Importance of Organic Crib Mattress Reviews to Mother, Father and Baby

Shopping for a crib mattress may be a team effort between mother and father and both have a role to play, as it’s not a simple purchase. There are things that need to be considered like measurements, firmnesses and materials that go beyond the mere comfort and support that we think about when buying a mattress for ourselves, but will affect the health, well-being and safety of your child. Parents are increasingly leaning towards natural materials for their babies, away from potentially toxic artificial materials and finding some decent organic crib mattress reviews to help us choose is a good first step.

Before we get to the actual materials all crib mattress buying guidelines should point out a few things. Firstly, the importance of getting the right size of mattress, and secondly the importance of finding one of the right firmness. Both relate to safety – the first because no gaps should be left between the mattress and the railings of the crib for things (or body parts) to get trapped in; the second because if the mattress is too soft it represents a suffocation risk to a baby because of the air pockets that can potentially be created.

These guidelines should be addressed first and foremost if the review site is serious about giving you the necessary information to make a good purchase.

An organic crib mattress, as its name suggests, should be made of 100% natural fibers which have conformed to the growing guidelines set down for organic produce. Some of the mattresses may contain cotton, wool and latex, but the plants, sheep and trees that thee materials have come from may not have been grown or reared organically. So this is the first thing that the individual manufacturer should address. Are you getting Organic or are you getting Natural?

The truly organic crib mattresses advertise not only their toxin-free mattresses but their manufacturers’ ecologically sound approach. More chemicals than we would care to imagine go into the making of the average mattress and its comforting for parents to know that their baby will be sleeping on a surface that contains no potentially harmful substances and which hasn’t harmed the environment either. There have been cases highlighted in the media where parents have blamed chemicals in their baby’s mattresses for some side-effects their child has suffered.

Reading some crib mattress reviews online will point to the fact that organic mattresses may be a little more difficult to maintain than others. You will need to use a cover or pad so that when the baby’s mess needs to be cleaned up you can just wipe down the cover rather than the whole mattress. Buying an organic mattress but a chemically treated cover defeats the object a little so you will have to ensure the cover is organic and waterproof too. These pads, often made out of absorbent cotton layers (using no vinyl) can usually be bought in the same place as the mattress and are normally machine-washable and dryable.

Remember that very soon your baby will have grown into a toddler so when you are checking the reviews see how robust your crib mattress is going to be. Will it be strong enough not only to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping surface but also act as a play surface for a year or two? Buying a well-made and durable mattress is advisable anyway, as you may have more children and be able to re-use the mattress once your baby has grown out of it.

Hypnia is a UK mattress manufacturer that has built its reputation by specializing in making high quality memory foam models. We will examine the manufacturer and their models below.

The company makes its own memory foam – which is often not the case with memory foam mattress makers, who will import their foam from overseas. Therefore they have control over the quality and can state confidently that they use dense, 75Kg/CBM memory foam that will do what the label says it will do. It is one of the highest densities in the industry, in fact. If you have read up on memory foam and read some reviews then you should be aware that memory foam is not all the same – its quality, characteristics and performance can vary greatly across brands and that is why you’ll see quite a price differential between the top manufacturers, specializing in quality, and the rest.

Hypnia mattresses all feature the “reflex base” layer upon which the memory foam layers will sit – effectively the foundation and support levels of the mattress otherwise provided by the coils in inner-spring mattresses. The memory foam layer on top will usually be 2 or 3 inches and will provide the comfort and body conformity, as well as heat-responsiveness that the best memory foams will provide. Finally the removable cover layer completely encloses the foam layers of the mattress; this is termed “CoolSoft” and uses velour, being designed to keep temperatures down as well as give a luxurious soft feel to the finish of the mattress. It zips off easily for washing.

The Hypnia mattress comes in 3 basic types, depending on the level of support you need: gentle support, stability and full cushioning and which one you choose will affect the amount of memory foam used in the mattress. There is a 1-inch memory foam option in their Simplicity range and 2 or 3 inches of memory foam in their Advanced ranges. All of the memory foam used will have the same cushioning and heat-regulating properties, as well as being ant-bacterial and dust mite free. The sizes of their mattresses include Single, Double, King Size and Super King Size (6′ x 6’6″) – strangely there is no Queen size available.

Hypnia also produce several memory foam mattress toppers if you want the benefits of memory foam but already have an existing mattress that has kept a decent shape. They also sell other bedding accessories like covers and pillows at their online stores.

Buying Hypnia mattresses online will certainly save you money on the store prices. Make sure you check your specs well and choose an online retailer that is reputable, with good selection, order, payment and delivery procedures. You should also expect a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Memory foam has created quite a buzz around the mattress-making circles, so much so that the leading manufacturers have all found it necessary to include it in their ranges, such is the demand nowadays. There are also a lot of other makers who have jumped on the bandwagon since Tempur-pedic first introduced the NASA-inspired foam into the bedding market, meaning there is a vast array of different models available and there are great differences in memory foam mattress prices out there. It can all be a little confusing and it’s important to know what we’re getting for our money.

While we are big fans of value for money and getting great deals online we would not like to use the phrase “cheap memory foam mattress” as it may give you the wrong idea. There are ways we can get a well-made, quality mattress at a bargain price if we do our research first and then buy online, where there are many retailers who offer great discounts on major brands, offering a certain stamp of quality that you may not get from a cheap mattress elsewhere.

The thing with memory foam is that there are vastly differing qualities between manufacturers and any given mattress will use a different quantity of the foam to another mattress, even in the same range. Doing your research here means checking out whether the manufacturer is a using a Tempur-pedic grade of foam that envelops the body and regulates temperature, because it has been composed with this in mind, or whether it is a cheaper foam that is being marketed as “memory foam” because of the buzz surrounding it. These are the two extremes, perhaps, and there is a wide space for perfectly good memory foam mattresses in between, but being aware of the potential differences beforehand will alert you to possible problems you can recognize when searching.

Many times now, memory foam will be blended with latex or other foams, or even sit in the upper layers of an innerspring mattress. So it is not just about the quality of the foam, but about where the foam is positioned in the mattress and in what amounts it is used.

Making sure you check the manufacturer carefully is a good start – how long have they been in business? Are they known for memory foam or innerspring mattresses? Do they have a name for quality workmanship? Is there specific product and material detail on their web site?

Even if you opt for one of the leading manufactures’ cheapest memory foam mattress you may end up better off than going with a top-range model from a manufacturer you are not sure about. You will usually receive a 10-year limited warranty with the top manufacturers, maybe longer, and shopping online at a reputable retailer can land you a bargain that is delivered to your door within a week.

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