motion isolation and luxuriousness of the finishing fabric.

Don’t forget that if you are buying a mattress to share with your partner it’s important for you both to try the beds out together, as that will be the case in the real situation at home. It’s impossible to judge a mattress that 2 people will be sleeping on by just testing yourself.

Once you have found a few mattresses that suit you a good trick is to make a careful note of the specifications – not forgetting to note the finish you prefer as most leading mattress lines give you a choice of finishes from pillow-top through to extra firm – and then try to find the mattress discounted online at one of the many mattress retailers around. If so you can go ahead and order, pay and arrange delivery online in full confidence that it is going to meet all your requirements, because you’ve already put it to the acid test.

How to Buy Mattresses Online and Not Get Caught Out!

Buying mattresses is one of those things that is a touchy-feely type of experience, much like buying clothes. We don’t feel comfortable buying shirts or jeans that we haven’t tried on first or know the exact size of, because we are not sure they’ll fit or feel right. With a mattress we will hopefully be sleeping cheek to cheek with it night after night for the next ten years or so, making it important that it feels right. That usually means testing it out first. It is possible to buy mattresses online and still be successful but there are some steps we need to go through first.

The first and most important step is to know what we are looking for. If we don’t know what we’re after it’s easy to get lead by price alone – we see a bargain on one of the online stores and end up buying it because the price is great, even if it may not match what we are looking for. This is not the way to buy.

First you must assess exactly what you are after. What size do you want? If you are upgrading have you measured the size of the room to make sure it will accommodate a larger model? What materials and support systems do you prefer – inner-springs, memory foam, latex? Do you prefer a firm, medium-firm, plush or extra-plush finish? Do you just want the mattress or an entire bed set? Is it for the main bedroom, kids’ room or spare room? Does it have to be a conventional mattress or could you look at a futon or air bed? Do you suffer from any allergies that may be affected by your mattress? Do you suffer back pain? The list goes on… there are many considerations you need to make before buying. Make sure you know what you want.

The next thing to do is to head for a few bedding stores to try some mattresses out. You may have already checked online and been drawn towards certain manufacturers that you like the sound of. Try them out in the store and make a note of the model names/numbers and prices, together with the type of finish that felt good for you.

Once you have a few “contenders” go back online and start hunting around to see if you can get discount prices on the exact models with the exact specifications you liked the feel of in the store. You may be lucky and get a bargain; either way the price should be cheaper than in the store. Just make sure that you find a retailer that has a good reputation and great selection, ordering, payment and delivery processes, as well as a customer service center that can assist you if you have any problems. That way you should have your chosen mattress winging its way to your doorstep in no time!

Hypnos Beds come from quite a heritage. The UK company has been making quality pocket spring beds for over a century and while many things have had to change for them to stay competitive, they still retain the commitment to high standards of hand craftsmanship and use of the finest materials to make their beds highly sought after. If you are considering one of their beds it is a substantial investment, so you will probably want to check some Hypnos Beds reviews online to see what the pluses and minuses are. Well, here we’ll take you through what Hypnos offer and what you can expect.

First up, all Hypnos beds are sold as uniquely hand-crafted and they back their claims of quality up with a 10-year warranty. Every Hypnos bed is bespoke – that is, it is hand-made to measure. Moreover, Hypnos are very proud of the fact that they supply the British Royal Family and have received a Royal Warrant from the Queen, which is a mark of excellence and quality. Their mattresses are found in homes, plush hotels and fine resorts and in palaces.

The standard Hypnos bed will consist of the divan and mattress. The divan can be shallow or deep and will be hand-made and adorned with your choice of fabric, be it a fine cord or faux suede. You even get to choose the type of feet on the bed. The mattress will be a pocket-spring model, designed to conform to your body and relieve pressure points. Each pocket spring moves independently, meaning that the mattress is able to mold excellently to the body, supporting the spine and back well. The pocket-springs vary by the number of active turns in them – the more active turns the better the spring’s ability to react to the individual body weight that is applied. The two choices are the Hypnos ReActive pocket springs, which have up to 8 active turns and the newer UltraSens pocket springs, which have up to 14 active turns for an even better response to vertical downward pressure. These pocket springs also assist with air-flow around the mattress, making it breathe better and retain better hygiene and ventilation in the bed.

You may have heard of some of the main Hypnos Beds. They fall into four main collections: the Regency Collection is the most luxurious, featuring the Sandringham, the St James and the Hampton beds; the Heritage collection featuring 6 different beds using the new UltraSens pocket spring system; the Pillowtop collection featuring the Sublime, the Elite, the Superior and the Prestige; and the Orthos Support Collection, which is arrange of firmer beds for back support. Hypnos also has an adjustable bed collection and some space-saving beds with hidden drawers, as well as bedstead mattresses which are sold separately.

All Hypnos mattresses are double-sided apart from those in the Pillow Top Collection, which is one-sided, with no need to turn them.

Hypnos also provide the option called Zip and Link which allows the user to split a large King size or Super King bed into two single beds when needed by a smart system that joins the divans. This can personalize the bed, as it means that mattresses with different spring tensions can be joined, allowing different comfort and support levels for each partner.

In the US Hypnos operate out of Franklin, Tennessee and they provide a range called Hampton Court, which features the Majesty, Eminence, Empress and Sovereign mattresses , which are all high quality, high density pocket spring models (from 1200 to 4000 springs) hand-made in the US, and marketed more to the hospitality industry rather than homes. They are expensive!

When reading reviews of the Hypnos beds there will not be many negative comments, as they are extremely well made. Of course they will not fall into everyone’s budget but if you are looking for a traditional pocket-spring mattress made in the old-fashioned way with a luxurious feel, and you are prepared to meet the price, you can’t go far wrong with a Hypnos.

If an Englander mattress is in your sites, you could do worse than spend a little time to sift through the myriad of Englander mattress reviews available, in order to get an understanding of the many different mattress models they produce. Consumers have become increasingly choosy in recent years, with is why there are so many different types of mattress available – therefore, each model is aimed at fulfilling a different sleep need, or to fit in with an individual’s budgetary restraints.

Any decent Englander mattress review will outline the full array of bedding materials that are represented in the current Englander mattress listings. Englander Mattresses have incorporated all of the materials that are in high demand in to their latest product range, from the highest quality memory foam, to the most expensive, but very popular, latex foams. The material you ultimately choose depends entirely on the qualities that you’re looking for in a mattress, and how much money you have to spend on a new bed.

Company History

Back in 1894, Max Englander founded his mattress company based on the principals of providing quality mattresses at prices the average person could afford. Since then, the technology used by the company has developed exponentially, but the principles have remained the same, and today they combine state of the art technology with good traditional craftsmanship.

Company History

As early as the 1930’s, Englander had become renowned for creating handmade beds and mattresses, and had developed an excellent reputation for quality and service. During this period, the production of most products were becoming more and more automated, but Englander stuck to traditional manufacturing methods, and this served them well as a company and is a large factor in why their mattress products received such high praise.

It wasn’t until almost 1950 that Englander introduced its Red-Line boxspring, so it was somewhat behind the game at this stage. The boxspring has since gone on to become the norm for most mattress sets, but even back then, Englander were building these units at prices that made them affordable to the average American who otherwise would have had to do without.

Throughout the twentieth century, Englander was at the forefront of innovative mattress technology. Even back then, mattress reviewers all over the country gave the company praise for the way they incorporated design, technology, and traditional manufacturing techniques while still providing excellent value for money. As the twentieth century progressed, alternative materials were developed as a result of the US space program. Some of the materials we take for granted in our mattresses today, such as memory foam, are available as a direct result of the space program research.

Green Credentials

Some time ago the Englander Mattress Company committed itself to develop environmentally responsible practices throughout its business operations. To do this, they attempt to use eco-friendly materials across their entire product range – one example of this is their use of soy-based memory foam instead of the traditional petroleum-based foams.

They have also developed a range of mattresses that use only 100% organic materials – you can even ask for documentation to prove the origin of the materials if you so wish. The organic mattresses use only natural latex rubber, organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and wood from a sustainable source.

In Conclusion

Things have changed enormously since Max Englander started the company back in the nineteenth century, but the ethos the company abides by has developed to maintain his original principles. If you search for Englander mattress reviews online, you’ll be hard pressed to find many negative ones. I did find a few, that mainly complained about mattress sag, but in all honesty, it is not something I have come across personally in all my years of experience.

Englander is a brand that has been making mattresses since 1894. It says a lot about a company that has lasted more than a century of booms and recessions and still survives as a market leader. It means they are flexible enough to move with the times and also means that their products come with the promise of quality. Here we examine the Englander mattress models that keep their name near the top of any list of mattress manufacturers.

Englander Lifestyle 2 Range

This range uses eco-friendly materials in its models: natural latex as its primary support material, which is also very durable and comfortable, as well as bamboo fibers for its cover, which reduces static. Primarily these are aimed at people who need a high quality mattress and are concerned about using organic materials in their bedding. They are designed to be flipped regularly to maintain good shape

Englander Nature’s Finest Organic Range

Continuing on the organic themes, the Nature’s Finest models are all handcrafted and use only organic materials like natural latex, cotton and wool. These natural materials mean no exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, unlike some foam mattresses on the market. The certified organic label on these items means that not only are the materials natural but they have been farmed according to strict organic guidelines – that includes the wood and steel used in some of the mattresses that Englander make. As people become more environmentally aware this range is clearly designed to tap into the demand for non-chemical based bedding products.

Nature’s Finest Latex range uses 100% natural rubber, known for its body-molding comfort and orthopedic support qualities of reducing pressure on the key parts of the sleeper’s body. Motion transfer is minimal and the mattresses regulate temperature well. This all comes with a premium price of course!

Englander’s Viscopedic Memory Foam Range

Including a memory foam range is a “must” for most mattress manufacturers these days. These mattresses use high quality memory foam, designed to the standards of the original Tempur-pedic models, to provide a material that wraps around the body for extra comfort and responds to body heat to help it to mold to shape and weight, before returning to its original shape as the weight is removed. They are designed to reduce the tossing and turning in sleep that will lead to restlessness, with low motion transfer and good durability too.

Englander Synergy Fusion Foam Collection

This range combines memory foam with natural latex to provide the comfort elements of the foam (heat-sensitive, shape-conforming) with the orthopedic elements of the latex – so you get the best of both worlds.

Englander’s Posture Support Plus Range

This is a range of mattresses for the larger-bodied sleeper. The body of these mattresses uses a new dual coil system with an upper layer coils wrapped individually in fabric for extra comfort and a heavy-duty bottom layer of coils providing support. The edge is supported with steel. For added comfort in the upper layers there is latex and memory foam so functionality and robustness is not to the detriment of comfort.

Englander’s Standard Innerspring Range

Englander’s classic coil designs are the bedrock on which their name was built and they have been improving the technology over the decades. The “Tension Ease”, “Lady Englander” and “21st Century” ranges all use this technology to provide comfortable, durable mattresses.


The diversity embodied in the above ranges shows how Englander has been able to move with the times, respond to demands and use innovative new materials and sleeping design systems to stay ahead of the pack, helping to explain why they have been around for so long.

The Hypnos Mattress and Bed Company have a reputation for making the most comfortable mattresses in the world, which is a huge claim, but is it one that stands up to any kind of close scrutiny? The first thing to say is that you will find it virtually impossible to find any negative Hypnos mattress reviews online or anywhere else – this maybe because Hypnos is such a premium brand, but for whatever reason, it is a unique situation in the world of mattresses.

Hypnos Celebrity Customers

Hypnos is a British company and has been making mattresses for over 100 years. Their most famous client is probably HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England and the company have been providing mattresses to the British Royal Family for almost as long as they have been in existence. It is said that the Queen’s mother slept on the same Hypnos mattress for almost 70 years before her death in 2002 – throughout the entire time she used it, the mattress is said to have needed very little maintenance and apparently it was refurbished just once.

Hypnos Mattress Reviews

As well as Royalty, Hypnos has a rich heritage of supplying top of the range mattresses to some of the world’s finest 5 star hotels. The reason hotels choose to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fitting out their premises on mattresses alone, is because they know that if their customers sleep well, they are far more likely to return to the hotel – ask yourself if you would stay again in a hotel if its beds left you feeling tired and achy after you woke up? Hypnos mattresses are chosen because they are made from the finest materials, and are one of the few remaining handmade mattress products available today.

What Makes Them Special?

The average mattress you will find in your local mattress store will have around 600 coil springs or so, but a Hypnos mattress will have a minimum of 1200 springs. This alone won’t give you double the comfort you’d get from the other mattress, but when take into account that they only use the finest materials to finish their mattresses, you can start to see where the added expense comes in. To illustrate the attention to detail they abide by, the company has been known to reject an entire consignment of cashmere if they find a single flaw in any part of the material!

Hypnos mattresses and beds are built with comfort, luxury, and durability in mind, and to that end a Hypnos bed might be the only bed you’ll ever own. There a very few mattress manufacturers that come anywhere close to the same build standard, so it perhaps not surprising when I said you can’t find any negative Hypnos Mattress reviews online.

If you have the money to buy this type of quality, you will reap the benefits in terms of both the quality of sleep that you will get, and the fact that this type of mattress will last you for many more years than a standard mattress.

Buying a mattress is a major purchase, and whether it’s a Jamison mattress or another brand, paying careful attention to the numerous Jamison mattress reviews that are available, is a sensible thing to do. Consumers nowadays put a premium on quality products, and if a mattress, or any other product for that matter, doesn’t live up to their expectations, they are quick to go online to give their opinions – for this reason we are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning from other people’s experiences.

Jamison has been in the mattress making business for more than a century during which time it has earned a reputation for manufacturing fine mattresses that edge towards the top end of the market. This reputation has earned them long term contracts with many of the world’s leading hotel chains, such as Marriot and Intercontinental – the significance of that information to the average mattress buyer is that hotels know the value of offering their guests top quality beds to sleep in.

As well as being the favorite brand of many leading hotels, Jamison mattresses have developed something of a cult following amongst many individuals who swear by the quality of their mattress – there are hundreds of consumer mattress reviews on the Internet to back up this claim.

Jamison Mattress

So, What Makes This Brand So Special?

As well as using top quality materials to make their mattresses (all the leading manufacturers claim to use the best materials), Jamison claim that it their use of new technologies that sets their mattresses apart from the other leading brands. This they claim is demonstrated best in their use of a unique spring system that they have termed the Smart Coil. Without going into too much technical jargon (you can read a technical review of Jamison mattresses at their website if you really want to), the Smart Coil is an open-ended and double offset design that is said to give increased levels of comfort.

The Smart Coil is used for Jamison’s inner-sprung mattresses, and while most mattresses use this type of springing system, it is the way they are laid out in a Jamison mattress, and the fact that they are used in tandem that is said to enhance body alignment and offer more efficient spinal support.

The result of all this technology means that the operate independently of each other, which gives a more comfortable night’s sleep, and also prevents your partner being disturbed in the night by any movements you might make.

The Downside

There are a couple of negative points that you should be aware of if you are considering buying one of their mattresses, and I’m surprised that there aren’t more Jamison mattress reviews that point these out.

The first thing to be aware of is cost, as I said earlier, Jamison mattresses tend to be pitched towards the top-end of the price range, but those who own them generally say they are worth the extra bucks they’ve spent.

Secondly, when I’ve scoured the Internet looking for consumer reviews, I’ve come across a number that complain about their mattress sagging after a while – interestingly, there seems to be a common denominator in that a majority of the reviews say that the use is a big person (over 240lbs), so maybe they are not the ideal choice if you are on the larger side.

With our Kingsdown Mattress reviews, we aim to bring you all the facts about the full range of Kingsdown mattresses that are available today – and there are some very good reasons why Kingsdown mattresses rate so highly in so many consumer reviews, let’s take a look…….

What sets Kingsdown apart from all other mattress manufacturers, is its investment in technology designed to ensure you choose the right mattress, first time, every time. Their BodyDiagnostics measurement system has taken over 15 years to develop, but can help you choose the perfect mattress to suit your sleeping needs in 2 minutes or less.

The BodyDiagnostics system takes up to 18 statistical measurements as the customer lies on a special diagnostic bed. It uses these measurements to make upwards of 1,000 calculations to determine the ideal type of sleep surface that will provide you with the maximum level of support.

Kingsdown Mattress

Why is this sleep system so important?

Kingsdown Mattresses realize just how important sleep is to all of us, and they are also acutely aware of just how much of our lives we spend asleep. For these reasons, they suggest that your choice of mattress deserves as much consideration as where you go on vacation, or what vehicle you choose to drive.

The 15 years spent developing their system has allowed Kingsdown to create a patented technology that helps their customers select the best mattress for them by taking much of the guesswork out of the mattress buying equation. The diagnostics takes only a couple of minutes, but can save you many years of disruptive sleep.

Why this sleep system works so well

After the BodyDiagnostics system has taken the measurements it needs, it uses the information it gathers to create a digital diagnostic map of your body that highlights your body’s pressure points. This information is then compared to the thousands of other digital body maps the software stores and an ideal mattress type is recommended.

As well as recommending the ideal sleep surface for the individual customer, the BodyDiagnostics system allows Kingsland Mattresses to use the information to constantly improve their current mattresses, and develop future mattresses.


Kingsdown’s speciality lies in its focus on the construction of inner-spring type mattresses. It has invested large resources in the form of money and research in the development of cutting edge mattress technology.

When you read our Kingsdown mattress reviews, you will find that their mattresses are not aimed at the budget-minded consumer. The mattresses range between $800 to $4,000, but it’s the price you have to pay to experience the top end of the mid price mattress sector.

What to Expect from Kingsdown Mattress Prices

Kingsdown are one of those traditional US mattress manufacturers that have had to adjust to the times and separate themselves from the crowd by making a name for themselves not only for reliability and quality but also for innovation. Over a century old, Kingsdown’s quality workmanship and adaptability got them to the forefront of the quality mattress-making business and we can see in their Body Diagnostics system or “Sleep to Live” as they now call it, their ability to remain creative and to keep pushing the boundaries has helped to keep them there. But what about Kingsdown mattress prices? How affordable are they?

The first thing to point out when looking at prices is that we are looking at beds that use fine quality materials in the bases and the mattresses, including high-tempered steel in the coils and moisture-resistant, allergy and odor-free fabrics; they use a high standard box spring design that has won accolades and awards; and they finish the mattresses by hand. Kingsdown also use the diagnostics system that takes 18 measurements from your body, makes thousands of calculations and then recommends the perfect mattress that will best conform to your individual shape and weight, so they use science and take the guesswork out of the process. The MySide range allows you and your partner to specify each side of the bed exactly how you want it.

Bearing all this in mind you would not expect the Kingsdown mattresses to be very cheap. They vary from around $800 up to $4000, depending on size, exact materials and design. For a standard Queen then budget in the $1500-$2000 range.

If you are considering a Kingsdown then you are considering a box-spring mattress as they don’t use memory foam or latex foam, like many other traditional US manufacturers do now. The trick always is to shop around – if there’s a particular model you have tried out in the store and like the feel of, then you may be able to pick up a bargain at one of the online retailers.

Kingsdown are one of the oldest, most established manufacturers in the US. They have been at the forefront of mattress making in the country for over 100 years and now distribute to 20 countries around the world. Following is a brief look at the company, what they stand for and what you can expect from a typical Kingsdown bed if you are considering buying one.

Kingsdown are based in North Carolina and they started to make a name for themselves in the early 1900′s by hand-assembling box spring units that developed a reputation for lasting quality and comfort. They survived the difficult war years by using iron springs instead of steel. Later on their scientific approach to mattress design won the company accolades during the 1980′s and 1990′s, culminating in the development of the Body Diagnostics system that is the only computer-based system that helps you choose the perfect mattress for your body type – more about that later.

The ranges made by Kingsdown fall into 4 main brands – Kingsdown, MySide, BedMatch and Sleeping Beauty.

The standard Kingsdown beds are sold as supportive – allowing for proper body alignment of head, shoulders, hips and heels– and pressure-relieving – allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep. They are the standard box spring system beds with sturdy foundations that they have built their name on, promising great shock absorption and even distribution of body weight to relieve pressure on joints. These mattresses boast low-pressure sleep surfaces, so that you can stay in one position longer and experience undisturbed sleep. Above the box spring the comfort layers use Kingsdown’s Cushion Cloud Construction technology, providing softness that conforms to the body shape and thereby relieves pressure.

The Kingsdown Sleep to Live brand name actually covers the MySide and BedMatch collections and is the latest name for their Sleep Diagnostics system that we mentioned above. These collections use the Sleep to Live diagnostics to match your body type to the right, posture-supporting and maximum comfort mattress, based upon questions asked, 18 careful measurements taken from lying on the diagnostic bed and over 1000 calculations made by their program. Again the two cornerstones of Kingsdown philosophy are proper spinal alignment and pressure relief, which we saw in the Kingsdown mattress described above, but Sleep to Live tailor-designs the perfect combination for you based upon the analysis, rather than relying on guesswork.

If you are shopping with a partner the diagnostic bed will measure you both and recommend the sleep surface that is best suited to each of you. The MySide collection allows you to have one side of the bed adapted to your body type and the other side adapted to your partner’s body type, once the Sleep to Live Diagnostics system has analyzed what’s best for you.

You can see that Kingsdown, despite being one of the traditional, established names in bed manufacturing, are also innovators within the industry. They still stand by the principals of the mattresses that have built their name for reliability but they incorporate the latest technology in achieving that nowadays.

According to the Kingsdown sales literature, its Body System mattress makes allowances for each individual body type, for that read your individual body type – to ensure you get the support and comfort that you require. One aim of this Kingsdown Body System mattress review is to determine whether this is fact or not.

We have to question whether an inner-spring mattress, which is what the Body System and every other Kingsdown mattress is, can ever give the same level of comfort of the newer memory foam mattresses. The inner-spring mattress is based on old technology, but that technology has been adapted and improved on immensely over the years, and now some of the world’s finest mattresses are built around the inner-spring system.

Kingsdown don’t manufacture their own components for the Body System mattress, but that’s not necessarily a negative thing, as they are no different from any of the major manufacturers in that matter. Where all manufacturers claim to be unique is in their design and manufacturing processes. Kingsdown’s unique selling proposition is the computer technology it uses to constantly develop cutting edge mattress technology.

Kingsdown Body System Mattress

What are the advantages of the Body System mattress?

  • Because Kingsdown mattresses are not as well known as such as Sealy or Simmons, you can buy a similar quality mattress for considerably less than you would pay for one of the leading brands.
  • Each Kingsdown Body System mattress is topped with a 10 inch thick layer of luxury foam to make the mattress as comfortable as possible.
  • A Mattress’ greatest enemy is moisture, and to counter that, Kingsdown has incorporated a Flexatron™ insulator to prevent sweat being absorbed. This has the added benefit of eliminating odors, and making the mattress mildew resistant.
  • Kingsdown’s Cushion Cloud™ construction ensures that the comfort layers of the mattress provides proper spinal alignment so that any pressure points are eliminated.


What are the disadvantages?

  • The Kingsdown Body System mattress is a very heavy mattress which makes it very difficult to move. This is not a huge disadvantage, because mattresses don’t need moving too often, but it is one I thought worth mentioning.
  • I have heard reports of some retailers delivering different Kingsdown mattresses from the ones they had on display in their stores. So check very carefully that you get the mattress that you ordered.


While researching this Kingsdown Body System mattress review, it has become obvious that this mattress is very similar in quality and design to the likes of the Sealy Posturpedic mattress – they make use of similar materials and technologies. If anything, what gives the Kingsdown the edge, is their use of computer technology to help their customers find the right mattress for them.

If you believe in living life king size, a ‘Kingsdown mattress’ is what you are looking for. This mattress is exactly what it sounds like, truly king size. This is no cheap mattress though, and is seen on the most luxurious form of beds, with huge massive side cushions to give it a pleasing look. To add to its luxurious features, it is extremely durable, in the sense that they can be used for many years to come – without any damage or fading of its quality. Kingsdown mattresses are by far the most luxurious and elegant items you can have in your bedroom.

However, if you take a close look at the price range of these mattresses, you might be disappointed to know that they fall in the more costly price bracket. A Kingsdown mattress is one of the most reputed high profile mattresses around, aiming to give you the richest and most classy look possible for your bedroom. Although there are sometimes reasonable discounts and offers on these mattresses, generally Kingsdown mattress prices are at the top end of the scale, but for your money, you get a top quality product that will serve you well for many years to come.

A Kingsdown matress has always been renowned for its use of new technologies, and this is based around the ‘Body Diagnostics’ adjustment process. The mattresses closely monitor the sleeping habit of a person, and it adjusts the surface of the bed to adapt to his/her sleeping positions. The intelligent working of this bed ensures that the person sleeping on it, is most comfortable and able to achieve perfect posture. One of the most important manufacturing features of the Kingsdown mattress is that they are constructed with ‘Full Body Surround’ and ‘Cloud Cushion’. Through this, body weight is evenly distributed, thereby giving a relaxed sleep as the pressure points are relieved. Broad surface allows the best support system for our body.

If you’ve ever read a Kingsdown mattress review before, you’ll know that they provide extreme levels of comfort to every sleeper, as they are in-built with technology which allows the bed to adjust, according to your movements while in sleep. The Body Diagnostic technology has never been seen in this type of product before, so Kingsdown mattresses have certainly made a mark in today’s mattress market.

The Kingsdown mattresses reviews that are available will talk about other types of mattress with varied additional features such as the Perfect Partner, Body System and Plush Sense. Additionally, other types include Body Duet, Body Essential, Body System, Body Blend and Body Caress mattresses.

Needless to say, with such amazing technical features, taking care of our sleeping habits, buying a Kingsdown mattress is worth the investment and definitely one of the best decisions we can ever make. It is a once in a lifetime investment and the benefits seen through the use of these mattresses are numerous.

Kingsdown mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses used world wide. Initially, they were entirely hand made, and materials used to make these mattresses were all natural; horsehair was used for insulation and hard skin case.

Since the early days, things have changed dramatically, and now, Kingsdown mattresses are now entirely made of hypoallergenic materials, using the manufacturing support of advanced technology – the final finish is still done by hand though to ensure the best definition of comfort and luxury for the users. The list of luxury features doesn’t end there though…….

Every Kingsdown mattress is made with allergy-free materials, and those materials of are all mildew and bacteria resistant. Thus if you a have tendency for dust allergy, or respiratory problems you can use this type of mattress safely. This type of mattress is 100% safe for all children, but especially so for those children who suffer from dermatitis, bronchial asthma and other allergy related conditions.

Kingsdown also provide adequate and healthy support for contours as well as for weight distribution, which results in quality management and reduction of sagging edges which is a regular occurrence with cheaper mattresses. Unlike a standard pocket spring mattress, Kingsdown matresses use high temper steel to make their coils, this has the effect of providing more resistance against shocks and jerks.

The Latest mattress introduced by The Kingsdown Matress Company is the Body System – this particular mattress system provides complete support for body, so that the head, ankles, hips, and spine remain in comfortable, straight position while you sleep on this mattress.

As per the Kingsdown mattress reviews that are easily found on the Internet, consumers have rated this mattress as one of the best natural sleep machines of 21st century – this acclamation is not a mere coincidence; it is the result of extensive R&D process that took place before making the mattress ready for market. The best way for you to test this out, is to visit your local store and write you own Kingsdown Mattress review based on the experience you have trying it out.

When it comes to buying a new mattress from Kingsdown, even the selection process is semi-automated for you – the selection process is run by an efficient computerized system and a machine called the Dormo Diagnostic Sleep Machine. After taking few readings of the customer, the Dormo Machine can prescribe the right Kingsdown product that should be the best option for you.

Ohhhh…….almost forgot, my original question “Are kingsdown mattresses worth the money?” – you bet they are.

The King Koil mattress brand has been with us for well over 100 years, and my first assumption is always that a company with so much history must be doing lots of things right for them to have survived so long. Additionally, you might have read a number of King Koil mattress reviews that mention the fact that a large number of 5-star hotels choose mattresses from King Koil for their bedrooms.

Over the years, King Koil has strived hard to ensure that their advances in technology have always resulted in a new mattress range that offers the customer a whole lot more than its predecessor. The company claim that they offer many high end features in their mattresses, but they claim to do that without making their customers spend money unnecessarily. They also claim to be the only mattress company to have its products endorsed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER), although we have been unable to verify this at the time of writing.

King Koil Mattress


Zoned coil spring system – King Koil Mattresses zoned coil spring system is designed to offer additional support to the areas of the body where it is most needed. The King Koil Spine Support mattress for example has a 3 zone system, while the King Koil Perfect Contour mattress has 5 zones of coils. Each coil zone is strategically placed to provide maximum support in the areas that receive the most pressure.

High quality materials – Each King Koil mattress is made from top quality materials to ensure that the mattresses have a long useful life. Their zoned coil spring systems are encased in premium foam to help prevent sagging and add stability and durability to the mattress sides.

The Downside

It’s difficult to find many bad King Koil mattress reviews; in fact I could only find a handful when I was writing this. The main complaint centered on an exacerbated back problem that the customer attributed to their King Koil mattress. You always need to bare in mind that, generally speaking, consumers who have a positive experience with a product DON’T write reviews for that product, so to find so few negative reviews is quite comforting.

The King Koil Mattress Company has a long pedigree of selling mattresses in the United States, and you don’t survive for as long as they have if your products are shoddy. Their mattresses are suitable for all ages, from their Kool Kids range, right through to their Luxury Escapes mattress. With prices in the $600 to $3,000 range, it’s unsurprising that that feature so highly in many King Koil mattress reviews.

If you have your own review of a King Koil mattress, let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to give you your very own page.

The easiest way to find the latest King Koil mattress prices is to search the Internet on some of the hundreds of websites that are selling King Koil mattresses. Generally speaking you will find that your local mattress discounter won’t be able to match these prices, but it will give you a good starting point, and you will be able to use it when you are negotiating a final price.

The King Koil Spine Support mattress is the most popular model in their range, so is probably the model that you are most likely to be able to negotiate a discount on. Whatever discount you might get offered however, should only be considered if you feel the Spine Support mattress is the right mattress for you – never choose a mattress based solely on the deal you get offered!

The prices of King Koil mattresses can vary widely, and the Spine Support model is no different because of the myriad of different trims that are available. The cheapest I can find at the moment is in the region of $500, which is for a Bayshore queen mattress. That price point increases to as much as $1,200 for the King Koil Jemma queen mattress.

King Koil Mattress

As I said previously, you will almost certainly find the best King Koil mattress prices if you search the Internet, but I would never advice anyone to choose their new King Koil mattress that way. To find a mattress that suits both you and your partner, it is absolutely essential that you try out each mattress before you decide to consider it.

If it’s a King Koil Spine Support mattress you have set your heart on, go to your local mattress store and spend some time lying on the mattress. You should aim to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on each mattress you try, and don’t just lay still, because that’s not what will happen when you take it home.

Move around a little, try lying on your back and both sides, and pay particular attention to how it feels when your partner moves around. If you feel their movements easily, there is a possibility that any movement they make while they’re asleep will disturb your sleep.

When you’ve chosen the exact model of mattress you want, that’s the time to go back to the Internet and find the best King Koil mattress prices that you can get. And never forget that any mattress you buy will probably have to last you for at least 8 to 10 years so make your decision wisely. The King Koil Spine Support mattress is a good mid-range model and should serve you well.

This Sealy mattress reviews page will give you an overview of what the Sealy Mattress Company does, and also provide links to specific Sealy products such as the Sealy Posturepedic mattress, the Sealy Trueform, and their latest model the Sealy Springfree mattress. In time we will review other models as well, but in the meantime, we will concentrate on the most popular mattress models they make.

Sealy started making mattresses back in 1881 in Sealy, Texas. The original business started producing cotton filed mattresses to order, and grew quickly as the demand for quality mattresses took off. Fifteen years after it began, the company was sold, along with its many patents, to another Texas company that retained the Sealy name. Soon after the sale, an ad executive working for the company coined the slogan “sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud” – and with that one short sentence, a national phenomenon was born.

Quality Still Counts…

Sealy Mattress

Sealy has been the market leader in the US for more than three decades, and while much of this success is undoubtedly down to great marketing, you don’t stay on top for more than thirty years unless your product lives up to the hype.

The products quality comes as a result of the company’s commitment to research & development, and also in its use of top quality materials and its innovative manufacturing techniques. The company’s Posturepedic mattress for example was designed and developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading orthopaedic doctors to ensure that it provides optimum levels of back support for anyone who sleeps on it.

When it comes to materials used, Sealy claim they use only the best materials available – but you would expect them to say that wouldn’t you? However, their claims do seem to hold up when you examine their products closely. This is illustrated best by the company’s patented UniCased Edge design which ensures that the mattress keeps its shape even when it gets used regularly over long periods of time.

The Downside

If you search online you will find negative reviews written about virtually all the leading brands of mattress. I’ve got to be honest with you, if you search for Sealy mattress reviews, you will find more negative reviews than you will for most other brands – there are however some very good reasons for this. If you remember, I told you that Sealy had been the leading brand in the US for more than thirty year, so given the millions of mattresses they have sold over the years; they are bound to have their fair share of disgruntled customers.

The industry magazine reviews of Sealy mattresses are generally very complimentary about the quality and durability of the Sealy mattress range. The negative online consumer reviews generally mention mattress sag as the main bone of contention, but again that is very similar to other mattresses.

A Closer Look at the Sealy Posturepedic

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is something of an institution in the mattress world, if only for the length of time that it’s been gracing the showroom floors around the US. Not only have Sealy themselves been making mattresses for 130 years, but they have been producing the Posturepedic model in various guises for 60 years!

During the Great Depression, Sealy not only managed to survive, but they introduced a new Button-Free Innerspring mattress model. This tells you something about the company and helps explain why they have risen to become the largest mattress manufacturer in the world. They sell a LOT of beds!

Even as times have changed and new models have been introduced – like the Embody range of memory foam and latex foam mattresses – the Sealy Posturepedic models still sit proudly as a key feature of the Sealy lines.

If you are looking to buy one of these what will you get for your investment? Firstly, being 60 years old, you probably guessed it’s a traditional innerspring model but it’s not quite that simple. There are 2 different types of systems used – one using the Posturepedic Titanium SS technology and the other using the Posturepedic Titanium DSx. The SS is a single-stage coil and the DSx is a dual-stage coil that offers even more support. The center third of the mattress, where the most support is necessary, is power-packed to further increase support there.

All mattresses feature LiftRight handles which may or may not go all the way around, making maintenance of the mattresses (turning, flipping, changing bed linen) much easier. They also feature a StayTight rubber foundation cover stops shifting of the mattress on its base.

Around the edges of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses you find the SitTight Edge System which reinforces the bed edges from the wear and tear they can experience; it also extends the sleeping surface right to the corners of the mattress.

The base of a Posturepedic is adjustable and uses a Dual Massage programmable position memory function and a wireless controller.

The top of the mattress comes down to your personal taste, as Sealy offer plush, firm and pillow-top finishes for you to choose from.

The mattresses are available in all the standard sizes you would expect, plus the California King size and a split Queen size (two 30″ x 80″ box springs.) They all come with a 10 year warranty.

Sealy Posturepedic prices vary depending on the options you choose, but the most basic Queen size mattress will be around $600. If you choose a Titanium DSx it will be around $900 for the mattress.

Most people who have ever bought a mattress will have heard of Sealy and many will have tried their products out in bedding centers around the US. They have been the Number 1 selling brand in the US for about the past 30 years. Specifically the Sealy Posturepedic mattress has been one of the best known names during this time and continues to hold its reputation to this day, even in the face of stiffer and stiffer competition from new manufacturers, new designs and new materials. We show you here what the Sealy brand name means today and the main features and benefits of the Posturepedic mattress are.

Sealy started out in the town of the same name in Texas back in the late 1800′s, so they are an ages-old institution. Back then, of course, mattresses were made from cotton and mattress-making was often seen as an offshoot for businesses involved in the cotton trade. That was the case here and Sealy grew rapidly – even in 1920 they had 23 licensed plants. Sealy mattresses began to reconfirm their reputation for quality and innovation and in the 1950′s their Posturepedic mattress was to become their flagship product. They were also the first manufacturer to display and advertise a King size bed, they created an orthopedic advisory board (strictly independent of course!) and they helped to reinvent the innerspring coil and the box spring. In 1983, Sealy purchased Stearns & Foster, adding a luxury range to their existing collections. Nowadays they are developing their own latex, as they cater to growing demand for alternative materials.

It’s quite amazing to think that Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have been around for 60 years! What is it about them that has stood the test of time so well? In the face of all the memory foam and latex foam mattresses that have flooded the market in recent years the Posturepedic is a good old-fashioned innerspring mattress that still sells remarkably well.

Taking a closer look at the Posturepedic, it features either single-stage or dual- stage titanium springs. These are stronger and lighter than traditional steel springs and Sealy claim that they retain 98% of their original height and support benefits for the entire life of the mattress. The support element is also bolstered by the reinforced CoreSupport feature at the center of the mattress, which is power-packed to enhance its support function. Most of the mattresses also feature a handle that goes all the way around, allowing easy turning and flipping of the mattress, as well as easy handling when moving it and easy sheet-changing. It has a StayTight Foundation which provides a non-slip rubber surface to hold sheets in place and stop the mattress from shifting around with your motion at night. The softness or firmness of the top cushioning surface is up to you and you can choose from several that Sealy offers.

As you can see, what you are getting with Sealy Posturepedic beds are strong, robust products that have evolved through the years to provide you with many useful features that supplement the primary comfort and support elements that they offer.

You won’t have any problems finding Sealy mattresses as they are carried in 2000 retailers across the country – as you’d expect from the best selling mattress provider. Queen Posturepedic mattresses start at around $600 – $800, depending on the coil system you choose. The warranty will be a minimum of 10 years on all Sealy mattresses.

Are You Looking For a Sealy Queen Mattress?

This article provides some guidelines to anyone looking to buy a Sealy queen mattress and will address the choices that you have and the various features and benefits of the different ranges as well as providing a few pointers about how to find useful and accurate information about the various models you are considering.

Firstly, let’s look at Sealy, the manufacturer. They have been at the forefront of American mattress making since the late 19th century and this puts them in very good company at the leading edge of the market. Few makers can compete with the name that Sealy have built and maintained through the many decades as changes from cotton to spring to memory foam/latex have affected the mattress market. Of course they have had to remain flexible enough to move with the times and incorporate new technologies and materials into their products, without sacrificing the reputation they have for quality, well-made products.

Specifically then, Sealy Queen mattress sets are available in innerspring designs via their Posturepedic range and memory foam and latex foam designs via their Embody range. All three types of mattress are also available in their standard Sealy Brand range.

The Posturepedic range of innerspring models will cost around $600-900 for a queen size set and employ both dual stage and single stage coil technology. The latter is the cheaper version; both types have reinforced middle thirds of the mattress for extra support in the key areas. They will also have useful handles on their corners for easier maintenance of the mattress – both in terms of turning the mattress regularly, which is recommended for all coil mattresses, and for changing the sheets.

This range lets you choose the qualities you prefer in the upper cushioning layer of the mattress. If you like a firm finish or an extra plush finish, these are available, along with others. So every attempt is made to tailor-make the mattress to your needs.

The Embody range of memory foam and latex mattresses will start at $2000 for a queen set, so they are a considerable step upwards in price. This is because Sealy uses the finest materials that allow for great temperature control and also allow the mattress to breathe – a very important feature that the poorer-quality manufacturers miss out on by using cheaper materials in an effort to keep the price down. Comfort is not just about softness or firmness, but also about heat regulation. As you go up the Embody range in price, more memory foam is used (this is the expensive element of the mattress.)

The Sealy queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, which is industry standard.

As you are shopping for these items you should combine walk-ins to the store with online research. With mattresses, which are touchy-feely types of purchases, it’s important that you lie down on a few and check them for your own personal comfort levels, especially if you are going to spend $2000 plus on a memory foam model. Nothing will replace this.

Once you have found a model that suits you, make a note of it and go back home to see what you can find out online. There is the Sealy web site which will give you the manufacturer claims; review sites that will give you analysis and customer comments (careful that they are independent sites, not merely promoting the Sealy brand) and retail sites that you can shop around for the best deals on. If you’re lucky you may stumble across a Sealy queen mattress sale somewhere and you can pick up a bargain.

Sealy is one of the instantly recognizable brands in the US bedding market and the company has built and maintained its reputation for quality since 1881. Traditional cotton-filled and innerspring mattresses were the bedrock on which their name was built but nowadays all the main manufacturers have had to incorporate new materials like memory foam and latex into their ranges and Sealy is no exception. Here we examine the Sealy memory foam mattress line and see how it stacks up.

The kingpin of the memory foam range for Sealy is the “Embody” mattress, which can be made using latex too. A visit to their web site will show you how these substances differ to the traditional innerspring steel coils in terms of the sleeping experience: they claim that memory foam feels like you are sleeping “in” the mattress rather than on it.

A brief scan of web sites out there may have you a little confused. Queen size Sealy memory foam mattresses will start at around $2000, yet other brands advertise models for $400 or $500, sometimes even cheaper. What you are getting with a Sealy mattress is a commitment to quality, backed up with a 20-year warranty, and this can be important if you are making an investment into an item that you want to be around in your home for many years.

The general ethos that Sealy uses when manufacturing a mattress is that the materials they use should promote comfort and health. With their memory foam they use a special design that adds breathe-ability to the mattress and allows air to flow, keeping the mattress cool. They use award-winning Polartec body climate fabrics. Many cheaper mattresses do suffer from over-heating or foam that does not respond well at all to body heat.

Another feature of the Embody Sealy foam mattress is that it uses anti-microbial fabric that keeps dust mites and other allergens away.

The Embody range has four different qualities – all are 100% foam, but at the higher end of the range more memory foam is used, so the higher the comfort value in general.

These mattresses are made in all the standard sizes and even in a California King size, which is 72 x 84 inches instead of the standard 76 x 80 inches for a king size.

Overall, if you are seriously considering one of these mattresses you will be prepared to make an investment for the future. If it’s going to be put into the main bedroom and will be slept on night after night you will have the peace of mind that you have bought lasting quality.

Here we take a look at what you can expect from the Serta brand mattresses – the extent of the range they offer, the workmanship and materials that go into the making of their models and the comfort and durability levels you can expect from their top selling mattress. We also show you how you can use the online resources such as Serta mattress reviews, to research these items yourselves.

Serta claim on their web site that they make the “World’s Best Mattresses” which is a pretty big claim considering all the quality makers out there these days, many with a long history of manufacturing quality bedding products. They have even trademarked the phrase!

Let’s start with a little history. Based in Illinois Serta were formed as an alliance of independent manufacturers in 1933. Back then of course the coil-spring mattress dominated and Serta prided itself on achieving industry breakthroughs and innovation – the first “tuftless” mattress, for example. Nowadays their range includes the full spectrum of materials and finishes but they retain their name for quality and innovation with products like their Advanced Comfort Quilt and Continuous Support Innerspring mattresses. Their products are produced out of 23 locations in the US, 4 in Canada and they have facilities in 23 locations abroad.

There are too many individual mattresses in their range to consider here but let’s take a look at their self-proclaimed best-selling model – the Perfect Sleeper mattress. This is a strong, robust, innerspring type, that claims to reduce tossing and turning with their Advanced Comfort Quilt feature.

We went to check some Serta reviews. Firstly we read that this item has the lowest return rate of all mattresses sold. No sources were quoted but this sounded like a good start. Then we took a look at the manufacturing process and learned that these Serta mattresses have a continuous wire coil count of over 1500 per model, which is a lot higher than the industry standard. They also use a high grade of steel for their coils. Some people seem to view continuous coil models as outdated and being poor in terms of motion transfer when people are sharing the mattress. With the popularity of pocket spring mattresses, latex and memory foam models there are more choices, but the fact is that Serta have been making these for such a long time and their expertise counts for a lot – there’s a lot to be said for sticking to what you know best and this can give you the assurance of quality that some of the other materials and manufacturers cannot provide.

Another feature of the Perfect Sleeper is the high density foam that sits on top of the springs, adding layers for comfort. These Serta mattress models also come with fire retardancy built in and an edge protector system which adds durability and extends the area of the mattress. The ticking and quilt in these mattresses uses 100% cotton.

As well as Perfect Sleeper, Serta is known for its Perfect Day and Sertapedic brands, as well as their hotel mattresses; all of these are traditional innerspring types. However, the company does also make other types of mattresses within these ranges, including latex and memory foam models.

One of the major criticisms leveled at this brand is the Serta mattress prices, but they all come with a 10-year warranty and if you turn your mattress regularly don’t be surprised to see it last beyond the warranty period. Rather than just considering the price perhaps we need to look at value for money, when we are buying something we expect to be sleeping on, and to remain comfortable and supportive, for many years into the future.

If you are looking to purchase one of these mattresses then do your homework first. Combine the tips and information you gather from the online manufacturer and retailer sites with what you pick up from reviews. There should be plenty of general buying guidelines on all of these types of sites, helping you to make a choice to suit your needs.

If you are reading the Serta review sites make sure that they are independent and provide well-researched information and informed opinion; also make sure that customer comments are from real customers and not marketing teams as there is a lot of misinformation about all types of products on the Internet nowadays. Never buy a mattress without testing it out first in the store or from somebody who owns one. Once you have selected your exact model you can always search around the online retailers for the best deal.

Serta is one of the leading mattress suppliers in the US – in fact they are the second largest manufacturer after Sealy. They have made their name over 80 years and supply their spring and latex models commercially to the hotel industry but they are also popular for homes. Here we take a look at the options available in their ranges and how you can secure discount Serta mattresses at the best possible prices.

The Seta web site will reveal some basic information about their lines but we will need to dig a bit deeper than that.

The trademark Serta mattress is the Perfect Sleeper which has been stocked by bedding stores for 75 years in various forms. Nowadays this model uses the Continuous Support innerspring system that uses rows of coils running head to toe to provide support and reduce motion transfer. These mattresses also feature the Advanced Comfort Quilt upper layer of egg-crate foam that provides the luxurious finish on top of the springs. The Total Edge technology of the corners and edges adds strength to the mattress and extends the sleeping surface right to the bed’s edge. These are strong, robust models that use a dual-beam foundation and this claim is backed up with a 10-year limited warranty. Memory foam and latex options are now available in this range too, so Serta have all the bases covered.

As well as the flagship Perfect Sleeper, which gives you an idea of what the manufacturer is know for, Serta’s other main ranges are Perfect Day, Vera Wang, Trump Home, Nickelodeon, Sertapedic and Paul Deen Home. These offer a mixture of materials and added features but all come with the stamp of quality that Serta provide from their core innerspring designs and builds.

Most of us will expect to pay a bit more for this level of quality and workmanship but we can get a discount Serta mattress by researching and shopping online. Choosing the best review sites will help us make an informed decision – most of the best ones will have general buying tips aimed at helping you find exactly what you want, as well as multiple ranges and brands (not just a couple of manufacturers) and some independent analysis of the models in question. Maybe they will have customer comments and Top 10 listings, but we tend to put less emphasis on these features as they are open to abuse.

You’ll find Serta models in many leading bedding centers and this will give you a chance to test out a few of your preferred models. You can decide which one suits your comfort and support requirements the best and see if you like the plush or firm finishes. You should be able to compile a list of a few “contenders” this way.

Afterwards you can check for cheap Serta mattresses online again at the retailers’ sites. Look out for clearance sales and discontinued models and you may land a great mattress at a bargain price. Or you may be lucky enough to find the exact one you tried in the store at a reduced price. Providing you are dealing with an established retailer you’ll be able to order, pay and arrange delivery so that your brand new mattress arrives at your door in a week or so, with you safe in the knowledge that you have done your homework on your purchase beforehand.

Sertapedic Mattress Reviews

Serta is a manufacturer most famous for its Perfect Sleeper mattresses that have been one of the leading mattress types for many years now, both in terms of quality and sales. This article looks at the Sertapedic brand from the same manufacturer and details what its main features are, what you can expect if you buy one of them and how to use online Sertapedic mattress reviews to help you make the right decision.

Serta have been one of the market leaders in high-end innerspring mattresses for decades now and they earned a name for innovation with several breakthrough technologies they developed. They pride themselves on making the “World’s Best Mattresses”. Based out of Illinois, but with sites all over the world, they have maintained their position by adding new materials and technologies consistently to their basic designs that offer well-made, comfortable and durable mattress sets.

The Sertapedic range is positioned below the Perfect Sleeper range in terms of its target market. These mattresses still have some of the standard design features of the Perfect Sleeper, like the Double Beam foundation, which provides a very stable base, but the similarity kind of ends there. The coil-springs use a different technology that Serta terms “Verticoil Premier” which is a patent-pending system aiming to give more innerspring coverage and therefore more support than in other similarly priced mattresses. The comfort level of Sertapedic mattresses is provided by soft foams and fibers atop the coils, and you have a number of choices with varying firmnesses and plush-nesses.

These last two features are both lower-end solutions than those in the Perfect Sleeper range but, as ever, you get what you pay for…and these are half the price of their more-esteemed “cousins.”

As well as innerspring Sertapedic mattresses this range also incorporates latex and memory foam models, in response to the growing popularity of these materials in the bedding market. Again these are priced lower than other Serta brands.

If you are looking to do some research through a few Sertapedic reviews online we would advise that you choose your sites carefully. Nowadays many articles and reviews are written by people who have never been near the item in question, but are recycling information, misinformation and disinformation that floats around on the Internet. Look for sites that offer a good cross-section of brands rather than concentrating on just a couple of manufacturers; also, find a site that offers some mattress buying guidelines – truly independent non-brand specific tips that everybody should be using before committing to buy; finally we suggest that looking for sites that mix some analytical reviews with customer comments might be more reliable than just pages and pages of comments, as we never really know the validity of these comments.

Here we take a look at the best selling mattress from Serta and, indeed, its signature model. We will show you the main features of this mattress, what you can expect from it in terms of price, comfort and durability and we will advise you how to find out what people are saying about it, in online Serta Perfect Sleeper reviews.

First up, some background about the Serta Company – they have operated out of Illinois since their formation in the early 1930’s at the end of the Great Depression, when a few independent manufacturers joined forces to create the company. Since that day they have built and maintained their reputation as a leading American manufacturer of top range mattresses, with 23 facilities in the USA and many overseas sites. They made and have retained their name from the traditional coil-spring mattresses and have recently expanded their lines to include other types, such as latex and memory foam models.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are, without question, their leading model and most people who have spent any serious time looking for mattresses will recognize the name. This particular model has been around for many years and has seen many innovations and tweaks to its original design, because Serta seems to like to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with coil-spring designs.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress has the lowest return rate of any mattress, it is claimed. It incorporates the company’s Advanced Comfort Quilt technology into a durable innerspring mattress set that is backed up by a 10 year warranty. These mattresses are very coil-dense, which distributes the body-weight of the sleeper very effectively, adding comfort and longevity to the model. In fact, it has more than 1500 top quality continuous steel wire-coils in its body, which is considerably higher than the industry standard. Above the coils sits layers of high density “egg crate” foam, which is designed to reduce tossing and turning by relieving the pressure points of the body and provide added comfort benefits.

Other key features of this mattress are its fire retardancy and the edge support system that it employs, which expands the sleeping area of the mattress somewhat. The strengthened edges also make it less prone to “roll off.” Also, the actual frame of the mattress, which is critical to provide a long-lasting build, uses the Serta Double Beam Foundation for added strength.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper price will range from around $600 to over $2000, depending on sizes, materials and finishes. The range incorporates materials like latex and memory foam nowadays, in line with current trends in the bedding market, but the most popular Serta models are still their innerspring ones.

When you read Serta mattress reviews online there a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, a good review site should include some general buying guidelines for mattresses, a good cross-section of brands and a mixture of technical and scientific details (mattress specifications etc.) along with customer comments relating anecdotal experiences. If you come across a site that just has a couple of brands featured and a lot of customer comments then be aware that you are probably not getting independent analysis.

That being said good reviews will raise questions about what you should be looking for in your mattress, if you are looking to buy. You should be asking questions about your exact requirements in terms of comfort and support levels and durability, as this will greatly affect your budget. The Serta mattresses may represent a significant investment for you, so make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

The Simmons Mattress Company was founded back in the 1870’s, so it is fair to say they have plenty of history. Their pedigree was enhanced in the early 1900’s when they were invited to furnish the first class areas of the ill-fated Titanic. The company has moved on considerably over the last century, and if you take the time to read through some of Simmons mattress reviews, you’ll see that their products are some of the most modern available today.

Simmons Mattresses are responsible for many of the leading innovations in the mattress industry, such as the coil spring system, that was introduced back in 1889. Slightly later, in 1900, the company developed the padded coil system – the coils, which were individually hand padded to provide extra comfort, were very expensive to make, so were the sole preserve of their more affluent customers.

Simmons Mattress

Moving ahead to the 1950’s, when other manufacturers were stuck manufacturing twin and full sized mattresses, Simmons were the first company to introduce the Queen size and the King size mattress. These larger size mattresses became popular very quickly with the public and other mattress makers after they were featured in magazines such as Life.

Other notable developments from the Simmons Mattress Company include:

  • Introduction in 1995 of the Backcare Mattress – this mattress aided the proper alignment of the spine while the occupant slept.
  • Development in 2001 of the Olympic Queen size mattress – this was an innovation that gave couples an extra six inches of mattress space, with the need to invest in a larger bed frame.
  • Introduction in 2004 of the HealthSmart mattress and bed – this bed was designed to help allergy sufferers while they slept.

The Simmons mattress range splits down into five distinct usage areas. Each mattress type is aimed at a very specific type of customer to address their sleep related needs. The range encompasses all age groups from a range of kids’ mattresses, through to foam mattresses and spring coil mattress made for adults. The 5 product ranges are:

  • The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress – a pocketed coil mattress that have a ‘Triton’ base and are claimed to virtually eliminate motion transmission. This lack of motion transfer is said to make the bed ideal for couples to share.
  • The Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress – these are considered to be the Simmons luxury range of coil-sprung mattresses. Featuring an advanced pocketed coil system and consisting of luxury fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and modal yarn, they are said to provide soothing comfort.
  • The Simmons Natural Care Mattress – a range of mattresses made from 100% natural biodegradable materials. This is an eco-friendly range of hypo-allergenic mattresses that is especially suited to those that suffer from a range of different allergies.
  • The Simmons ComforPedic Mattress – made from high density advanced NxG memory foam, this mattress has some clever in-built technology. The advanced memory foam is said to dissipate body heat, which addresses one of the memory foam mattresses biggest drawbacks, that of sleepers over-heating.
  • Simmons Kids Mattress – they say it’s never too early to benefit from a great night’s sleep, and that is what Simmons promises from its kids range of mattresses.

In these Simmons Mattress reviews, will we try to include as many mattress reviews as we can. We will test out their claims to prevent joint pains, back aches and neck problems. If you have your own views on a particular Simmons mattress, let us have your review and we will publish it for all to see.

For a company that made its name from traditional coil-spring mattresses Simmons has taken the new developments in design and materials in its stride and has created its own range of competitive foam models. We take a look at the choices on offer in the Simmons foam mattress range and what can you expect from them.

The best-known Simmons foam range is the Comfor-pedic memory foam series. This range uses NXG memory foam which is a specially formulated foam that reacts to heat and pressure to provide a sleeping experience where the mattresses envelop the body. This foam is highly responsive and so takes the body weight quickly and completely, molding to the contours. It also dissipates heat so that no overheating occurs, which can be a problem with some of the cheaper memory foam mattresses. With the Comfor-pedic mattress range also comes matching memory foam pillows as an extra accessory.

The range incorporates 5 models to choose from. The higher you go up the range – from the BlueSky to the Fiji – the more memory foam is used and the thicker the comfort layer becomes. Also latex is used in the top models as well as something called GelTouch, which adds an extra cooling sensation to the mattress.

A Simmons memory foam mattress from this range is available in plush or firm finishes, uses stretch-knit removable and dry-cleanable covers (with suede used for the borders) for ease of maintenance and comes with a limited 25-year warranty.

The assurance of quality from the manufacturer’s name and the accompanying warranty means that these are not the cheapest memory foam mattresses available, but comparing these with a $300 or $400 mattress is not comparing like for like. You are paying a premium for the workmanship and the quality and thicknesses of the materials used. Simmons memory foam is based on the original foam that was designed by NASA for astronauts to use and which was brought into the mainstream mattress market by Tempur-pedic. A lot of manufacturers now copy this technology but use cheaper materials to keep the prices down.