How to Buy Mattresses Online and Not Get Caught Out!

Buying mattresses is one of those things that is a touchy-feely type of experience, much like buying clothes. We don’t feel comfortable buying shirts or jeans that we haven’t tried on first or know the exact size of, because we are not sure they’ll fit or feel right. With a mattress we will hopefully be sleeping cheek to cheek with it night after night for the next ten years or so, making it important that it feels right. That usually means testing it out first. It is possible to buy mattresses online and still be successful but there are some steps we need to go through first.

The first and most important step is to know what we are looking for. If we don’t know what we’re after it’s easy to get lead by price alone – we see a bargain on one of the online stores and end up buying it because the price is great, even if it may not match what we are looking for. This is not the way to buy.

First you must assess exactly what you are after. What size do you want? If you are upgrading have you measured the size of the room to make sure it will accommodate a larger model? What materials and support systems do you prefer – inner-springs, memory foam, latex? Do you prefer a firm, medium-firm, plush or extra-plush finish? Do you just want the mattress or an entire bed set? Is it for the main bedroom, kids’ room or spare room? Does it have to be a conventional mattress or could you look at a futon or air bed? Do you suffer from any allergies that may be affected by your mattress? Do you suffer back pain? The list goes on… there are many considerations you need to make before buying. Make sure you know what you want.

The next thing to do is to head for a few bedding stores to try some mattresses out. You may have already checked online and been drawn towards certain manufacturers that you like the sound of. Try them out in the store and make a note of the model names/numbers and prices, together with the type of finish that felt good for you.

Once you have a few “contenders” go back online and start hunting around to see if you can get discount prices on the exact models with the exact specifications you liked the feel of in the store. You may be lucky and get a bargain; either way the price should be cheaper than in the store. Just make sure that you find a retailer that has a good reputation and great selection, ordering, payment and delivery processes, as well as a customer service center that can assist you if you have any problems. That way you should have your chosen mattress winging its way to your doorstep in no time!

Hypnos Beds come from quite a heritage. The UK company has been making quality pocket spring beds for over a century and while many things have had to change for them to stay competitive, they still retain the commitment to high standards of hand craftsmanship and use of the finest materials to make their beds highly sought after. If you are considering one of their beds it is a substantial investment, so you will probably want to check some Hypnos Beds reviews online to see what the pluses and minuses are. Well, here we’ll take you through what Hypnos offer and what you can expect.

First up, all Hypnos beds are sold as uniquely hand-crafted and they back their claims of quality up with a 10-year warranty. Every Hypnos bed is bespoke – that is, it is hand-made to measure. Moreover, Hypnos are very proud of the fact that they supply the British Royal Family and have received a Royal Warrant from the Queen, which is a mark of excellence and quality. Their mattresses are found in homes, plush hotels and fine resorts and in palaces.

The standard Hypnos bed will consist of the divan and mattress. The divan can be shallow or deep and will be hand-made and adorned with your choice of fabric, be it a fine cord or faux suede. You even get to choose the type of feet on the bed. The mattress will be a pocket-spring model, designed to conform to your body and relieve pressure points. Each pocket spring moves independently, meaning that the mattress is able to mold excellently to the body, supporting the spine and back well. The pocket-springs vary by the number of active turns in them – the more active turns the better the spring’s ability to react to the individual body weight that is applied. The two choices are the Hypnos ReActive pocket springs, which have up to 8 active turns and the newer UltraSens pocket springs, which have up to 14 active turns for an even better response to vertical downward pressure. These pocket springs also assist with air-flow around the mattress, making it breathe better and retain better hygiene and ventilation in the bed.

You may have heard of some of the main Hypnos Beds. They fall into four main collections: the Regency Collection is the most luxurious, featuring the Sandringham, the St James and the Hampton beds; the Heritage collection featuring 6 different beds using the new UltraSens pocket spring system; the Pillowtop collection featuring the Sublime, the Elite, the Superior and the Prestige; and the Orthos Support Collection, which is arrange of firmer beds for back support. Hypnos also has an adjustable bed collection and some space-saving beds with hidden drawers, as well as bedstead mattresses which are sold separately.

All Hypnos mattresses are double-sided apart from those in the Pillow Top Collection, which is one-sided, with no need to turn them.

Hypnos also provide the option called Zip and Link which allows the user to split a large King size or Super King bed into two single beds when needed by a smart system that joins the divans. This can personalize the bed, as it means that mattresses with different spring tensions can be joined, allowing different comfort and support levels for each partner.

In the US Hypnos operate out of Franklin, Tennessee and they provide a range called Hampton Court, which features the Majesty, Eminence, Empress and Sovereign mattresses , which are all high quality, high density pocket spring models (from 1200 to 4000 springs) hand-made in the US, and marketed more to the hospitality industry rather than homes. They are expensive!

When reading reviews of the Hypnos beds there will not be many negative comments, as they are extremely well made. Of course they will not fall into everyone’s budget but if you are looking for a traditional pocket-spring mattress made in the old-fashioned way with a luxurious feel, and you are prepared to meet the price, you can’t go far wrong with a Hypnos.

If an Englander mattress is in your sites, you could do worse than spend a little time to sift through the myriad of Englander mattress reviews available, in order to get an understanding of the many different mattress models they produce. Consumers have become increasingly choosy in recent years, with is why there are so many different types of mattress available – therefore, each model is aimed at fulfilling a different sleep need, or to fit in with an individual’s budgetary restraints.

Any decent Englander mattress review will outline the full array of bedding materials that are represented in the current Englander mattress listings. Englander Mattresses have incorporated all of the materials that are in high demand in to their latest product range, from the highest quality memory foam, to the most expensive, but very popular, latex foams. The material you ultimately choose depends entirely on the qualities that you’re looking for in a mattress, and how much money you have to spend on a new bed.

Company History

Back in 1894, Max Englander founded his mattress company based on the principals of providing quality mattresses at prices the average person could afford. Since then, the technology used by the company has developed exponentially, but the principles have remained the same, and today they combine state of the art technology with good traditional craftsmanship.

Company History

As early as the 1930’s, Englander had become renowned for creating handmade beds and mattresses, and had developed an excellent reputation for quality and service. During this period, the production of most products were becoming more and more automated, but Englander stuck to traditional manufacturing methods, and this served them well as a company and is a large factor in why their mattress products received such high praise.

It wasn’t until almost 1950 that Englander introduced its Red-Line boxspring, so it was somewhat behind the game at this stage. The boxspring has since gone on to become the norm for most mattress sets, but even back then, Englander were building these units at prices that made them affordable to the average American who otherwise would have had to do without.

Throughout the twentieth century, Englander was at the forefront of innovative mattress technology. Even back then, mattress reviewers all over the country gave the company praise for the way they incorporated design, technology, and traditional manufacturing techniques while still providing excellent value for money. As the twentieth century progressed, alternative materials were developed as a result of the US space program. Some of the materials we take for granted in our mattresses today, such as memory foam, are available as a direct result of the space program research.

Green Credentials

Some time ago the Englander Mattress Company committed itself to develop environmentally responsible practices throughout its business operations. To do this, they attempt to use eco-friendly materials across their entire product range – one example of this is their use of soy-based memory foam instead of the traditional petroleum-based foams.

They have also developed a range of mattresses that use only 100% organic materials – you can even ask for documentation to prove the origin of the materials if you so wish. The organic mattresses use only natural latex rubber, organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and wood from a sustainable source.

In Conclusion

Things have changed enormously since Max Englander started the company back in the nineteenth century, but the ethos the company abides by has developed to maintain his original principles. If you search for Englander mattress reviews online, you’ll be hard pressed to find many negative ones. I did find a few, that mainly complained about mattress sag, but in all honesty, it is not something I have come across personally in all my years of experience.

Englander is a brand that has been making mattresses since 1894. It says a lot about a company that has lasted more than a century of booms and recessions and still survives as a market leader. It means they are flexible enough to move with the times and also means that their products come with the promise of quality. Here we examine the Englander mattress models that keep their name near the top of any list of mattress manufacturers.

Englander Lifestyle 2 Range

This range uses eco-friendly materials in its models: natural latex as its primary support material, which is also very durable and comfortable, as well as bamboo fibers for its cover, which reduces static. Primarily these are aimed at people who need a high quality mattress and are concerned about using organic materials in their bedding. They are designed to be flipped regularly to maintain good shape

Englander Nature’s Finest Organic Range

Continuing on the organic themes, the Nature’s Finest models are all handcrafted and use only organic materials like natural latex, cotton and wool. These natural materials mean no exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, unlike some foam mattresses on the market. The certified organic label on these items means that not only are the materials natural but they have been farmed according to strict organic guidelines – that includes the wood and steel used in some of the mattresses that Englander make. As people become more environmentally aware this range is clearly designed to tap into the demand for non-chemical based bedding products.

Nature’s Finest Latex range uses 100% natural rubber, known for its body-molding comfort and orthopedic support qualities of reducing pressure on the key parts of the sleeper’s body. Motion transfer is minimal and the mattresses regulate temperature well. This all comes with a premium price of course!

Englander’s Viscopedic Memory Foam Range

Including a memory foam range is a “must” for most mattress manufacturers these days. These mattresses use high quality memory foam, designed to the standards of the original Tempur-pedic models, to provide a material that wraps around the body for extra comfort and responds to body heat to help it to mold to shape and weight, before returning to its original shape as the weight is removed. They are designed to reduce the tossing and turning in sleep that will lead to restlessness, with low motion transfer and good durability too.

Englander Synergy Fusion Foam Collection

This range combines memory foam with natural latex to provide the comfort elements of the foam (heat-sensitive, shape-conforming) with the orthopedic elements of the latex – so you get the best of both worlds.

Englander’s Posture Support Plus Range

This is a range of mattresses for the larger-bodied sleeper. The body of these mattresses uses a new dual coil system with an upper layer coils wrapped individually in fabric for extra comfort and a heavy-duty bottom layer of coils providing support. The edge is supported with steel. For added comfort in the upper layers there is latex and memory foam so functionality and robustness is not to the detriment of comfort.

Englander’s Standard Innerspring Range

Englander’s classic coil designs are the bedrock on which their name was built and they have been improving the technology over the decades. The “Tension Ease”, “Lady Englander” and “21st Century” ranges all use this technology to provide comfortable, durable mattresses.


The diversity embodied in the above ranges shows how Englander has been able to move with the times, respond to demands and use innovative new materials and sleeping design systems to stay ahead of the pack, helping to explain why they have been around for so long.

The Hypnos Mattress and Bed Company have a reputation for making the most comfortable mattresses in the world, which is a huge claim, but is it one that stands up to any kind of close scrutiny? The first thing to say is that you will find it virtually impossible to find any negative Hypnos mattress reviews online or anywhere else – this maybe because Hypnos is such a premium brand, but for whatever reason, it is a unique situation in the world of mattresses.

Hypnos Celebrity Customers

Hypnos is a British company and has been making mattresses for over 100 years. Their most famous client is probably HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England and the company have been providing mattresses to the British Royal Family for almost as long as they have been in existence. It is said that the Queen’s mother slept on the same Hypnos mattress for almost 70 years before her death in 2002 – throughout the entire time she used it, the mattress is said to have needed very little maintenance and apparently it was refurbished just once.

Hypnos Mattress Reviews

As well as Royalty, Hypnos has a rich heritage of supplying top of the range mattresses to some of the world’s finest 5 star hotels. The reason hotels choose to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fitting out their premises on mattresses alone, is because they know that if their customers sleep well, they are far more likely to return to the hotel – ask yourself if you would stay again in a hotel if its beds left you feeling tired and achy after you woke up? Hypnos mattresses are chosen because they are made from the finest materials, and are one of the few remaining handmade mattress products available today.

What Makes Them Special?

The average mattress you will find in your local mattress store will have around 600 coil springs or so, but a Hypnos mattress will have a minimum of 1200 springs. This alone won’t give you double the comfort you’d get from the other mattress, but when take into account that they only use the finest materials to finish their mattresses, you can start to see where the added expense comes in. To illustrate the attention to detail they abide by, the company has been known to reject an entire consignment of cashmere if they find a single flaw in any part of the material!

Hypnos mattresses and beds are built with comfort, luxury, and durability in mind, and to that end a Hypnos bed might be the only bed you’ll ever own. There a very few mattress manufacturers that come anywhere close to the same build standard, so it perhaps not surprising when I said you can’t find any negative Hypnos Mattress reviews online.

If you have the money to buy this type of quality, you will reap the benefits in terms of both the quality of sleep that you will get, and the fact that this type of mattress will last you for many more years than a standard mattress.

Buying a mattress is a major purchase, and whether it’s a Jamison mattress or another brand, paying careful attention to the numerous Jamison mattress reviews that are available, is a sensible thing to do. Consumers nowadays put a premium on quality products, and if a mattress, or any other product for that matter, doesn’t live up to their expectations, they are quick to go online to give their opinions – for this reason we are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning from other people’s experiences.

Jamison has been in the mattress making business for more than a century during which time it has earned a reputation for manufacturing fine mattresses that edge towards the top end of the market. This reputation has earned them long term contracts with many of the world’s leading hotel chains, such as Marriot and Intercontinental – the significance of that information to the average mattress buyer is that hotels know the value of offering their guests top quality beds to sleep in.

As well as being the favorite brand of many leading hotels, Jamison mattresses have developed something of a cult following amongst many individuals who swear by the quality of their mattress – there are hundreds of consumer mattress reviews on the Internet to back up this claim.

Jamison Mattress

So, What Makes This Brand So Special?

As well as using top quality materials to make their mattresses (all the leading manufacturers claim to use the best materials), Jamison claim that it their use of new technologies that sets their mattresses apart from the other leading brands. This they claim is demonstrated best in their use of a unique spring system that they have termed the Smart Coil. Without going into too much technical jargon (you can read a technical review of Jamison mattresses at their website if you really want to), the Smart Coil is an open-ended and double offset design that is said to give increased levels of comfort.

The Smart Coil is used for Jamison’s inner-sprung mattresses, and while most mattresses use this type of springing system, it is the way they are laid out in a Jamison mattress, and the fact that they are used in tandem that is said to enhance body alignment and offer more efficient spinal support.

The result of all this technology means that the operate independently of each other, which gives a more comfortable night’s sleep, and also prevents your partner being disturbed in the night by any movements you might make.

The Downside

There are a couple of negative points that you should be aware of if you are considering buying one of their mattresses, and I’m surprised that there aren’t more Jamison mattress reviews that point these out.

The first thing to be aware of is cost, as I said earlier, Jamison mattresses tend to be pitched towards the top-end of the price range, but those who own them generally say they are worth the extra bucks they’ve spent.

Secondly, when I’ve scoured the Internet looking for consumer reviews, I’ve come across a number that complain about their mattress sagging after a while – interestingly, there seems to be a common denominator in that a majority of the reviews say that the use is a big person (over 240lbs), so maybe they are not the ideal choice if you are on the larger side.

With our Kingsdown Mattress reviews, we aim to bring you all the facts about the full range of Kingsdown mattresses that are available today – and there are some very good reasons why Kingsdown mattresses rate so highly in so many consumer reviews, let’s take a look…….

What sets Kingsdown apart from all other mattress manufacturers, is its investment in technology designed to ensure you choose the right mattress, first time, every time. Their BodyDiagnostics measurement system has taken over 15 years to develop, but can help you choose the perfect mattress to suit your sleeping needs in 2 minutes or less.

The BodyDiagnostics system takes up to 18 statistical measurements as the customer lies on a special diagnostic bed. It uses these measurements to make upwards of 1,000 calculations to determine the ideal type of sleep surface that will provide you with the maximum level of support.

Kingsdown Mattress

Why is this sleep system so important?

Kingsdown Mattresses realize just how important sleep is to all of us, and they are also acutely aware of just how much of our lives we spend asleep. For these reasons, they suggest that your choice of mattress deserves as much consideration as where you go on vacation, or what vehicle you choose to drive.

The 15 years spent developing their system has allowed Kingsdown to create a patented technology that helps their customers select the best mattress for them by taking much of the guesswork out of the mattress buying equation. The diagnostics takes only a couple of minutes, but can save you many years of disruptive sleep.

Why this sleep system works so well

After the BodyDiagnostics system has taken the measurements it needs, it uses the information it gathers to create a digital diagnostic map of your body that highlights your body’s pressure points. This information is then compared to the thousands of other digital body maps the software stores and an ideal mattress type is recommended.

As well as recommending the ideal sleep surface for the individual customer, the BodyDiagnostics system allows Kingsland Mattresses to use the information to constantly improve their current mattresses, and develop future mattresses.


Kingsdown’s speciality lies in its focus on the construction of inner-spring type mattresses. It has invested large resources in the form of money and research in the development of cutting edge mattress technology.

When you read our Kingsdown mattress reviews, you will find that their mattresses are not aimed at the budget-minded consumer. The mattresses range between $800 to $4,000, but it’s the price you have to pay to experience the top end of the mid price mattress sector.

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