What to Look For in Baby Crib Mattress Reviews

There are times when we can cut corners a little and opt for a cheap mattress – maybe for the attic or the basement or the kids’ rooms. However, one of those times is definitely not when we are looking for a mattress for our expected new arrival. Here we need to do our research with some online baby crib mattress reviews and information from the quality online retailers; so that we know what we are buying is not a danger to the health or safety of our baby.

Tips for Choosing the Right Crib Mattress

There are a few tips new can use for finding the right baby crib mattress as we are organizing the room for the new arrival. Firstly, if you have already purchased the crib make sure that you measure it carefully. Although there are standard sizes for both crib and mattress in the US, sometimes they don’t match exactly. This is important as any gaps between the edge of the mattress and the sides of the crib can be a problem for catching little limbs. As a general rule there should not be more of a gap than the width of an adult finger.

The firmness of the mattress is crucial too. As you are looking at items in the stores check how much you can bend them. They should not be soft enough to bend in half so that the ends meet – this is a simple enough test that anyone can do. A little “give” is necessary, but too much and it can create suffocation pockets for your child, so you should choose one that is firm enough.

The materials used in your mattress are also essential to consider. Even as recently as 2009, the US government released new safety regulations regarding the use of a certain chemical in crib mattresses. Sometimes the overseas manufacturers, in an effort to drive down production costs, will use new chemicals that aren’t closely regulated and it takes a while for standards to be adjusted. Make sure you know the exact material composition of your mattress and its cover before you commit.

Many people, because of the above issue, avoid the foams and opt for organic materials. These can be a mixture of wool, cotton and latex (which helps to provide the necessary firmness.) This gets around the problem of potentially dangerous chemicals and wool and cotton blends also allow the mattress to breathe. Wool is also naturally fire-retardant, which is another important requirement of these mattresses.

With babies spending most of their time on their backs it’s tempting to try to find the most comfortable mattress possible, but remember the important safety measures we must take. Also remember that your baby will grow quickly into a toddler and the crib will soon become a play-pen. That means we must balance comfort with durability. A lively toddler can wreak havoc in a crib bouncing up and down on a poorly-made mattress.

How Reviews Can Help

As we use the crib mattress reviews and mother and baby blogs to help in our online research of these items, it becomes evident that going cheap with these items rarely turns out well. Making the right investment in the right quality manufacturer generally works well – normally an established manufacturer that’s been making these items for decades. They know how to make them safe, comfortable and durable for your baby.

The best crib mattress reviews will answer most of your questions about safety first and foremost. If they are not addressing your primary concern then they are unlikely to be of use for your other, lesser concerns. They will concentrate on a number of different manufacturers (not just one manufacturer – these tend to be very slanted reviews) and highlight your choice of materials. They should give you some general buying guidelines to help you make the right decision. Maybe they will have a system of crib mattress ratings, like on Amazon. These can be useful if they are kept up to date, but you need to check whether this is the case and also who is rating the mattresses.

Investing Time in Your Child’s Safety with Baby Mattress Reviews

Rare are the times that you will see us recommending bedding products based upon a cheap price alone and never is this more the case than with crib mattresses. Usually if we make a bad purchase it will affect our night’s sleep and maybe cost us money for a replacement mattress, but with these items it can be a lot more serious as the health and safety of your child is at stake. As ever, taking the time to do your homework beforehand with the online baby mattress reviews and other resources can help you.

How to Choose a Safe and Comfortable Crib Mattress

Parents need to balance the safety and comfort aspects when shopping for a crib mattress and knowing what to look for is the first step. With all the choice, the variety of US and overseas manufacturers and all the different materials used nowadays where do you start?

Safety – that’s the place to start. There are some basics to follow here.

Firstly, size is important! Although, in theory, there are standard crib sizes that should match standard baby mattresses in practice this isn’t quite the case. If you are buying crib and mattress as a set then all well and good, but if you buy one for before the other remember to take careful measurements of both. Any gaps around the edge of the mattress, between it and the railings, can be safety hazards for your baby’s little limbs and digits. Remember also that babies roll and they can get stuck in gaps, causing breathing problems or worse.

Secondly the firmness of your mattress is crucial. As a general rule if you can bend it in half then it’s too soft. Some cheaper foam mattresses may seem comfortable but they can create hazardous suffocation pockets for your baby so make sure you get one that’s firm enough. A little bend-ability is enough.

Thirdly, what materials are used in the mattress? Make sure you know the exact composition as some of the cheaper items have, in the past, been found to use potentially toxic substances. Generally the top manufacturers will stick well within Health and Safety guidelines, but if you are in any doubt you may want to opt for a 100% organic mattress. These usually use combinations of materials like wool, cotton and latex. Between them they will have the necessary qualities of firmness, breath-ability and fire retardancy that are necessary for these items.

Once you have considered all the safety aspects you will want to think about durability and maintenance of your mattress too. You might think that, because babies lie on their backs most of the time, that a crib mattress doesn’t need to be particularly hard-wearing but perhaps you are forgetting that babies quickly grow into toddlers…and toddlers like to stand on the mattress, gripping the railings of the crib and bounce up and down! Save yourself the problem of replacing your torn mattress by buying a well-made one from the start.

Turning to Reviews for Assistance

A good example of where information in crib mattress reviews can help with your decision was when I was looking for advice about the cover of the crib mattress. A comment in one of the reviews suggested buying a separate cover that you can wipe down when the baby inevitably wets the bed. That way you don’t need to worry too much about buying a mattress with an already-waterproofed and anti-bacterial surface (involving the use of chemicals again.) This suggestion seemed to make a lot of sense but, without checking out the online resources, I would never have made the connection.

The best baby mattress reviews will offer independent advice and useful tips on all the safety and comfort aspects of the items in question, helping you to really find what you are looking for, not pushing you to buy a particular brand.

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