Simmons Mattress Sets – Something for Everyone

The name Simmons is a famous name for mattresses worldwide and is associated with a quality assurance that few other manufacturers can compete with. As you would expect from a company that started making mattresses 140 years ago they have developed a huge range through the years, maintaining their core innerspring products and adding new innovative memory foam and latex models to their collection. Here we take a look through the Simmons mattress sets and throw some light on what your choices are.

The Simmons ranges fall into 7 main categories: the BeautyRest, BeautyRest Black, Comfor-pedic, Natural Care, Simmons Kids, BeautySleep and Comfort Advantage ranges, encompassing all the materials and technologies you would expect from a top name.

Starting with the BeautyRest range, these mattresses use Simmons’ own pocket-spring technology as opposed to standard coils which are tied with wire. These models use carbon steel springs which are pre-compressed and individually wrapped in non-allergenic fabric for extra pressure relief for the sleeper. Pocket springs reduce motion transfer so BeautyRest mattresses are ideal for couples sharing a bed. This range has recently added a memory foam option too, which works in combination with the springs to produce a top-level combination mattress set.

The BeautyRest Black mattresses are a new addition this year and combine the pocket-spring technology with Simmons’ Transflexion Comfort technology, which actually treats the foams used in the mattress before they are placed inside, for extra comfort. As always with a Simmons mattress set they are available in firm or plush finishes.

The other main innerspring Simmons collection is the BeautySleep range, which uses a compact, heavy gauge coil system in its mattress bodies to provide the support. Some models in the series also now use Simmons memory foam, BackGuard support and other foams for extra comfort.

The Natural Care collection is series of three mattresses using varying levels of natural latex, from a soy-enhanced foam and latex mix to an all-latex model. These mattresses are designed to be comfortable, supportive, hypo-allergenic and heat-regulating and normally appeal to people who like the thought and feel of using natural materials. They come with a 20-year warranty and are a high-end solution.

You may have heard of the Simmons Comfor-pedic range of memory foam mattress sets. These use their NXG high-grade memory foam which is very shape-conforming and responds well to body heat. This sensitivity separates the Simmons range from other cheaper ranges that use lower grade memory foam and do not always match the standards of workmanship. Simmons back up this guarantee of quality with a 25-year limited warranty on each of the 5 mattresses in the range.

The other main memory foam range from Simmons is the Comfort Advantage collection. These are modern-looking mattresses with a good layer of memory foam, soft-knit fabrics for a smooth finish and the Triton foundation for a robust build.

We have covered all of the main mattress set ranges from Simmons, with the exception of the Kids series. These encompass a vast range of grades, materials, builds and finishes but all with the guarantee of being well-made and backed up with excellent warranties. There really should be something for everyone here.

A Simmons Beautyrest mattress offers customers a wide range of choices and scores consistently highly in many consumer satisfaction surveys. The Simmons Beautyrest comes in a range of different styles and finishes, and there are a number of different springing options available.


The Simmons brand has built its reputation on the back of the three key features of each mattress they build:

Patented Pocketed Spring system – all Simmons mattresses feature their patented Pocketed Coil system. These uniquely design, hand finished coils provide excellent support throughout the night which is one of the main reasons Simmons actively encourage all their customers to try their mattresses before they buy. The number of pocketed coils in the Simmons Beautyrest range varies from 800 for the Beautyrest Classic, to almost 2,000 in the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress generally speaking, the more coils your mattress has the more comfort it will provide.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Advanced sidewall technology – the strength of any mattress is derived from the quality of the work and materials that go into the sidewall of the mattress. Simmons use two different systems in their Beautyrest range, the Classic Edge Support system and the Ultra 360 Foam Encasement. Both of these systems offer excellent levels of comfort for both sitting and sleeping right up to the edge of the mattress.

Premium Visco foam materials – after the coil system, it’s the padding and fabrics that add most to the comfort of any mattress, and latex and memory foam is used widely throughout the Simmons range. The Beautyrest NxG uses advanced memory foam that is said to help with heat dissipation, keeping you cooler at night. One of the major flaws reported by memory foam mattress users has always been the fact that heat builds up throughout the night. The NxG range addresses this major issue.


Some of the unique features that the Simmons Beautyrest mattress provides, leads to some appealing benefits for the sleeper:

The combination of the pocketed coil springs and memory foam padding leads to unsurpassed levels of motion separation. Simmons maintain their mattresses reduce movement of the foam by over 65% which means that when your partner moves during the night, you are far less likely to be disturbed by that movement.

One of the main problems with memory foam mattresses has always been the amount of heat generated created by the friction of the movement between the body and the mattresses surface. Because of the way the NxG foam is manufactured, it facilitates the movement of air around the body which ensures an ideal body temperature is maintained throughout the night.

Sleep studies have shown that if a mattress is not finished to a high standard, it can cause disrupted sleep. Because of the luxury materials, such as cashmere and silk, that are used to finish Simmons mattresses, they eliminate many of the regular complaints surrounding rougher mattress surfaces – this results in a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

The Downside

Overall, the amount of complaints we here about Simmons mattresses from their customers is fairly low. The main issue seems to be around their warranty, and it seems they can sometimes interpret their terms and conditions quite strictly. I have heard of people who’ve had their warranty claims denied for reasons such as a soiled mattress, or for something as simple as removing the tag.

I must stress that Simmons have sold millions of mattresses in the United States and any complaints come from a tiny fraction of these customers. All the grievances I have mentioned come from entirely anecdotal evidence, I myself have never experienced this.

Trawling through the reviews sites on the Internet can be a confusing experience. We’ve all heard how great memory foam is for pillows and mattresses from our friends and from retailers and manufacturers, but often in reviews there will be negative comments about odors, sagging mattresses and unresponsive foam that doesn’t get soft enough or is too soft. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to believe. Soon we begin to realize just what a range of quality there is in these items and we need to look at the top manufacturers to see what they do to be able to compare with the rest, from an informed standpoint. Here we do that using some of the Simmons NXG mattress reviews and other manufacturer information out there.

Simmons use their advanced NXG memory foam in their Comfor-pedic range, which competes at the top end of the market. It also appears in the BeautyRest and Comfort Advantage collections. Their material is based on the original NASA foam that was developed for their astronauts as a shock-absorber during take-off and which was modified for use in mattresses by the Swedish Tempur-pedic company.

What this means is that Simmons NXG memory foam will respond well both to body-weight and body-heat, unlike some of the cheaper foams out there. Firstly it will take the weight of the body and envelop it so that it feels like you’re sleeping “inside” the mattress rather than on top of it. It shapes itself to the sleeper’s shape. Secondly, it is highly heat-sensitive so it will soften as it detects body heat and will regulate itself so that it doesn’t overheat – especially important during the summer months.

The Comfor-pedic and Comfort Advantage ranges both include mattresses with varying depths of memory foam, increasing the thicknesses as you go up the range. The top models will include latex or even a cooling gel in the top layers too, for added comfort.

Recently the Simmons BeautyRest NXG range was introduced, combining the industry-standard quality of pocket spring technology with the benefits of NXG memory foam so that sleepers get the best of both worlds: the support and the reduction of motion transfer from the robust innersprings, combined with the sensitive, heat-dissipating and body-conforming comfort of the foam. These sets also incorporate the Simmons Edge technology which expands the sleeping area and reinforces the edges when people are sitting on them, as well as the Triton foundation which creates the solid build.

Reading the reviews of these products you will begin to understand the differences between the products established manufacturers release and the ones that are put out claiming similar things at a fraction of the price. The fact is that memory foam is not always of the same quality and is not always used in sufficient quantities; and neither is the general workmanship of the mattress the same.

Simmons need little introduction if you are someone who has shopped for high quality mattresses in the past. They are one of a few enduring US manufacturers that have survived the turn of two centuries, with all the changes that has encompassed. Simmons have had to move with the times, incorporating new materials and production methods into their operations and this flexibility has served them well. Here we look specifically at the Simmons World Class mattress, from their signature BeautyRest range.

The World Class is one of the newer collection of BeautyRest mattresses to arrive on the market. As with all of this series the World Class uses pocket-springs –1000-density super pocketed coil springs, to be precise! This limits the motion transfer of the mattress, which is the advantage this series has over many of the traditional tied spring models.

Support-wise it also uses the Total Surround Edge Foam Encasement which expands the sleeping area and adds durability to the edges of the mattress – especially useful when people sit on the edge. The mattresses are designed to be non-flip, which is unusual for an innerspring model. Part of the robust design that makes this possible is from the Triton foundation and the Energy Foam support base, which add strength and stability to the model.

A Simmons BeautyRest World Class mattress achieves its reputation for comfort by using generous amounts of its premium NXG (“Next Generation”) memory foam in the upper layers of the mattress, along with natural latex rubber as an added option. This foam creates the softness and body-enveloping feel that people expect from memory foam, but which is not always provided by the cheaper, less well-made mattresses. The NXG foam is heat-sensitive and reacts well to weight so that there is no overheating even when the foam is wrapping around the body’s contours to give the luxurious feel. It also allows the model to breathe well by

The Simmons WorldClass mattresses all come with the choice of Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush, Plush/Firm and Pillow Top finishes so that you can personalize your comfort level.

The list price of these mattresses is around $2500 for a Queen size, but shopping online you will probably find one for around half this price. Within the BeautyRest range as a whole, they are positioned between the Classic and the Exceptionale in terms of price.

In Summary

Simmons have been making and selling mattresses for more than 135 years, so they must be doing something right. They make a range of mattresses to suit different needs, but the Simmons Beautyrest mattress remains the most popular model in their catalogue – prices range from around $1,000 for the Beautyrest Classic, up to around $2,500 for the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress.

Are Simmons Plush Mattress Sets Firm Enough?

If you have ever been shopping for a mattress, either online or in bedding supply centers, you will have heard of Simmons. They are one of America’s most established mattress manufacturers and have retained their position in the leading group by being flexible enough to incorporate new designs, new materials and new technologies into their ranges at the right times, whilst consistently keeping a high standard and giving people choices. With this brand you always get a choice of finishes to the model you choose – should you opt for a Simmons plush mattress or firm mattress?

One of the most popular Simmons ranges is the BeautyRest collection, so we’ll start there. There are 5 main mattresses to look at, beginning with the Classic, then the Anniversary, the World Class, Exceptionale and the NXG. The pocketed-spring feature that defines the range is present in all 5 of the models, but the use of foam and other materials varies from set to set, as does things like the edge technology employed – that’s where your choices and budgets come in. What is consistent is that you will also have the BeautyFeel choice to make – and that’s how plush or how firm you want your mattress to be.

A Simmons BeautyRest plush set uses thinner gauge pocket-springs that yield to pressure from the upper layers that you’re sleeping on. They will also use extra foam in the upper layers of the mattress to provide an all-round softer finish to sleep on.

A firm mattress in the same set utilizes a thicker gauge of pocket-spring which resists the pressure more from above, meaning there is less “give” in it.

Then there’s the Pillow-top finish which uses multiple layers of foam attached to the upper mattress areas to really create a surface that wraps around the body, even more so than the Simmons plush feel.

These are the three main finishes but there are also degrees of plushness and firmness including Luxury Firm and Plush/Firm that may be available.

Which one you will choose comes down to advice you receive and your personal preference. If you are one of the many people who suffer back-pain then your doctor or chiropractor will need to advise you on the type of mattress you will need to relieve the symptoms. The average buyer, however, will just need to try out the Simmons BeautyRest plush mattress in the store and compare it to the firm model to see which one suits best.

Tempur-Pedic® provided the original memory foam mattresses. They were the Swedish/Danish manufacturer that took the NASA technology of memory foam, which was used to provide cushioning from the G-forces experienced during take off for shuttle astronauts, played with it and made it suitable for use in bedding and then delivered memory foam mattresses to the world a couple of decades ago.

When the Tempur® material was introduced to the US, the Tempurpedic headquarters were set up in Kentucky and engineering and manufacturing plants were set up in Virginia and New Mexico.

From this point on there were a number of other manufacturers around the world that sprung up and began imitating the Tempur material and you see today that there are many choices of memory foam ranging from cheap mattresses for a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. This should tell you that there are many different qualities and standards of memory foam and while it’s still possible to get great value, cheap Tempurpedic beds, it’s becoming harder for the customer to distinguish between the real thing and the inferior models.

Nowadays Tempurpedic makes mattress toppers, bases, pillows, bed linen, cushions and other accessories, as well as the mattresses, but let’s concentrate on what you can expect from a Tempurpedic mattress set here. Basically they have been able to ward off stiff competition from around the industry by never compromising on the original quality of their memory foam models.

There are 3 collections of Tempurpedic beds to choose from, allowing you to find one that’s right feel and contouring for you. These are the Tempur-Cloud® collection, the Tempur-HD® and the Tempur® collection. While they are variations on the same theme there are some important differences.

The Tempur collection is the original range and features 5 beds ranging in price from $700 for a single up to $2200 starting price for a Double. The mattresses vary in the thicknesses and feels of their comfort layers and you will only really know which one suits your body by trying before you buy – never a bad idea with any mattress!

The Tempur-Cloud Collection has 3 mattresses ranging in starting price from $1100 – $2900. These have more of a pillow-soft feel in their upper layers than the Tempur range and use a slightly more advance Tempur-ES material, which is highly body-conforming and heat regulating.

The Tempur-HD is the top collection, using the highest grade, highest density Tempur material. The 3 mattresses in this range have a starting price ranging from $2500-6500, so you can see they represent quite an investment. The GrandBed® is the model that starts at $6500- in addition to the soft and supportive Tempur-HD feel, it uses silk and cashmere fabrics to cover it and is the height of luxury.

The investment in a Tempurpedic mattress will be sizeable, but it is backed by a 20-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. The prices of their mattresses are the same online as in the stores and they rarely have sales. A few years back the company issued strict guidelines to its retailers so that there is no under-cutting of price or free giveaways to make certain retailers more attractive. However if you look around carefully you may still find a cheap Tempurpedic bed online. Just make sure it is genuine.

If you’ve ever been in the market for a memory foam mattress then you may be familiar with the Tempur-Pedic® brand of mattresses. They’re the ones in the corner of the store with the big price tag on them that many people try out but few can afford to buy. But seeing as Tempur-Pedic beds were the original memory foam beds, it’s worth knowing more about them. Here we take a brief look at the history, the range and the tempurpedic mattress prices.

Tempurpedic Swedish/Danaish mattresses were introduced to the US in the early 1990′s after many years of research had produced a heat-regulating and body hugging foam that was suitable for use in bedding. This foam had actually been used by NASA since the 1960′s – to cushion the extreme pressures on astronauts’ bodies during take-off – as well as in the medical industry (beds for long-term patients not able to move) and sporting goods (such as the insides of helmets.) Production of memory foam was expensive back then, but in subsequent years, the methods developed, gradually brought costs down so that today there are many memory foam mattresses out there that are a third of the price of the original Tempur-Pedic mattress. So why do they still retain their good name and market share?

The answer to this is in the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing of the bed itself. Memory foam is a polyurethane based material that has other chemicals added to it in the manufacturing process, producing a foam that can vary greatly in density, heat-regulating properties and overall comfort levels. Some high quality memory foam mattresses will react well to the body temperature and envelop the body to give that hugging feel that cheaper ones cannot provide. IDF and density are two measures of memory form that you can to look out for and another variable is the cell structure of the foam which, if too tight, may not allow for good airflow through the mattress. Check labels carefully and also double-check how much memory foam is used in your mattress. The best makers like Tempur-Pedic know that less than 2 inches of memory foam will have little impact and more than 6 inches may make it too soft.

The single biggest complaint about Tempurpedic mattresses is their price. They certainly don’t come cheap and, unlike other manufacturers, there prices tend to be pretty fixed. Tempurpedic are careful to maintain the integrity of their brand so even on their web site there are firm pricing guidelines that their retailers don’t seem to deviate from.

When we look at their range we see they have about 13 beds spanning 3 main collections – the Tempur®, the Tempur Cloud® and the Tempur-HD® ranges. The Original bed – available only in Single, Twin or Double – is the most reasonably priced at $1000 for a Double mattress (not including base, frame or protector.) Most of the other mattresses are available in a large range of size including the California King and gradually increase in price until you arrive at the Tempur-HD Grand Bed® which will weigh in at over $8000 for a King Size bed including a base and protector.

You can see why people are keen to shave a bit off the price, but even online you will have a hard job finding discounted Tempurpedic mattresses. If you are lucky enough to be offered a discount by a store owner or online, be sure to check that you are getting a genuine Tempurpedic model.

Tempur-Pedic® is a brand of mattresses and beds owned, manufactured and sold by Tempur-Pedic International Inc. The brand has gained much popularity in the United States since it was introduced back in 1992. Its mattresses are widely used in many hospitals and hotels. The aim of this tempurpedic mattress reviews is to look at what makes these mattresses so special, and to help you decide whether this pressure relieving material will suit your needs.

Memory foam originates from an improvement on NASA’s research that saw the development of memory foam for the original space missions back in the 1960’s and 70’s. The Tempur-Pedic company (know as Dan Foam back then) took NASA’s original development and created a dense product that provided a very responsive and supportive sleeping surface. The foam is still, to this day, considered to be the premier quality product by industry experts and tempurpedic mattress reviewers worldwide.

So Why Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Special?

The memory foam they use is a ‘smart’ material that conforms to the shape of any object that is placed on it – even if that ‘object’ is a human body. Because of its soft, spongy properties, it has the ability to return to its normal state when the object is removed from the foam.

The clever people at Dan Foam realized that when it is used as part of a bed or a mattress, the memory foam has properties that mean the mattress will adjust to the dimensions and weight of the individual who sleeps on it. These properties ensure that weight is distributed across the entire surface of the mattress, which results in a very supportive night’s sleep.

Buying a Tempurpedic Mattress

One of the main problems when you’re buying a new mattress, is that you will not know for certain if a particular model is suitable for your needs or not, until you have spent quite some time sleeping on it. I advise people all the time to spend as much time as possible in the mattress store, lying and moving around on their preferred choice of mattress, but in all honesty, there is only so much this can tell you.

Tempurpedic has addressed this problem in the best way possible, by offering a 90 day home trial of one of their mattresses. You get to sleep on the mattress you choose for a full three months to see if it is suitable or not, and if it isn’t, the company will collect it from you free of charge. There are one or two conditions attached to this deal, so make sure you read the fine print carefully.

The Cost of Tempurpedic Mattresses

The cost of Tempurpedic mattresses is pretty standard wherever you buy them from, because the company seems to control the pricing very carefully. If you want to strike a deal, you will probably have to settle for a few extras thrown in as suppliers have very little leeway to give you a better deal.

As you can imagine, these mattress are not cheap. Prices start in the region of $1,500, and go as high as $7,000 for the GrandBed® model. For that kind of investment you would expect something quite special, and the devotees of the Tempurpedic mattress would tell you that that is exactly what you get. The best Tempurpedic mattress reviews will look at the downside as well, and there are a few points that some customers mention that are worth noting.

The Downside

It is claimed that about 90% of people who take up the Tempurpedic home trial go on to purchase a mattress – however, as you would expect, they don’t suit everyone. Some people complain of a chemical smell coming from the mattress when it is new. Others moan that they have difficulty rolling over in the night as they feel ‘trapped’ by the mattress, and finally, some customers find they get very hot during the night sleeping on this type of foam.

If the reason you are here is because you have been searching for Stearns and Foster mattress reviews, then this article should help you out. We try to give as much information about the mattresses we review as we can, while remaining impartial throughout.

A company, like Stearns and Foster, that has over 160 years of history producing and innovating new mattress technology, deserves some respect just for the fact that it has existed for so long. In my experience, no business survives, in any market for any length of time, without being in tune with their customers and providing consumers with what they want.

From a personal point of view, what frustrates me about Stearns and Fosters mattresses is the huge amount of names, ranges and sub-ranges the company uses. It is said they offer more than 1200 mattress set combinations, which is a crazy number – this criticism is not only reserved for S & F, most of the leading manufacturers are guilty of the same thing.

That being said, the majority of Stearns and Fosters mattress sets fall into 3 main categories. They have their Traditional range which are their base models and start at around $1200, their mid-range Silver Dream mattresses, and the top end Golden Elegance range that tops out at over $6000.

Because the wide range of products available, my recommendation would be to ignore all the hype, and look closely at the constituents of each mattress before you choose which one is right for you.

Stearns and Foster Mattress


One area where a Stearns and Foster mattress claims to be unique is in its use of their progressive support coil design. This innerspring system is said to offer a great level of support and at the same time enhancing body alignment so that your sleep experience is optimal.

The company offers 5 levels of comfort for the finish of their mattresses; Tight Top, Box Top, Euro Top, Pillow Top and Euro Pillow Top. Each level of finish has its own merits, with the Tight Top being the least expensive, up to the Box Top which is mainly seen on the more expensive mattresses. Offering a range of comfort levels has become a popular option from most manufacturers recently, but you have to remember that they can add considerably to the cost of your mattress purchase.

The Downside

When I look around at the many Stearns and Foster mattress reviews online, it doesn’t surprise me that when I find so many (after all the company is more than 160 years old). While the vast majority of reviews are positive, there are a worrying number of reviews of a similar nature. Most complaints tend to center on two things, first they come from people who claim their mattress has sagged in some way, and secondly the complaints are about how S and F deal with claims under their guarantee.

There is no doubt in my mind that S and F make very good mattresses, and as I’ve said, the vast majority of reviews are positive towards the brand – however, the negative reviews are relevant are is something I thought you should know.

Hopefully this review of Stearns and Foster mattresses has been useful to you – they have a great range of mattresses and offer some good value. As with choosing any mattress though, the final decision is yours, so take your time and try out as many as possible.

Air Mattress Reviews

There are certain factors that are common to buying a mattress, whether you are looking at an old coil-spring model, the latest memory foam or latex models, or if you are considering an air mattress. One of the keys is to take your time and to research your purchase before committing. Though the latter might not involve quite the investment of the other types, you need to set your expectations to the level of comfort you need and how long you hope it will last, then set your budget accordingly. Like most things, there are large differences in quality between various brands and being aware of this is important in itself. This article takes a look at who might buy an air mattress and concentrates on showing you how checking some air mattress reviews and using that information to take to the store will help you choose the right one.

What is an Air Mattress?

Many of you will have stayed as a guest at a friend’s or relative’s house and use an air mattress at some point in your lives. The one I used was a double size mattress that folded up into an average sized carrier bag when it wasn’t being used. It was inflated by a foot pump in less than five minutes and the air stayed in with a small plastic stopper. The mattress had a few ridges running vertically down it and a raised area for the head to rest with the aid of a pillow. It provided a pretty comfortable night’s sleep most times.

Since that time the technology of air beds has evolved and they are no longer just the domain of camping sites and guest rooms.

Often nowadays they will come with an electric or battery pump that can inflate the bed in 90 seconds or so. Some will be as thick as a normal mattress – 22 inches in some cases – and others will be around 8 inches thick. There are raised versions which sit as high as a normal bed and other that will sit within an air mattress frame to keep them off the ground.

Many will have a non-slip underside to them, which prevents slide on a non-carpeted floor. They will often come with a custom-designed shoulder bag that makes for easy portability.

Shape-wise they may be fairly uniform or textured to prevent too much movement of the bedding. Some may have additional features to keep the sheets in place. Others may have a raised ridge around the edges to prevent the sleeper from rolling onto the floor during the night. This feature is especially useful if you are buying for kids.

Price-wise you are looking at anything from $50 or $60 up to $200 or more. Those in the upper-range may come with more accessories, like a fleecy mattress cover for example, and will usually be designed for extra comfort and be able to support a greater weight. Most should specify a maximum weight recommendation.

Advantages of an Air Bed

Nowadays there are many variations of this theme in a wide range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and qualities. Most are inflatable, as one of their advantages is their flexibility and ease of storage. Being able to store them away is a major boon to people living in studio or one-bedroom apartments or in a house that is full of children with little floor space. Saving valuable space is a great benefit here, as they can be tucked away in a cabinet when not in use.

People who frequently entertain guests who sleep over will get enduring use out of a well-made air mattress. They are a usually lot cheaper than a normal mattress or sofa bed, so they save money as well as space.

They are also great ideas for kids’ slumber parties. Again, pulling them out of the closet and inflating them takes very little time and a child can usually do it.

Another benefit is that because there is no “filling” to them (you are sleeping on air), there is less risk of allergic reactions to the material. Of course on top of the mattress you usually place a sheet and comforter, and you can use your normal pillows, so other than that there is really nothing to be concerned about if you are an asthma suffer or a dust mite allergy, for example.

Many air beds are waterproof – an obvious advantage if you are using it for camping. Also, of course, if the kids spill their drinks on it you are not left with too much of a sticky situation to clean up, as you might be with a normal mattress.

Finally, air mattresses allow you to control firmness, by inflating or deflating them. This makes them flexible and usually a level can be found that will be comfortable for most sleepers.

If you are Considering an Air Mattress?

First consider what you will be using it for and who will be sleeping on it.

If you’re buying it for very occasional use for kids sleeping over, then you needn’t opt for a top of the range model. Perfectly good ones are available at half the price and will do the job.

If you frequently have 2 adults using the mattress then you will need to choose a higher specification, with a higher weight capacity. You will want to make sure you get a good pump also, as otherwise it will be more hassle to be constantly inflating and deflating the bed.

If you will be using it yourselves for camping or when you visit, it may be important for you to buy one that packs easily away into a good shoulder bag, whereas if it is to be used only at home this may not be necessary.

Similarly, if you are camping you probably want your air bed raised off the ground. This is where the previously-mentioned air mattress frame comes in. These frames come in variety of designs and strengths and can be more expensive than the mattress, but it’s important not to skimp on budget for these items as you need a sturdy support structure if you are raising your bed, for obvious reasons!

Lastly on this subject, a word of warning – there are not many air mattresses that will react well to pets’ claws digging into their surface, so if you have pets then you will need to make sure they cannot access the bed when it’s inflated. Cats especially like to dig their claws into bedding. If this is likely to happen then try to find one made out of extra strong materials by reading reviews from other cat owners.

Do you need a full size air mattress or will a smaller one do the job?
Of course who will be using it also affects the size. For a couple of young children you will probably get the best value from a twin air mattress set. Two grown adults will prefer either a queen size air mattress or a king size air mattress set.

So when we ask the question “what is the best air mattress?” it does really depend on its intended use and its future sleepers. As always, it’s probably best to avoid the really cheap ones as they can develop holes and need repairing very quickly. The more expensive ones will generally be made of more durable materials and will stand the test of time better.

Checking the Reviews and Buying Online

You will find plenty of online reviews about air mattresses. The same applies to these as to other reviews – they are best used as guides to asking the right questions before you buy. They should not always be taken literally as marketers often use them to plant information intended to make you buy their brand as opposed to another one. Find a good site that offers balanced information and make a note of the points that will help you decide on the type you need.

If there are particular manufacturers that interest you then you can always look at their Home pages and see what other information you can find out. See what their claims are and whether they are borne out by the reviews.

The best idea is always to use the “acid test” of lying down on your chosen mattress before committing. If possible get the person who will be using it to take the test and see if they find it comfortable.

You will probably find that the main mattress manufacturers that you know and love do not make air beds. Coleman, Intex, Wenzel, Texsport, and AeroBed are some of the biggest names specializing in these items and they will normally offer a better guarantee of quality than other no-name mattresses.

Buying online may save you money. You can buy air mattresses from normal bedding supply sites or even on places like Amazon. Make sure you select a well-respected site and that warranties are provided with the products. You can usually arrange payment and delivery there and then.


Choosing the right inflatable air mattress is not something to be rushed. A poorly made one can turn into an embarrassment with guests, or worse. You should budget for one that will serve its intended purpose, so you first need to consider the build of people who will be using it as well as how often it will be used. Many variations in sizes, thicknesses, textures, pumps and accessories such as bags and frames exist amongst the various ranges, so be sure to know exactly what you are getting by doing some prior research of the products on offer.

Tempur-Pedic® memory foam mattresses were the first of their kind to come into the American market. Nowadays there are many other memory foam products that have aimed to grab a share of the market, with varying degrees of success. Many emulations of the initial form have been incorporated into ranges by manufacturers who used to only provide the innerspring mattresses and many are at cheaper prices, so we ask are Tempurpedic prices worth the extra expense?

Firstly let’s qualify “extra expense”, because there is a large range of prices associated with these mattresses and other manufacturers (like Sealy, for example) do make very expensive memory foam mattresses too, starting at $2000 for a queen size.

With Tempurpedic mattress prices we start at $1400 for a basic queen mattress going up to $6500 – so it is the top of the range that we are talking about when we mention the expense. A king size in the same range is $7200.

What do you get for $6500? Well for starters you do only get the mattress. There are optional extras, such as a mattress protector, bed frame or adjustable base that will add up to another $700 on top of the original price.

The GrandBed® model we are referring to here uses quilted dual comfort layers of their patented Tempur-HD® material (they don’t call it “memory foam” as this differentiates it from the cheaper alternatives in the market place.) It’s claimed that this material provides a superb cushion that molds to the contours of your body, while also allowing the mattress to breathe and maintain temperature control via sufficient air-flow. It returns to its initial shape after usage – something which many manufacturers of cheaper memory foam mattresses claim, but which sometimes doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The 15” model is made in three layers – the first being a comfort layer of 2” of Tempur-HD and a 1.2” layer of Tempur. Secondly there is a Support layer of 4” of Tempur material; the base layer is 8” of Grand Airflow System material. You can see that serious design work has gone into these models and that’s partly what you’re paying for with the higher Tempurpedic mattress prices.

This mattress is billed as the height of pampering and provides a luxurious feel – not only with the filling it uses, but also in the silk-cashmere blend of the cover and the diamond-embossed micro-suede used on the sides.

Unlike most innerspring mattresses the Tempurpedic range will not need turning to maintain a good shape. One of the problems with the cheaper mattresses is that they still experience sagging over time – a sign that the design, craftsmanship and materials are not up to par.

These mattresses are also allergen and dust-mite free – another problem that some of the poorly-made copies will not guarantee.

Coming back to the original question in the title of this article, to justify spending the Tempurpedic price on a mattress you would have to really be living in luxury and wanting to spoil yourself. However, if it lasts 20 years then work out what the mattress costs per day and it’s not at all bad! We have picked the top of the range to look at but Tempurpedic do make a lot of more reasonably-priced mattresses that will suit the comfort requirements – and the pockets – of most people looking for a quality memory foam mattress.

Crib Mattress Reviews

The bedding market is flooded with so many different styles, designs and qualities of mattresses to choose from. When it comes to our new born babies, who spend most of their time on their backs sleeping or resting, any assistance we can get with providing maximum comfort and functionality for their sleeping arrangements is welcome. Here we show you what your options are and how to use crib mattress reviews to research beforehand, so you increase the chances of buying the right one. As ever, there is a wealth of possibilities.

Traditional Crib Beds

Babies will typically sleep in a special miniature-sized infant bed up until the age of about 3 years. The sides of the crib will have no footholds and are vertical, making it almost impossible for the baby to get out of, which is obviously critical. They also prevent unwanted visitors like pets from getting in. At the same time these beds are designed to prevent accidents to the baby inside the crib, making sure that there are no places for the infant to trap their hands or head.

When the baby grows into a toddler the bed will also become somewhere to play, so this is an important element when considering which mattress to buy.

Crib Mattresses – Important!

A crib mattress will fit inside the frame of the bed. The most important components are inside the mattress and essentially visible so it is always vital to read the specifications detailed by the manufacturer.

You will find that a lot of the major manufacturers that design standard Kids and Adult mattresses will include a range of crib mattresses too. Other household-name manufacturers, specializing in baby products, will also include a range.

Your baby’s health is going to be the most important concern in your life. The first thing we need to ensure is that the mattress we choose is aiding, not harming, that health. So when considering the materials that your mattress is made from, let’s first state the obvious – make sure the chemicals used to treat the materials are non-toxic. This will be a given for the major manufacturers who have to adhere to strict safety regulations imposed in the US, but it is not necessarily the case for those purchased abroad.

The same applies for fire-retardancy. Whilst this is important for standard mattresses it becomes critical for crib versions.

Materials Used

Nowadays most of them are made from foam, coil-springs or organic material. A good foam crib mattress will be made of a firm type of foam that retains its shape well. The best ones now combine elastic and firm memory foam into the filling, which takes the weight of the baby well, provides comfort by molding well to the body and goes back to its former shape when the weight is taken off.

The organic crib mattress is becoming a popular choice as it avoids some of the potentially dangerous chemicals that can cause allergies, skin complaints or respiratory problems for your baby.

As recently as 2009, new guidelines were released in the USA, for the use of a particular chemical in crib mattresses. One of the most commonly used organic materials is wool, because of its natural flame retardant qualities. It contains no artificial additives and it allows for good “breathability” and temperature when the baby is asleep. It will also not develop any mould or mildew. Other organic varieties of these mattresses will be a blend of wool, cotton and rubber, with the latter material adding firmness.

The Firmness of Your Mattress

There needs to be a combination of comfort and firmness for your infant. An easy test you can do with a foam crib mattress if to see if you can bend it in half. If you can, then it probably doesn’t have the necessary firmness. If you can hardly bend it at all then it is too firm. One thing that parents often miss is that a mattress that won’t bend much is less likely to create pockets where suffocation can be an issue.

Other Features to Look Out For

There is such a thing as a “standard size” to crib mattresses, which should match the standard size of your crib, but be a little careful and measure before you buy to avoid any problems. Most should measure around 51.5 inches long by 27.2 inches wide, but slight variations can occur. The depth of a foam mattress should be between 4 and 6 inches, and a spring one should be between 5 and 6 inches. A common check that mothers can perform is to check if two fingers fit between the mattress and the crib’s edge. If you can fit the fingers, then the mattress is a little small.

The shape of the mattress should be such that the sheets do not fall off as the baby wriggles around, so check that the corners are clear-cut.

Weights of crib mattresses can vary. For normal mattresses this is not such an issue but single mothers, especially, will want to make sure they have one that they can easily lift up for the regular changing of sheets that is normally required.

Sometimes the manufacturer will claim that the mattress is anti-bacterial, which means that it has been chemically treated. This may or may not be a feature you are looking for, but given that the child will wet himself anyway you might be better off just investing in a good waterproof cover (see below.)

Crib Mattress Covers

Crib mattresses are usually sold with covers, which slip over them under the sheet and help protect the mattress from all of the messy situations a baby will get themselves into. These can be made of vinyl, which is waterproof and easy to wipe clean and the best ones will be well-made with double stitching for extra durability and non-allergenic.

Portable Crib Mattresses

Some parents find it very useful to buy a secondary, portable crib mattress, in addition to the main one that will be used at home. This will usually be a cheaper version of the main one, as it will be for occasional use at grandmother’s house or when your baby visits aunties or uncles. Your baby will feel relaxed if it is similar to the one at home, so take care in choosing this and ensure that all the key safety features we have mentioned are included. For your own benefit you will need to balance the needs of your infant with the ease of carrying it from place to place, so you won’t want a very heavy model, or one that is too bulky.

How to Find the Best Crib Mattress for You

Well the age-old practice of shopping around will get you far, but not unless you have researched the topic beforehand. This article has scratched the surface of the type of things that you need to look at when choosing a baby’s mattress but there is far more detailed information available freely on manufacturer’s web sites, blogs about mother and baby care and on review sites. The key is to know what you want in terms of materials, firmness and other features.

Scanning a few of these types of sites will leave you with a list of factors to consider before making your choice. Many of these you may not even have occurred to you as important. You will probably have questions and that’s great. At least you are doing your thinking beforehand instead of regretting your lack of thought a bit later.

A word about some of the review sites – if you are looking for technical analysis of the mattresses from professionals then make sure you find one that knows what they are talking about. The same applies to customer comments – not all are genuine customers and they are from people paid to put reviews up to promote a particular brand. Don’t take them too literally.

You may have been recommended a particular brand or already know what you’re getting for your money. In this case you’ll probably be comfortable with shopping around online for the best deal on one or tow particular items. If not, then you might like to touch and feel the mattress in a bedding center or mother and baby products store. That way you can perform a few of the simple “touch” tests on the mattresses and ask the salespeople the questions that you have. You can always go back online afterwards and make your purchase.

Online retailers will usually offer greater savings than brick and mortar stores. Check for promotions and sales of items that are not the latest models. This is a good way to pick up bargains, but ensure that it is an established site with good ordering, payment and delivery processes, as well as warranty provisions.


Buying a baby crib mattress will involve more reading up than buying a conventional mattress because it is not only a child’s comfort at stake but also their safety and your own workload. A poorly chosen one can be a danger and also mean that you are forever changing bedding and cleaning. Research the features, find out what you need, fix an approximate budget and then identify a few candidates to test before buying.

What to Look For in Baby Crib Mattress Reviews

There are times when we can cut corners a little and opt for a cheap mattress – maybe for the attic or the basement or the kids’ rooms. However, one of those times is definitely not when we are looking for a mattress for our expected new arrival. Here we need to do our research with some online baby crib mattress reviews and information from the quality online retailers; so that we know what we are buying is not a danger to the health or safety of our baby.

Tips for Choosing the Right Crib Mattress

There are a few tips new can use for finding the right baby crib mattress as we are organizing the room for the new arrival. Firstly, if you have already purchased the crib make sure that you measure it carefully. Although there are standard sizes for both crib and mattress in the US, sometimes they don’t match exactly. This is important as any gaps between the edge of the mattress and the sides of the crib can be a problem for catching little limbs. As a general rule there should not be more of a gap than the width of an adult finger.

The firmness of the mattress is crucial too. As you are looking at items in the stores check how much you can bend them. They should not be soft enough to bend in half so that the ends meet – this is a simple enough test that anyone can do. A little “give” is necessary, but too much and it can create suffocation pockets for your child, so you should choose one that is firm enough.

The materials used in your mattress are also essential to consider. Even as recently as 2009, the US government released new safety regulations regarding the use of a certain chemical in crib mattresses. Sometimes the overseas manufacturers, in an effort to drive down production costs, will use new chemicals that aren’t closely regulated and it takes a while for standards to be adjusted. Make sure you know the exact material composition of your mattress and its cover before you commit.

Many people, because of the above issue, avoid the foams and opt for organic materials. These can be a mixture of wool, cotton and latex (which helps to provide the necessary firmness.) This gets around the problem of potentially dangerous chemicals and wool and cotton blends also allow the mattress to breathe. Wool is also naturally fire-retardant, which is another important requirement of these mattresses.

With babies spending most of their time on their backs it’s tempting to try to find the most comfortable mattress possible, but remember the important safety measures we must take. Also remember that your baby will grow quickly into a toddler and the crib will soon become a play-pen. That means we must balance comfort with durability. A lively toddler can wreak havoc in a crib bouncing up and down on a poorly-made mattress.

How Reviews Can Help

As we use the crib mattress reviews and mother and baby blogs to help in our online research of these items, it becomes evident that going cheap with these items rarely turns out well. Making the right investment in the right quality manufacturer generally works well – normally an established manufacturer that’s been making these items for decades. They know how to make them safe, comfortable and durable for your baby.

The best crib mattress reviews will answer most of your questions about safety first and foremost. If they are not addressing your primary concern then they are unlikely to be of use for your other, lesser concerns. They will concentrate on a number of different manufacturers (not just one manufacturer – these tend to be very slanted reviews) and highlight your choice of materials. They should give you some general buying guidelines to help you make the right decision. Maybe they will have a system of crib mattress ratings, like on Amazon. These can be useful if they are kept up to date, but you need to check whether this is the case and also who is rating the mattresses.

Investing Time in Your Child’s Safety with Baby Mattress Reviews

Rare are the times that you will see us recommending bedding products based upon a cheap price alone and never is this more the case than with crib mattresses. Usually if we make a bad purchase it will affect our night’s sleep and maybe cost us money for a replacement mattress, but with these items it can be a lot more serious as the health and safety of your child is at stake. As ever, taking the time to do your homework beforehand with the online baby mattress reviews and other resources can help you.

How to Choose a Safe and Comfortable Crib Mattress

Parents need to balance the safety and comfort aspects when shopping for a crib mattress and knowing what to look for is the first step. With all the choice, the variety of US and overseas manufacturers and all the different materials used nowadays where do you start?

Safety – that’s the place to start. There are some basics to follow here.

Firstly, size is important! Although, in theory, there are standard crib sizes that should match standard baby mattresses in practice this isn’t quite the case. If you are buying crib and mattress as a set then all well and good, but if you buy one for before the other remember to take careful measurements of both. Any gaps around the edge of the mattress, between it and the railings, can be safety hazards for your baby’s little limbs and digits. Remember also that babies roll and they can get stuck in gaps, causing breathing problems or worse.

Secondly the firmness of your mattress is crucial. As a general rule if you can bend it in half then it’s too soft. Some cheaper foam mattresses may seem comfortable but they can create hazardous suffocation pockets for your baby so make sure you get one that’s firm enough. A little bend-ability is enough.

Thirdly, what materials are used in the mattress? Make sure you know the exact composition as some of the cheaper items have, in the past, been found to use potentially toxic substances. Generally the top manufacturers will stick well within Health and Safety guidelines, but if you are in any doubt you may want to opt for a 100% organic mattress. These usually use combinations of materials like wool, cotton and latex. Between them they will have the necessary qualities of firmness, breath-ability and fire retardancy that are necessary for these items.

Once you have considered all the safety aspects you will want to think about durability and maintenance of your mattress too. You might think that, because babies lie on their backs most of the time, that a crib mattress doesn’t need to be particularly hard-wearing but perhaps you are forgetting that babies quickly grow into toddlers…and toddlers like to stand on the mattress, gripping the railings of the crib and bounce up and down! Save yourself the problem of replacing your torn mattress by buying a well-made one from the start.

Turning to Reviews for Assistance

A good example of where information in crib mattress reviews can help with your decision was when I was looking for advice about the cover of the crib mattress. A comment in one of the reviews suggested buying a separate cover that you can wipe down when the baby inevitably wets the bed. That way you don’t need to worry too much about buying a mattress with an already-waterproofed and anti-bacterial surface (involving the use of chemicals again.) This suggestion seemed to make a lot of sense but, without checking out the online resources, I would never have made the connection.

The best baby mattress reviews will offer independent advice and useful tips on all the safety and comfort aspects of the items in question, helping you to really find what you are looking for, not pushing you to buy a particular brand.

Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress

In the world of mattresses, two of the newest kids on the block are the memory foam mattress, and the latex mattress. At first glance they may seem like they are very similar products, and in many ways they are, but when it comes to the latex Vs memory foam mattress comparison, there are some important differences that customers need to be aware of in order to make the right choice for them.

To start off, memory foam is a man-made material, while latex is a natural product – although just to add to the confusion a little, there is also processed latex which is more often used in cheaper latex mattresses and, in my opinion, is best avoided.

Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to body heat, and have a much softer feel to them than latex mattresses. They tend to be far more malleable than their latex counterparts, and become softer as you lie on them and they ‘adapt’ to your body position as they begin to warm up. You will notice this more when you first lie on your mattress, it will feel firm initially, but will start to ‘work’ properly when it starts to react to your body temperature.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

If you think that a memory foam mattress might be right for you, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly is the quality or density of the mattress you are looking at, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and it’s no different with memory foam. The denser the foam, the higher the quality of the mattress, and as it is much more expensive to manufacture the denser foams, these tend to be much more expensive. You can buy cheaper memory foam, and it might sound like a good deal at the time, but you won’t get the same level of support and I’m hearing stories of people who’ve had to replace the cheaper mattresses after as little as 3 years of use.

Next, and most importantly, you need to consider comfort – the main factor that makes a memory foam mattress comfortable, is the level of support it gives you. You can easily check whether a mattress is offering you enough support by lying flat on your back and trying to slide a flat hand beneath the small of your back. If you can do this easily, this is probably not the mattress for you.

Thickness of the memory foam is the final element to base your decision on. Ideally the memory foam should be between 4 and 6 inches thick if it is too thin, parts of your body may end up in contact with the supporting base of high resiliency foam material which is not meant to be slept on – if this happens, you will probably find yourself in discomfort. Anything thicker than 6 inches may be too soft, which again can lead to discomfort.

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Latex_MattressMany people prefer latex over memory foam because it is a natural product and has hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. When you add to this the fact that a latex mattress is virtually indestructible and it doesn’t share the problems of dust mites and fungus that a standard mattress might suffer from, you can perhaps see why they are thought of as the healthier option.

Comfort levels are excellent with this type of mattress, they are firm to the touch, but allow the feeling of motion more than a memory foam mattress. The best description I have heard describing the qualities of this type of mattress, is that they are like a “mattress cover filled with jello” – and in my opinion that is the perfect description of how it feels to sleep on a latex mattress.

You can find hundreds of articles written about each type of mattress, and I would encourage you to read some of them if you are still undecided, but when it comes to the latex Vs memory foam mattress comparison, my choice would be the latex mattress. I would choose one of them not because I think they are any more comfortable, but overall the natural qualities of the latex wins through for me.

Happy shopping……..

Latex is a material that has been increasingly used in mattress-making for the last decade and more. Most of the leading manufacturers use it in their ranges now. It’s a naturally occurring rubber that is well known for the support qualities it provides in mattresses and it has become popular because of this and its benefits of durability, allowing the mattress to breathe and the cushioning it provides. Like with everything it is not without its down sides and here we take a look at some of the more common latex mattress complaints.

We should preface this by saying that latex mattresses generally receive praise and good ratings from previous users in terms of its balance between softness and support, its excellent containment of motion, its assistance for those suffering back pain and allergies, as well as its durability. The complaints we list are not typical for everyone. This should not be surprising as there is a price premium you pay for choosing a latex composition, which suggests that it is both a sought after item and effective in what it does. This has been the case in our findings, as a general rule.

Premature sagging has been a complaint of these mattresses, but perhaps more commonly in lower-end models. Also a related complaint from some users is that impressions of the body are left on the mattress. Both of these problems can be addressed by regular turning and flipping of the mattress, which redistributes the areas receiving the weight and ensures that all of the mattress gets used.

Odors are reported by some users too. This is only usually an initial odor that disperses with use. A little bit of preparation is necessary to address this problem – making sure that the mattress is aired in a well-ventilated room before usage (maybe for up to a week, if possible) is the best solution.

The online latex mattress reviews also point to them being very heavy. Latex is a dense substance so that a high usage will make the model considerably heavier than a foam or innerspring mattress. This means that it will be a “2-man job” to regularly flip and turn a Queen or King size latex model.

A couple of other things to watch out for if you are considering one of these items:

Firstly the seams, these occur because the latex sheets inside the mattress are glued together. This won’t be a problem in the better ranges but can be a problem in cheaper mattresses as the seams can be uncomfortable to lie on.

Secondly latex mattresses are expensive. They generally start from $1000 upwards, which means that you have to be completely “sold” on the benefits of latex before you are willing to pay the premium for using it. At the moment it is still perceived as being an exclusive and high-end material. This may change as time goes on, but users are sometimes harsh on latex mattresses because they have paid 20% more for them than other similar quality mattresses.

If your home is not big enough for a spare room for people to sleep over but you want to be able to offer visiting friends a place to rest their head at nights, you may find a twin air mattress is a great solution for you.

These items are inflatable beds, measuring around 39 inches wide × 75 to 80 inches, which can be packed away when not being used, then brought out and inflated as needed. Nowadays they are very easy and convenient to use as they often come with an electric or battery-operated pump that will inflate the mattress in a few minutes or less. So, if you keep it in the closet with a twin bed in a bag , you can just add a pillow and a comforter and you have a bed ready for your guest in no time!

Of course the space saving element of these mattresses is attractive for those living in apartments, but they have been made more and more comfortable over the years that some people choose these items as their permanent bed in their main bedroom and nowadays they come in all sizes – even Kings! Gone are the days when this was just a camping bed for the “softer” campers who didn’t like the ground-sheet and sleeping bag concept; now they can be serious beds.

Over the years the twin size air mattress has evolved with new, more comfortable materials used on the sleeping surface of the mattress – softer and more capable of holding the sheets in place (which was a problem with the early air mattresses) – as well as non-slip additions to the underside which means they can be used on tiled floors without too much migration in the middle of the night!

Air mattresses are usually made by specialist manufacturers, not the conventional mattress companies (excluding the likes of Sleep Number which use an adjustable air-chamber mattress for their beds.) They might be camping and outdoor specialists for example. Some names you will come across when searching for these items will be Intex, Coleman, Cabela, Aero International or Texsport. You will also come across frames that can be used to raise the mattress off the ground, but these are normally used for camping.

Of course, the other major benefit of these beds, apart from the convenience and space-saving, is that they are usually cheap. You can pick up one of these items online for just $15 or $20 for the most basic vinyl item. They can go up to $700 or 800 for the King size mattresses with all the whistles and bells, but if you are looking for a reasonably comfortable twin size item as a spare bed $50 to $80 will get you a decent standard.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

With so many different sizes, shapes, materials, comfort and robustness levels, choosing a mattress can be a testing task these days. One material that has seen recent popularity as a choice of filling is memory foam and here we take a look at what it is, some of the reasons for its rise to prominence and the type of information you should be looking for when reading the memory foam mattress reviews out there, before you decide to buy.


Memory foam is a material that was originally developed for astronauts to use in space, because of its unique cushioning qualities. Even 40 years ago, NASA used it to provide protection for the body against ultra g-force. Whilst the foam used in mattresses does not need to be of the same robustness as this, it is still related, and it’s surprising actually how many of our every day materials trace back to NASA.

Its explosion into the bedding market is far more recent, mainly due to a Swedish bedding company that refined the memory foam into a usable material and because the manufacturing process has become far more efficient and economical. This has produced a material that is designed to mold to the contours of our bodies and not to heat up when we lie on it.

Nowadays memory foam mattresses sit side by side with the traditional inner-coil spring ones, in the same ranges from all the major manufacturers, no longer priced through the roof.

Know the Qualities of Memory Foam before you Buy

It’s important to recognize exactly what the material is and how its various quality levels will differ, so that when you read the reviews and come to test a memory foam mattress in the store you will know more about what to look (and feel) for.

It is formed from polyurethane which, when mixed with other chemicals, produces the non-toxic visco-elastic foam we know as memory foam. However there are different grades and these will affect the qualities of the mattress it produces.

The rating system used is the ILD, or Indentation Load Deflection (sometimes called the IFD or Indentation Force Deflection), which will tell you how firm or soft your mattress is going to be – basically, the higher the ILD, the firmer the mattress. Mostly you will see a range quoted, rather than a set figure, and this can be used as a guideline.

Your personal preference on the firmness of your mattress will probably only be decided when you test it out in-store, but recognizing this rating system helps you to narrow your selection to one that will suit you. Many of the best memory foam mattresses have a memory foam topper with a lower rating and a base layer of foam with a higher ILD to provide a balance between the comfort and the support elements most people are looking for.

Questions to Ask

Before buying, customers need to know exactly what they are looking for from their mattress. Some common questions that need to be asked are: What will you use the mattress for? How often will you use the mattress? What are your expectations in terms of comfort? Do you have a condition that you are trying to help or do you have poor posture? Where will the mattress be put – in the main bedroom, the guest room or in a child’s room? Do you have allergies to certain materials? How much do you want to spend? How long do you want it to last?

Some Common Complaints with Memory Foam Mattresses

However, there are some complaints that do seem to occur from time to time, especially with cheap memory foam mattresses.

These usually center on odors coming from the mattress, sagging, heating-up with prolonged use, or the price people have to pay.

When you first buy your mattress, it is quite likely that it will have an odor that can fill the room. This usually lasts just a few days or, at most, a few weeks, but this complaint can be mitigated by ensuring that the room is well-aired. If it is summertime, you may want to sleep with the windows open. Most people can work around this minor issue.

Sagging can occur with all mattresses over time. A good memory foam one should last the distance well but one made from a lower quality material may experience this common phenomenon. Read the reviews and educate yourself about the chances of sag, before buying.

The better mattresses limit the heat build up that can be experienced with memory foam by using a “coolmax” fabric which allows “breathing” to occur. Thereby body moisture is dissipated more easily than by using cheaper fabrics and this helps to keep temperatures down.

The cheapest memory foam mattresses are always susceptible to promising more than they deliver. Read reviews and these will usually highlight the potential problems. Usually if you are buying a memory foam item you are already expecting to pay a little more than you would for a spring mattress, but being aware there are different qualities of memory foam will prepare you well when you decide on a budget. Perhaps you will want to add a few dollars to ensure that you get the comfort and longevity that you expect from it. Yes, bargains can be had, especially online or via seasonal sales in bedding centers, but make sure that you know what you are getting.

Other Variables of Memory Foam Mattresses

Of course, like all types, memory foam mattresses are now made in all the relevant sizes. Most of the manufacturers will have a guide to sizes on their web sites, defining all the terms they use and providing exact specifications of each item in their ranges. Make sure you have measured your room carefully, especially if you are thinking of upgrading size, so that you know what you’re after.

A King Size Memory Foam Mattress will usually measure around 80 x 76 inches and a Queen memory foam mattress will be around 80 x 60 inches, but be careful of variations to this.

Another thing to watch out for is the design of your mattress. If it is one with a topper, as is the current trend, then this will be the single biggest factor deciding the comfort level of your sleeping experience. This is where the memory foam rating really comes in, so check for the thickness and qualities of this layer, rather than the overall thickness of the mattress. It’s where the true “intelligence” of the mattress will be judges.

Underneath this top layer will be the support layers in the bulk of the mattress “body”. The “density” rating you will see mentioned is not referring to this, but to the upper layer where the expensive memory foam is placed.

Knowing this can help you differentiate between the claims of the superior ones and the cheaper mattresses that may promise similar things.

Another thing to watch out for is the exact material composition of your mattress. Some models will be advertised as memory foam but, in reality, they only contain a small percentage of relatively poor-quality memory foam. Others at the top end of the price range may be mixed with latex, for extra springiness, for which you may pay a premium.

Some people get the benefits of memory foam without investing in a whole mattress, by buying just a topper for their existing mattress. This can work well, and certainly saves costs, but the same rules apply to choosing the right one carefully. Also, they are not miracle-workers and can’t turn an old, worn out mattress into a sleeping paradise. Be realistic about your expectations, as ever.

Recommended Approach to Buying

With so many things to think about when buying a new mattress some people find it useful to have an action plan. We suggest a few steps to the process.

You may already have a favorite brand; if this is the case then be sure to visit their web site to see the full range of options. There should be lots of good information there, relating to their specific mattresses, as well as general information.

If you don’t have a brand in mind then a good place to start might be with some mattress review sites so that you can get an idea of the options available. Don’t necessarily take these reviews, or the customer comments there, literally, as they may not even be real customers, but at least this process will get you asking the right questions to yourself about what you are expecting and what some of the potential pitfalls are. The best reviews sites will combine some analytical review with anecdotal additions from existing customers.

Next you can check prices of the mattresses on your shortlist (maybe 4 or 5 would be good at this stage). Check at a reputable online dealer so you know that these items will fit within your budget.

Then you are ready to go to the bedding store. You have a shortlist of mattresses you want to try out and you know enough information to have a meaningful exchange with the salespeople there. You may have a list of questions to ask, which is great. Then you can try out the ones you are interested in, making a note of any other ones you like the feel of – exact names and specifications.

You should not feel guilty about walking out of the store without buying. Some people like the extra “security” of buying from a “brick and mortar” store, rather than online, but they will probably end up paying more.

Once back in the comfort of your own home you can source the best price for the exact King memory foam mattress from Sealy or Englander that you tried and liked, for example. You may have your heart set on one, or yet to decide between a few that you liked. Online discounts can be quite a saving from prices you will be quoted by other retailers, but always check warranties and secure payment procedures. Buy from only the best online bedding sites that have been recommended to you.


Two of the main benefits of using memory foam mattresses are the comfort and support levels they can provide, making them the natural replacement to the traditional coil mattresses and the more basic foam ones. A mattress is an investment that should be in our home for many years ahead, so there are definitely a few steps we should go through to make sure we buy the right one. Rushing it may result in a cheap, buckled mattress sitting on the lawn outside our home in a couple of years.

Importance of Organic Crib Mattress Reviews to Mother, Father and Baby

Shopping for a crib mattress may be a team effort between mother and father and both have a role to play, as it’s not a simple purchase. There are things that need to be considered like measurements, firmnesses and materials that go beyond the mere comfort and support that we think about when buying a mattress for ourselves, but will affect the health, well-being and safety of your child. Parents are increasingly leaning towards natural materials for their babies, away from potentially toxic artificial materials and finding some decent organic crib mattress reviews to help us choose is a good first step.

Before we get to the actual materials all crib mattress buying guidelines should point out a few things. Firstly, the importance of getting the right size of mattress, and secondly the importance of finding one of the right firmness. Both relate to safety – the first because no gaps should be left between the mattress and the railings of the crib for things (or body parts) to get trapped in; the second because if the mattress is too soft it represents a suffocation risk to a baby because of the air pockets that can potentially be created.

These guidelines should be addressed first and foremost if the review site is serious about giving you the necessary information to make a good purchase.

An organic crib mattress, as its name suggests, should be made of 100% natural fibers which have conformed to the growing guidelines set down for organic produce. Some of the mattresses may contain cotton, wool and latex, but the plants, sheep and trees that thee materials have come from may not have been grown or reared organically. So this is the first thing that the individual manufacturer should address. Are you getting Organic or are you getting Natural?

The truly organic crib mattresses advertise not only their toxin-free mattresses but their manufacturers’ ecologically sound approach. More chemicals than we would care to imagine go into the making of the average mattress and its comforting for parents to know that their baby will be sleeping on a surface that contains no potentially harmful substances and which hasn’t harmed the environment either. There have been cases highlighted in the media where parents have blamed chemicals in their baby’s mattresses for some side-effects their child has suffered.

Reading some crib mattress reviews online will point to the fact that organic mattresses may be a little more difficult to maintain than others. You will need to use a cover or pad so that when the baby’s mess needs to be cleaned up you can just wipe down the cover rather than the whole mattress. Buying an organic mattress but a chemically treated cover defeats the object a little so you will have to ensure the cover is organic and waterproof too. These pads, often made out of absorbent cotton layers (using no vinyl) can usually be bought in the same place as the mattress and are normally machine-washable and dryable.

Remember that very soon your baby will have grown into a toddler so when you are checking the reviews see how robust your crib mattress is going to be. Will it be strong enough not only to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping surface but also act as a play surface for a year or two? Buying a well-made and durable mattress is advisable anyway, as you may have more children and be able to re-use the mattress once your baby has grown out of it.

Hypnia is a UK mattress manufacturer that has built its reputation by specializing in making high quality memory foam models. We will examine the manufacturer and their models below.

The company makes its own memory foam – which is often not the case with memory foam mattress makers, who will import their foam from overseas. Therefore they have control over the quality and can state confidently that they use dense, 75Kg/CBM memory foam that will do what the label says it will do. It is one of the highest densities in the industry, in fact. If you have read up on memory foam and read some reviews then you should be aware that memory foam is not all the same – its quality, characteristics and performance can vary greatly across brands and that is why you’ll see quite a price differential between the top manufacturers, specializing in quality, and the rest.

Hypnia mattresses all feature the “reflex base” layer upon which the memory foam layers will sit – effectively the foundation and support levels of the mattress otherwise provided by the coils in inner-spring mattresses. The memory foam layer on top will usually be 2 or 3 inches and will provide the comfort and body conformity, as well as heat-responsiveness that the best memory foams will provide. Finally the removable cover layer completely encloses the foam layers of the mattress; this is termed “CoolSoft” and uses velour, being designed to keep temperatures down as well as give a luxurious soft feel to the finish of the mattress. It zips off easily for washing.

The Hypnia mattress comes in 3 basic types, depending on the level of support you need: gentle support, stability and full cushioning and which one you choose will affect the amount of memory foam used in the mattress. There is a 1-inch memory foam option in their Simplicity range and 2 or 3 inches of memory foam in their Advanced ranges. All of the memory foam used will have the same cushioning and heat-regulating properties, as well as being ant-bacterial and dust mite free. The sizes of their mattresses include Single, Double, King Size and Super King Size (6′ x 6’6″) – strangely there is no Queen size available.

Hypnia also produce several memory foam mattress toppers if you want the benefits of memory foam but already have an existing mattress that has kept a decent shape. They also sell other bedding accessories like covers and pillows at their online stores.

Buying Hypnia mattresses online will certainly save you money on the store prices. Make sure you check your specs well and choose an online retailer that is reputable, with good selection, order, payment and delivery procedures. You should also expect a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Memory foam has created quite a buzz around the mattress-making circles, so much so that the leading manufacturers have all found it necessary to include it in their ranges, such is the demand nowadays. There are also a lot of other makers who have jumped on the bandwagon since Tempur-pedic first introduced the NASA-inspired foam into the bedding market, meaning there is a vast array of different models available and there are great differences in memory foam mattress prices out there. It can all be a little confusing and it’s important to know what we’re getting for our money.

While we are big fans of value for money and getting great deals online we would not like to use the phrase “cheap memory foam mattress” as it may give you the wrong idea. There are ways we can get a well-made, quality mattress at a bargain price if we do our research first and then buy online, where there are many retailers who offer great discounts on major brands, offering a certain stamp of quality that you may not get from a cheap mattress elsewhere.

The thing with memory foam is that there are vastly differing qualities between manufacturers and any given mattress will use a different quantity of the foam to another mattress, even in the same range. Doing your research here means checking out whether the manufacturer is a using a Tempur-pedic grade of foam that envelops the body and regulates temperature, because it has been composed with this in mind, or whether it is a cheaper foam that is being marketed as “memory foam” because of the buzz surrounding it. These are the two extremes, perhaps, and there is a wide space for perfectly good memory foam mattresses in between, but being aware of the potential differences beforehand will alert you to possible problems you can recognize when searching.

Many times now, memory foam will be blended with latex or other foams, or even sit in the upper layers of an innerspring mattress. So it is not just about the quality of the foam, but about where the foam is positioned in the mattress and in what amounts it is used.

Making sure you check the manufacturer carefully is a good start – how long have they been in business? Are they known for memory foam or innerspring mattresses? Do they have a name for quality workmanship? Is there specific product and material detail on their web site?

Even if you opt for one of the leading manufactures’ cheapest memory foam mattress you may end up better off than going with a top-range model from a manufacturer you are not sure about. You will usually receive a 10-year limited warranty with the top manufacturers, maybe longer, and shopping online at a reputable retailer can land you a bargain that is delivered to your door within a week.

Thinking of a Mattress Topper for Comfort or Protection?

The birth of the mattress topper was related to the mattress pad or the mattress cover but it has taken on a life of its own with the use of materials like memory foam and latex in them.

Originally the mattress toppers were sold largely to protect the mattress from stains, damage, wear and tear and anything else that could affect the longevity of a mattress or render the warranty invalid (a stained mattress will not be replaced by any manufacturer.) Still nowadays many people use a simple mattress pad that will top the mattress, made of cotton for breathe-ability and either tied to the corners, elasticized at the edges to fit over the mattress or zipped to completely contain the mattress. They may also serve a secondary function as protection to the sleeper from allergies brought on by dust-mites or other potential allergens.

However mattress toppers have taken on much more the look and feel of the pillow-top finishes of plush mattress sets, these days. Of course they will still serve the protective function but sometimes they are made quite thick nowadays – 3 or 4 inches – because as well as protecting they offer great comfort benefits to an overly firm mattress. They are able to add an extra comfort layer to an old mattress, rejuvenating it.

Of course if the old mattress in question is sagging, moth-eaten and worn out then a mattress topper won’t help much, no matter how thick it is. But providing the mattress has retained its shape well then well-made cheap mattress toppers are good options, as they can be a great way of getting extra comfort without having to go to the expense of replacing the mattress completely.

Those toppers that use memory foam and latex are probably the most popular nowadays and can be bought in most standard bedding centers as well as online. A 3 or 4 inch mattress topper in queen size, made from good quality memory foam, will probably cost between $150 and $300 online, so it is a significant saving over having to buy a whole new mattress. Do not skimp on price though and go with an established manufacturer – there are plenty of toppers from companies like Serta that will use a decent memory foam – as there are cheaper brands available that may use less memory foam of a poorer quality or density than is needed to provide good comfort levels.

Some of the best mattress topper sets are so comfortable they are used almost like a futon mattress, especially in Asia. They will be rolled out on the floor and can act as a mattress!

Mattress toppers serve a couple of functions –both protective and comfort-based – but as they have been developed they have become thicker and more luxurious so that the comfort factor outweighs the protective factor for most people. This is no more in evidence than with the latex mattress topper.

Originally mattress covers, pads and toppers were virtually interchangeable as a protective layer to keep the mattress stain-free and in good condition so that the warranty wasn’t invalidated; sometimes they were also used to keep the sleeper protected from allergies and dust-mites.

As time has gone on the mattress topper has been made with more and more luxurious foams, made into 3 or 4 inch pads that really add a huge amount of comfort to the top of a mattress. Nowadays you will see many memory foam and latex mattress toppers being marketed by the same established companies that make the mattresses and they have become a big business in their own right. They will resemble the plush pillow-tops that quality luxurious mattresses often feature.

In Asia some people now use mattress toppers as a type of futon mattress, rolled out on the floor and ready to go! In the US they can be used on a new mattress or on an old one that is a bit too firm for the owner’s liking but has still retained a decent shape. They will not be able to revive a dilapidated sagging mattress, but a 4-inch latex foam mattress topper will add a natural, super-soft, cushioning layer to the top of a firm, supportive mattress. Some people with bad backs might use a topper to soften up the surface of an orthopedic mattress and make it less firm.

Latex foam toppers may use the natural Dunlop-style latex or the Talalay latex which will usually be a mixture of natural and artificial latex. Both are very breathe-able and provide great cushioning for pressure points on the body, but the Talalay latex has a more open cell structure that makes it slightly less dense and softer than the Dunlop style latex.

Latex mattresses can cost thousands of dollars, which is out of most people’s budgets. Quality latex mattress toppers are available for $300-$400 and are far more widely accessible, so that more people can experience a little layer of luxury without it costing the earth!

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattresses are such an important item for our home, which we expect to last many years and from which we demand a comfort level to match our needs. With people tightening their belts in these times of economic austerity around the world, there are some smart choices we can make to lower our outlays without sacrificing comfort. Increasingly we are seeing memory foam replacing the old coil-springs as the leading material in our main bedding supplies. We show you here how to scan some memory foam mattress topper reviews to make an informed decision that can save you money.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a polyurethane-based material that, when combined with other chemicals during the manufacturing process, creates a sleeping surface that shapes very well to body shape and offers a level of support that surpasses most other materials used for the purpose. It was developed initially in the 1970’s as a protection for astronauts in outer space, who have to endure extremely high forces. It was necessary to use a highly pressure-absorbent material that acted with a strong cushioning affect on the astronauts’ bodies.

The modern mattress memory foam is not exactly the same as this but is closely related. It was a Scandinavian manufacturer that developed it for the bedding market and over the years, production costs have come down, now making it a viable alternative to consider for many people wanting to buy a new mattress or a topper for their existing one. Most of the big name manufacturers will include memory foam mattress toppers in their ranges, alongside the standard other options.

The Enduring Qualities of Memory Foam

Memory foam is usually rated using the ILD system. This stands for Indentation Load Deflection. The very fact that there is a rating system tells us to expect different qualities. It is not a uniform, one-size-fits-all type of material. You will see from a glance at some reviews and customer comments that experiences vary accordingly.

The general rule is that the firmer mattresses and toppers will have a higher ILD rating; softer ones will have a lower rating. Normally this would be quoted as a range rather than a single value.

Before choosing it’s important to set your expectations as to what you are really looking for from your mattress topper. You may only make your final decision when you lie down on it, in the store, but beforehand you may be able to decide on an ILD range that will best suit your expectations of comfort and support.

In mattress sets often the memory foam is used only in the topper, so if you are buying a topper separately to place on an existing mattress then the same rules apply. Check the ILD.

Usually the quality memory foam surfaces are designed to “breathe” to avoid overheating during the night. The material creates a different environment than a hollower, coil-spring mattress, and there are issues with air flow to be addressed, but generally there are not many complaints from people about their purchase getting too hot.

The main negative comments about memory foam usually result from the price premium that people have to pay for it and the powerful smells that are associated with them when they are first bought. If you have a spare room it is a good idea to air the topper for a few days at least before transferring it to your own bedroom. This will mean that most of the odors will have dispersed by the time you come to use it.

Benefits of Using a Topper

The main benefit of using a topper is the price advantage. A good quality memory foam mattress can cost thousands of dollars; good toppers are available for a fraction of that price. If you are placing them on a good, sturdy, existing mattress they can do a great job in enhancing your rest.

One word of warning: placing a topper on a badly sagging mattress will not cure the sag. They cannot work wonders.

Size and Thickness Considerations

If you have decided that this is the way to go, then you will be looking at sizes and thicknesses. Toppers are made in all the relevant sizes you would expect from a mattress ie. from King Size memory mattress topper down to a Single size topper.

It is the thickness of the topper that will ultimately decide the comfort level. The 4 inch memory foam mattress topper is one of the most popular thicknesses as it generally provides adequate cushioning and support for the body. The 3 inch memory foam mattress topper may also be enough for some people but anything less than this is probably not advisable.

Caring for Your Mattress Topper

The best way to extend the life and shape of your topper is to turn it 180 degrees every now and again, allowing for the body weight to be spread over the full length of the topper over time. Unlike other materials used for mattresses, memory foam does not need to be flipped to maintain its quality.

You should find that, unlike coil mattresses, your memory foam is not a breeding ground for dust mites, as it is a denser set up entirely. So if you are prone to allergies, such as asthma, then a memory foam mattress topper is worth considering. Many will have already been treated by the time you buy them, to lower risk of allergies and the like.

To clean your mattress topper, we recommend the application of baking soda for around half an hour. Then vacuum clean the mattress to remove the baking soda and other unwanted material. Avoid using water too heavily on the foam; any stains can usually be removed with a little warm water and then blotted with a towel. You can always assist drying by using a hairdryer.

Recommended Approach to Buying a Mattress Topper

There are a lot of considerations to make before buying any mattress or topper, so it is useful to have some guidance here.

If you have a preferred manufacturer already then it becomes slightly easier. You can begin by visiting their web site, checking specifications of the toppers they produce and gathering useful buying tips in general.

If you’re not sure about the brand then mattress topper reviews will point you in the right general direction. They may have some empirical analysis of the toppers as well as comments from customers who have already bought products. These comments may or may not be from real customers. Marketers are clever and can pay people to post positive or negative comments based upon the brands they are pushing. So ensure that you have found a legitimate and respected site. Either way, you should find the experience leaves you with some of the right types of questions you need to be asking before you buy, so it’s a very useful first or second step.

You may have a few ideas of the toppers you are interested in at this point. Check prices at the online retailers to get an idea.

The golden rule when buying any mattress is that you need to test them out. This will entail a trip to your local bedding supply store, but at least you should have enough information by now to be able to ask the salesperson some probing questions. Then you can lie down on as many as you like, which will either narrow your choices down or give you some new ideas.

Once back home go online again and compare prices between exact models on your shortlist. Are they cheaper than at the bedding store? Sometimes significant savings can be made. Some brick and mortar bedding suppliers also have web sites where you can buy the items at discount. This way you could end up with a good quality, cheap memory foam mattress topper.

For example, you may have your heart set on a Simmons King size memory foam mattress topper that you tried in the store and found to be what you were looking for. Perhaps the exact same one is available online at 20% off the store price. Providing the online store provides a decent warranty and is a reputable site you can buy and get it delivered relatively easily, most times.


The best memory foam mattress topper is one that is well sourced, reasonably priced and meets your expectations. Be realistic about your expectations as a mattress set is specifically designed for comfort, support and robustness. That is why they are priced much higher than the toppers. Ensure that the mattress you are placing the topper onto is not a decrepit and sagging model that really needs to be thrown out, as it will not help in the long run. In this case may be better to buy a complete mattress set. But if you are satisfied with your existing mattress and are just looking for some extra comfort then the topper could be a cheap and worthwhile solution.

In the past the mattress topper was a pad or cover used predominantly to protect the mattress from perspiration and other stains, which would often render the warranty on a mattress void. It was necessary to use one either rested on top of the mattress, tied to the corners to keep it in place or as a wrap-around cover completely enveloping it. Nowadays, as you will see from mattress topper reviews online, these items are increasingly being made thicker and more comfortable as a completely separate item of bedding that can be used for sleeping on the floor or on top of an existing mattress.

In Asia mattress toppers are now used almost like an old-style Japanese futon mattress, which would be rolled out to provide a sleeping surface at night and then rolled up and stored away during the day, freeing up the space to be used for something else.

In the west they are more commonly now used as a comfort layer on top of an existing mattress. A word of warning here: a mattress topper can give a new lease of life to an old mattress that is a bit too firm for you but it will not be able to save a badly sagging, out of shape, moth-eaten and dust-mite ridden model that needs replacing. If you are looking to save a little money by buying a memory foam mattress topper, for example, to place on your old mattress , rather than going to the expensive of a whole new memory foam mattress, then fine – but be realistic about what your topper will be able to do.

If you are choosing memory foam for your topper, which seems to be the most popular choice these days, make sure there is enough memory foam used. Anything less than 2 inches of good quality foam won’t make too much difference to your comfort levels, so if you buy a 3-inch or 4-inch memory foam mattress topper then check the exact composition to see if all that thickness is memory foam. Stick with the major manufacturers as no-name makers may not be using good quality foam at all….you are already saving money by not having to buy a full mattress so spending a little more on your topper to ensure good quality is wise.