Are You Looking For a Sealy Queen Mattress?

This article provides some guidelines to anyone looking to buy a Sealy queen mattress and will address the choices that you have and the various features and benefits of the different ranges as well as providing a few pointers about how to find useful and accurate information about the various models you are considering.

Firstly, let’s look at Sealy, the manufacturer. They have been at the forefront of American mattress making since the late 19th century and this puts them in very good company at the leading edge of the market. Few makers can compete with the name that Sealy have built and maintained through the many decades as changes from cotton to spring to memory foam/latex have affected the mattress market. Of course they have had to remain flexible enough to move with the times and incorporate new technologies and materials into their products, without sacrificing the reputation they have for quality, well-made products.

Specifically then, Sealy Queen mattress sets are available in innerspring designs via their Posturepedic range and memory foam and latex foam designs via their Embody range. All three types of mattress are also available in their standard Sealy Brand range.

The Posturepedic range of innerspring models will cost around $600-900 for a queen size set and employ both dual stage and single stage coil technology. The latter is the cheaper version; both types have reinforced middle thirds of the mattress for extra support in the key areas. They will also have useful handles on their corners for easier maintenance of the mattress – both in terms of turning the mattress regularly, which is recommended for all coil mattresses, and for changing the sheets.

This range lets you choose the qualities you prefer in the upper cushioning layer of the mattress. If you like a firm finish or an extra plush finish, these are available, along with others. So every attempt is made to tailor-make the mattress to your needs.

The Embody range of memory foam and latex mattresses will start at $2000 for a queen set, so they are a considerable step upwards in price. This is because Sealy uses the finest materials that allow for great temperature control and also allow the mattress to breathe – a very important feature that the poorer-quality manufacturers miss out on by using cheaper materials in an effort to keep the price down. Comfort is not just about softness or firmness, but also about heat regulation. As you go up the Embody range in price, more memory foam is used (this is the expensive element of the mattress.)

The Sealy queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, which is industry standard.

As you are shopping for these items you should combine walk-ins to the store with online research. With mattresses, which are touchy-feely types of purchases, it’s important that you lie down on a few and check them for your own personal comfort levels, especially if you are going to spend $2000 plus on a memory foam model. Nothing will replace this.

Once you have found a model that suits you, make a note of it and go back home to see what you can find out online. There is the Sealy web site which will give you the manufacturer claims; review sites that will give you analysis and customer comments (careful that they are independent sites, not merely promoting the Sealy brand) and retail sites that you can shop around for the best deals on. If you’re lucky you may stumble across a Sealy queen mattress sale somewhere and you can pick up a bargain.

Sealy is one of the instantly recognizable brands in the US bedding market and the company has built and maintained its reputation for quality since 1881. Traditional cotton-filled and innerspring mattresses were the bedrock on which their name was built but nowadays all the main manufacturers have had to incorporate new materials like memory foam and latex into their ranges and Sealy is no exception. Here we examine the Sealy memory foam mattress line and see how it stacks up.

The kingpin of the memory foam range for Sealy is the “Embody” mattress, which can be made using latex too. A visit to their web site will show you how these substances differ to the traditional innerspring steel coils in terms of the sleeping experience: they claim that memory foam feels like you are sleeping “in” the mattress rather than on it.

A brief scan of web sites out there may have you a little confused. Queen size Sealy memory foam mattresses will start at around $2000, yet other brands advertise models for $400 or $500, sometimes even cheaper. What you are getting with a Sealy mattress is a commitment to quality, backed up with a 20-year warranty, and this can be important if you are making an investment into an item that you want to be around in your home for many years.

The general ethos that Sealy uses when manufacturing a mattress is that the materials they use should promote comfort and health. With their memory foam they use a special design that adds breathe-ability to the mattress and allows air to flow, keeping the mattress cool. They use award-winning Polartec body climate fabrics. Many cheaper mattresses do suffer from over-heating or foam that does not respond well at all to body heat.

Another feature of the Embody Sealy foam mattress is that it uses anti-microbial fabric that keeps dust mites and other allergens away.

The Embody range has four different qualities – all are 100% foam, but at the higher end of the range more memory foam is used, so the higher the comfort value in general.

These mattresses are made in all the standard sizes and even in a California King size, which is 72 x 84 inches instead of the standard 76 x 80 inches for a king size.

Overall, if you are seriously considering one of these mattresses you will be prepared to make an investment for the future. If it’s going to be put into the main bedroom and will be slept on night after night you will have the peace of mind that you have bought lasting quality.

Here we take a look at what you can expect from the Serta brand mattresses – the extent of the range they offer, the workmanship and materials that go into the making of their models and the comfort and durability levels you can expect from their top selling mattress. We also show you how you can use the online resources such as Serta mattress reviews, to research these items yourselves.

Serta claim on their web site that they make the “World’s Best Mattresses” which is a pretty big claim considering all the quality makers out there these days, many with a long history of manufacturing quality bedding products. They have even trademarked the phrase!

Let’s start with a little history. Based in Illinois Serta were formed as an alliance of independent manufacturers in 1933. Back then of course the coil-spring mattress dominated and Serta prided itself on achieving industry breakthroughs and innovation – the first “tuftless” mattress, for example. Nowadays their range includes the full spectrum of materials and finishes but they retain their name for quality and innovation with products like their Advanced Comfort Quilt and Continuous Support Innerspring mattresses. Their products are produced out of 23 locations in the US, 4 in Canada and they have facilities in 23 locations abroad.

There are too many individual mattresses in their range to consider here but let’s take a look at their self-proclaimed best-selling model – the Perfect Sleeper mattress. This is a strong, robust, innerspring type, that claims to reduce tossing and turning with their Advanced Comfort Quilt feature.

We went to check some Serta reviews. Firstly we read that this item has the lowest return rate of all mattresses sold. No sources were quoted but this sounded like a good start. Then we took a look at the manufacturing process and learned that these Serta mattresses have a continuous wire coil count of over 1500 per model, which is a lot higher than the industry standard. They also use a high grade of steel for their coils. Some people seem to view continuous coil models as outdated and being poor in terms of motion transfer when people are sharing the mattress. With the popularity of pocket spring mattresses, latex and memory foam models there are more choices, but the fact is that Serta have been making these for such a long time and their expertise counts for a lot – there’s a lot to be said for sticking to what you know best and this can give you the assurance of quality that some of the other materials and manufacturers cannot provide.

Another feature of the Perfect Sleeper is the high density foam that sits on top of the springs, adding layers for comfort. These Serta mattress models also come with fire retardancy built in and an edge protector system which adds durability and extends the area of the mattress. The ticking and quilt in these mattresses uses 100% cotton.

As well as Perfect Sleeper, Serta is known for its Perfect Day and Sertapedic brands, as well as their hotel mattresses; all of these are traditional innerspring types. However, the company does also make other types of mattresses within these ranges, including latex and memory foam models.

One of the major criticisms leveled at this brand is the Serta mattress prices, but they all come with a 10-year warranty and if you turn your mattress regularly don’t be surprised to see it last beyond the warranty period. Rather than just considering the price perhaps we need to look at value for money, when we are buying something we expect to be sleeping on, and to remain comfortable and supportive, for many years into the future.

If you are looking to purchase one of these mattresses then do your homework first. Combine the tips and information you gather from the online manufacturer and retailer sites with what you pick up from reviews. There should be plenty of general buying guidelines on all of these types of sites, helping you to make a choice to suit your needs.

If you are reading the Serta review sites make sure that they are independent and provide well-researched information and informed opinion; also make sure that customer comments are from real customers and not marketing teams as there is a lot of misinformation about all types of products on the Internet nowadays. Never buy a mattress without testing it out first in the store or from somebody who owns one. Once you have selected your exact model you can always search around the online retailers for the best deal.

Serta is one of the leading mattress suppliers in the US – in fact they are the second largest manufacturer after Sealy. They have made their name over 80 years and supply their spring and latex models commercially to the hotel industry but they are also popular for homes. Here we take a look at the options available in their ranges and how you can secure discount Serta mattresses at the best possible prices.

The Seta web site will reveal some basic information about their lines but we will need to dig a bit deeper than that.

The trademark Serta mattress is the Perfect Sleeper which has been stocked by bedding stores for 75 years in various forms. Nowadays this model uses the Continuous Support innerspring system that uses rows of coils running head to toe to provide support and reduce motion transfer. These mattresses also feature the Advanced Comfort Quilt upper layer of egg-crate foam that provides the luxurious finish on top of the springs. The Total Edge technology of the corners and edges adds strength to the mattress and extends the sleeping surface right to the bed’s edge. These are strong, robust models that use a dual-beam foundation and this claim is backed up with a 10-year limited warranty. Memory foam and latex options are now available in this range too, so Serta have all the bases covered.

As well as the flagship Perfect Sleeper, which gives you an idea of what the manufacturer is know for, Serta’s other main ranges are Perfect Day, Vera Wang, Trump Home, Nickelodeon, Sertapedic and Paul Deen Home. These offer a mixture of materials and added features but all come with the stamp of quality that Serta provide from their core innerspring designs and builds.

Most of us will expect to pay a bit more for this level of quality and workmanship but we can get a discount Serta mattress by researching and shopping online. Choosing the best review sites will help us make an informed decision – most of the best ones will have general buying tips aimed at helping you find exactly what you want, as well as multiple ranges and brands (not just a couple of manufacturers) and some independent analysis of the models in question. Maybe they will have customer comments and Top 10 listings, but we tend to put less emphasis on these features as they are open to abuse.

You’ll find Serta models in many leading bedding centers and this will give you a chance to test out a few of your preferred models. You can decide which one suits your comfort and support requirements the best and see if you like the plush or firm finishes. You should be able to compile a list of a few “contenders” this way.

Afterwards you can check for cheap Serta mattresses online again at the retailers’ sites. Look out for clearance sales and discontinued models and you may land a great mattress at a bargain price. Or you may be lucky enough to find the exact one you tried in the store at a reduced price. Providing you are dealing with an established retailer you’ll be able to order, pay and arrange delivery so that your brand new mattress arrives at your door in a week or so, with you safe in the knowledge that you have done your homework on your purchase beforehand.

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