Choosing a Slumberland Mattress

Slumberland may bring a couple of things to mind, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are based. In the US, Slumberland is the name of a furniture retailer that has been operating since the 1960′s; however, in the UK Slumberland is a well-established mattress manufacturer that has been in business since 1919. Here we concentrate on the latter and take a look at the Slumberland mattress collection.

Slumberland is now part of the Hilding Anders group, which is the largest bed group in Europe. They originally made their name making fine quality pocket-spring mattresses and divan bases and this has continued in modern times – their Pocketed Posture Springs are used in their models, each row of springs being encapsulated within its own continuous pocket. They have also lead the way with a number of design innovations in their mattresses, with the release of the no-turn sprung interior mattress, and in their divans, with the introduction of drawers for extra storage space. More recently they have started to use 100% bamboo covers on selected mattresses in a move to make the company more biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Looking at their mattress collections, we see 4 major ranges of mattresses – the Seal, the Memory Collection, the Latex Collection and the Posture Flex Collection.

The Seal Collection incorporates 3 standards of Slumberland mattresses – the Gold, Silver and the Bronze Seal models. The top-of-the-range Gold Seal mattress features 2700 pocket-springs with a mini pocket-spring system also incorporated. The upholstery layers feature natural wool, silk and Dunlopillo latex for a very luxurious feel that tops of the support of the inner-coils very well. The fabrics used to finish the mattress are filled with friendly micro-biotic micro-capsules that keep the mattress breathe-able, allergy-free, healthy and fresh. The mattress does not have to be flipped, so maintenance is very easy with some rotating every now and again. The Silver Seal is almost identical, but features 2300 coils and natural cotton and wool fabrics with reflex foam in the filling rather than latex; the Bronze Seal features 1900 pocket-springs and cotton and wool upholstery fabrics.

The Posture-Flex Collection features 9 Slumberland mattresses in total, ranging from the high-end Topaz to the Shannon. These mattresses are a step down from the more luxurious Seal collection. The Topaz features 800 pocket-springs and is memory foam encapsulated for support from edge-to-edge and the upholstery consists of wool which provides natural spring. Like the Seal range the Topaz requires no flipping. At the lower end of the Posture-Flex collection, the Shannon has 500 pocket springs but this mattress needs to be turned every 6 months for best performance and longevity.

The Memory Collection has 5 mattresses combining different densities of pocket springs (from 800-1200) with Contour Flow Memory Foam, which improves airflow and reduces pressure points by conforming to the body shape and spreading the weight across the mattress. These mattresses all use 100% bamboo covers; the mattresses are foam-encapsulated and do not need to be turned. The divans for these beds, like in other collections from Slumberland, have optional drawers available which can be built-in.

Finally the Latex Collection features 3 mattresses combining the quality pocket springs you expect from Slumberland with a layer of Dunlopillo latex that provides great air-flow and luxurious comfort. Many of the other features are similar to those described above in the Memory Collection.

Overall then there is something for everyone in the Slumberland ranges, where you can opt for a traditionally crafted pocket spring mattress using all the tried and tested methods of mattress-making or combine modern materials with that know-how to get the best of both worlds. All of their mattresses are backed with a twelve year warranty.

You won’t find them in standard bedding centers but you may see cabin beds mentioned online at some specialist bedding sites and wonder what they are and exactly who would use them.

Essentially a cabin bed is a raised bed that has storage areas underneath in the form of drawers or other compartments. They are sometimes referred to as a captain’s beds, chest beds or loft beds and they are probably most commonly seen in kids’ rooms (they have a certain novelty factor that children do seem to like) or where space for storage is at a premium, like in apartments.

Kids cabin beds will usually have a built-in ladder running up the side or end of the unit for easy access to the bed, above the storage compartments area. Alternatively they may have a built-in mini-staircase that leads up the end of the bed, with the steps doubling up as extra storage space. They will normally feature a safety rail or board along the side of the bed section to prevent falling out.

Nowadays they are made in a whole host of designs and targeted towards particular audiences – there will be pink ones or ones with storage areas shaped like a Wendy House aimed at young girls and blue ones with football or pirate designs built-in to the storage area for the boys. There will even be ones that have slides built in or shaped like boats – looking more like they belong in a theme park than in a bedroom! The creative and imaginative designs now available enhance the novelty value and it’s a good way to make your kids’ bedroom more attractive and playful.

Less frequently you will see full size, queen or king size cabin beds. Nowadays the mattress in these beds may be memory foam and, rather than the sleeping surface being raised a long way off the ground like a kids’ bed, it will be a much lower platform with typically 6 or 12 drawers built in to the sides.

Cabin beds are made of a variety of materials – most commonly wood (often pine or oak) is used and this may be lacquered, stained or colored with a variety of finishes nowadays; more expensive ones may be made of hardwood.

If you are looking to buy cabin beds the best place these days is online. Because you are buying this bed as much for the look as the comfort value you can check out many specialist sites online and search around the thumbnail pictures for the type you are after, comparing prices easily. Search with your child and include him or her in the process and you will get automatic buy-in!

Online at a specialist cabin or captain’s bed site you will also guarantee getting a good variety of cheap cabin beds. In the kids section of department stores you will find thee items but there will be less choice and they will be more expensive.

Mattress pads and covers used to be mainly about offering protection to the mattress so that warranty wasn’t invalidated by stains or signs of wear and tear. With mattress toppers becoming plusher and heated mattress pad sets now available they now play an important comfort role too, as well as protection.

Heated mattress pads are really a spin on the old electric blankets that were once popular. Whereas an electric blanket essentially integrated an electrical heating device inside a blanket that was usually placed over the top bed sheet, a heated mattress pad is something that will sit on top of the mattress, below the bottom bed sheet, so that it protects the mattress and warms the sleeping surface.

People have traditionally used heated beds for a variety of reasons. The obvious one is in cold climates it gives instant warmth to a bed you are climbing into; however, they are also used for health reasons – applying heat to muscles increases the blood flow and can aid in healing or with certain conditions like arthritis or back pain.

The older electric blankets (more than 10 years old) suffered from a reputation for lack of safety as well as being expensive to run – in the UK, an estimated 5,000 fires per year are caused by faulty electric blankets over 10 years old. However, the modern ones have carbon fiber wires and usually work on 24 volts (lower than the older ones.)

Modern heated mattress pads will usually be waterproof and come with one or two controls. They will be made in all the standard sizes that mattresses are made in. They may be fitted or non-fitted and the non-fitted ones can be tied to the corners of the mattress usually. They look much the same as a standard white, lightly quilted mattress pad or cover. Price wise, you can find these items on Amazon for $60 – $150 for a Twin. More advanced ones have more zones to the pad which can be individually controlled and these will be more expensive.

If you’ve ever been to one of their 39 US stores or shopped online at Ikea you will be aware of the type of household products they offer – value-for-money items made of good quality materials and stylish in design, that are often self-assembled and able to be carried home in the back of the car. The Ikea sofa bed collection is no different.

Ikea make quite an extensive range of sofa beds and sofa bed covers. The main ranges include the the Lovas which are $200-400,the Havet, which range in price from $300-500, the Murbo which are $250-350, the Resmpo which are $350-450, the Ektorp which are $650- 800, the Hagalund which are around $500, the Karlstad which are $800-900 and the Kivik which are $750 – $1010. You can see from this alone that there are many styles and choices available.

If we look at their most basic range and their most expensive range you should get an idea of the types of Ikea sofa beds available.

The Lovas range sofa beds are 78 3/4 “(2 meters) wide by 41 inches (just over a meter) deep and 35 7/8″ (91 cm) tall. They convert into a bed that is big enough for 2 sleepers. The bed’s frame is made of steel and it has 4 feet to raise it off the floor, made of polypropylene. These beds come with a simple, firm polyurethane foam mattress made from 1.7 lb/cu.ft foam that can be used every night and may be used with a mattress pad, which can be a good idea for extra protection from stains. In any case they come provided with a removable cotton cover that can be machine-washed and it may be an idea to get an extra cover for use while it’s being washed. All of these sofa beds are fire retardant.

The Kivik range of sofa-beds is more stylish than the Lovas range but is around 3 times the price. The extra benefits provided by these beds are extra width (around 96 1/2 ” sofa) allowing more seating space, with a soft, deep seat which provides comfortable back support – this seat may include a layer of 3.1 lb/cu.ft memory foam in some of the models. They also feature an easy fold out system for when the sofa will be used as a bed. Also the armrests include a smart storage system, with a zipped cover, so that you can keep your things hidden away! Some of them also come with a foot-stool. The frame of these sofa beds is made of fiberboard, particleboard, plywood and pine. Also provided is an easily removable, dry-clean only cotton cover for ease of maintenance.

In addition to the ranges mentioned and described above Ikea also stock chair beds which fold down into a single/twin bed.

A novel addition to all their ranges has been mounting the chair and sofa-beds on caster wheels, making moving very easy for cleaning or for re-locating to another room.

If you want to buy Ikea sofa bed units the best place to start is online, where they list some 12,000 products, but at some point it will be best to go to the store and check out comfort and support levels, both in sofa position and bed position.

Platform beds consist of only a firm, stable, horizontal base, on which a mattress sits; there is no need for a traditional box spring to sit on a frame and support a mattress, so it creates a 2-part bed rather than a 3-part set up. The base may be slatted or solid.

Platform beds actually pre-date the invention of the box-spring as every raised bed up to the invention of the box-spring in the 1860′s could be called a “platform bed”. Nowadays the bases are usually made of wood, metal or bamboo and may or may not include a headboard or footboard.

Modern style platform beds often take the European style of solid colors and simple, stylish, neutral designs. Those that include a headrest may use microfiber or leather padding which provides a comfortable backrest when sitting up in bed. Nowadays platform beds may also double up as storage furniture, with built-in drawers and compartments around the bed, below the raised mattress – these are popular where space is tight like in apartments.

A brief online search will point you towards many specialist sites where you can buy platform beds cheap. Not only will they be cheaper than in the bedding stores but you will probably get more choice as many sites will deal only in platform beds and will have efficient selection, order, payment and delivery procedures. Remember to check credentials of the retailer first and bear in mind that buying a bed is something that usually requires you testing the mattress out for comfort levels first, so buying on looks and promises alone involves many risks!

These sites should present many options for discount platform beds – made from wood, metal or upholstered models, both traditional and modern styles. Most of the wood ones in the US will be made from oak, maple, cherry, poplar or imported Bamboo; another popular type is the leather platform beds, which are very stylish. Asian platform beds are another style that is becoming more widespread, with the popularity of simple and neutral “peninsular style” furniture.

Size-wise you will find platform beds in all of the standard sizes that mattresses are made in, including California King. Prices will, as you would expect, vary greatly, according to sizes, materials and workmanship.

The Spring Air Company (known as Spring Air International since 2009) was founded in 1926, so it is one of the traditional US mattress manufacturers that have seen many of the ups and downs of the past 85 years. It has done more than survived – it has flourished and is ranked only behind Sealy, Serta and Simmons in the amount of mattresses it sells in the US. One of their claims to fame is that they introduced the Pillow-Top mattress to the bedding market in 1973. So, what are the main features of the Spring Air mattress ranges nowadays?

Spring Air mattresses are manufactured in 13 U.S. facilities and in 22 international facilities in 32 countries worldwide. Their main ranges are Nature’s Rest, Back Supporter, Four Seasons and Chattam and Wells and traditionally these mattresses are known for their free-end offset pocket coil design, which adjusts very well to body weight.

Starting with the BackSupporter line, these mattresses are built on a carbon neutral eco-friendly base with special reinforcement in the zoned center, where most of the body weight will rest. All the mattresses use the Spring Air pocket coils for body-conforming support, then in the upholstery layers Conforma foam that relieves pressure on shoulders and hips. The three main mattresses in this range are the Value Collection, featuring 400 coils and knit fabrics; the Perfect Balance 500 series, featuring 546 3-zone LFK springs and latex and memory foams in the comfort layers; and the Perfect Balance 700 series featuring a 768 5-zone Conforma Coil foam-encased design and memory foam and latex in the comfort layers. These mattresses all come with a 10-year non pro-rated warranty.

The BackSupporter range can be topped off with a SleepSense mattress topper for extra comfort. These come in 4 different materials – gel, latex, memory foam and SMT foam.

The Chattam and Wells collection is the luxury range from Spring Air, using the finest quality materials and hand craftsmanship. These mattresses use the 5-zone Conforma spring design which reduces pressure on the joints, then extra support is added for the lower back. The foam encasement provides extra stability and reinforcement for the edges. On top of the springs there is a thick layer of memory foam, providing its characteristic body-conforming comfort and temperature-responsiveness. The mattresses in the Chattam and Wells range are topped off using fabrics infused with silver to reduce static and repel dust-mites, Joma wool, cashmere and Talalay latex. The fine quality upholstery materials are inner-tufted throughout the main parts of the mattress. All mattresses in this collection come back by a 15 year non-prorated warranty.

Looking at these two collections above will give you a good idea of what you can expect if you are looking to buy spring air mattress sets. Clearly they are one of the US manufacturers offering a long history of quality products. Depending on size, materials used and design, your mattress will cost you anywhere from around $500 up to $2500.

You may have heard the term “trundle bed” in your mattress searches and wondered exactly what it is. Well, this article will clear that up and also show you where you can get your hands on one, if a trundle bed is truly for you!

Also known as truckle beds, trumple beds and hurly-beds, trundle beds are a pair of beds with one bed being able to be stored underneath the other, normally mounted on rollers or casters so that it can slide out when it is required. The “stored” bed will not have a mattress and will be just the frame/base of the bed; the mattress will need to be added. The main bed will usually be a twin size and the one underneath slightly smaller so that it can be neatly stored.

Trundle beds, like bunk beds, air mattresses or futon beds, fall into the broad category of space-saving and temporary bedding solutions, as they allow for a second bed to be made as needed, without taking up any floor-space normally. However, they are probably the least popular out of all the types of temporary bedding mentioned there.

Cheap trundle beds are an idea for a guest room that is pushed for space and is normally meant to host one guest, but occasionally needs bedding for a second guest. Sometimes the lower trundle bed can even “pop up” to the same height as the main twin bed, forming one double bed. Again this is a good feature in a guest room that may sometimes need to provide bedding for a couple but is not large enough to have a permanent double bed set up.

Another space-saving feature of the trundle bed is that the lower bed, because it has no mattress, can be used as storage drawer when it is not in use as a bed – a good feature for small apartments where every space-saving idea is to be welcomed.

Sometimes nowadays day-beds double up as trundle beds. A good example of these types of beds can be found at the Ikea online store where there are several model available in the Hemnes, Meldal and Tromso ranges. The high-end model sells for around $500 and is a solid pine bed that can be used as a sofa, a single bed, a bed for two or a storage area, depending on preferences.

At other specialist online stores you can buy trundle beds in many other designs. As well as those already mentioned they have bunk beds which are also trundle beds (so 3 beds in all), full size trundle beds and trundle beds made especially for girls. Prices vary greatly depending on the design and materials you choose – from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars, so it’s difficult to generalize.

Shopping for a King Size bed? You wouldn’t be the first shopper to get their brand new upgraded mattress home only to find it fitted a little too snugly in the bedroom – meaning that there was no space to walk around it as it stretched from one side of the room to the other! It’s important therefore, to get the standard king size bed dimensions and all the possible variations clear in your head before you buy.

It depends where you buy your king size bed, but in North America and Australia the standard king (sometimes also called as Eastern King) will measure 76 inches wide × 80 inches long. On the west coast of the US there is another common size called the California King which is longer and narrower than the standard king at 72 inches × 84 inches. In the US a standard King may have a king-size box-spring base or two smaller box-springs side by side to support it.

Whichever King model you choose in North America it is going to be 12 to 16 inches wider than the average queen size so take care that your bedroom is large enough to handle the increased size without making it seem cramped.

In the UK and Ireland the King size mattress is around the same size as the North American queen size (there is no queen size in the UK.) It measures around 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. The wider 72 inches × 84 inches mattress is called the Super King.

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