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Serta is a manufacturer most famous for its Perfect Sleeper mattresses that have been one of the leading mattress types for many years now, both in terms of quality and sales. This article looks at the Sertapedic brand from the same manufacturer and details what its main features are, what you can expect if you buy one of them and how to use online Sertapedic mattress reviews to help you make the right decision.

Serta have been one of the market leaders in high-end innerspring mattresses for decades now and they earned a name for innovation with several breakthrough technologies they developed. They pride themselves on making the “World’s Best Mattresses”. Based out of Illinois, but with sites all over the world, they have maintained their position by adding new materials and technologies consistently to their basic designs that offer well-made, comfortable and durable mattress sets.

The Sertapedic range is positioned below the Perfect Sleeper range in terms of its target market. These mattresses still have some of the standard design features of the Perfect Sleeper, like the Double Beam foundation, which provides a very stable base, but the similarity kind of ends there. The coil-springs use a different technology that Serta terms “Verticoil Premier” which is a patent-pending system aiming to give more innerspring coverage and therefore more support than in other similarly priced mattresses. The comfort level of Sertapedic mattresses is provided by soft foams and fibers atop the coils, and you have a number of choices with varying firmnesses and plush-nesses.

These last two features are both lower-end solutions than those in the Perfect Sleeper range but, as ever, you get what you pay for…and these are half the price of their more-esteemed “cousins.”

As well as innerspring Sertapedic mattresses this range also incorporates latex and memory foam models, in response to the growing popularity of these materials in the bedding market. Again these are priced lower than other Serta brands.

If you are looking to do some research through a few Sertapedic reviews online we would advise that you choose your sites carefully. Nowadays many articles and reviews are written by people who have never been near the item in question, but are recycling information, misinformation and disinformation that floats around on the Internet. Look for sites that offer a good cross-section of brands rather than concentrating on just a couple of manufacturers; also, find a site that offers some mattress buying guidelines – truly independent non-brand specific tips that everybody should be using before committing to buy; finally we suggest that looking for sites that mix some analytical reviews with customer comments might be more reliable than just pages and pages of comments, as we never really know the validity of these comments.

Here we take a look at the best selling mattress from Serta and, indeed, its signature model. We will show you the main features of this mattress, what you can expect from it in terms of price, comfort and durability and we will advise you how to find out what people are saying about it, in online Serta Perfect Sleeper reviews.

First up, some background about the Serta Company – they have operated out of Illinois since their formation in the early 1930’s at the end of the Great Depression, when a few independent manufacturers joined forces to create the company. Since that day they have built and maintained their reputation as a leading American manufacturer of top range mattresses, with 23 facilities in the USA and many overseas sites. They made and have retained their name from the traditional coil-spring mattresses and have recently expanded their lines to include other types, such as latex and memory foam models.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are, without question, their leading model and most people who have spent any serious time looking for mattresses will recognize the name. This particular model has been around for many years and has seen many innovations and tweaks to its original design, because Serta seems to like to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with coil-spring designs.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress has the lowest return rate of any mattress, it is claimed. It incorporates the company’s Advanced Comfort Quilt technology into a durable innerspring mattress set that is backed up by a 10 year warranty. These mattresses are very coil-dense, which distributes the body-weight of the sleeper very effectively, adding comfort and longevity to the model. In fact, it has more than 1500 top quality continuous steel wire-coils in its body, which is considerably higher than the industry standard. Above the coils sits layers of high density “egg crate” foam, which is designed to reduce tossing and turning by relieving the pressure points of the body and provide added comfort benefits.

Other key features of this mattress are its fire retardancy and the edge support system that it employs, which expands the sleeping area of the mattress somewhat. The strengthened edges also make it less prone to “roll off.” Also, the actual frame of the mattress, which is critical to provide a long-lasting build, uses the Serta Double Beam Foundation for added strength.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper price will range from around $600 to over $2000, depending on sizes, materials and finishes. The range incorporates materials like latex and memory foam nowadays, in line with current trends in the bedding market, but the most popular Serta models are still their innerspring ones.

When you read Serta mattress reviews online there a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, a good review site should include some general buying guidelines for mattresses, a good cross-section of brands and a mixture of technical and scientific details (mattress specifications etc.) along with customer comments relating anecdotal experiences. If you come across a site that just has a couple of brands featured and a lot of customer comments then be aware that you are probably not getting independent analysis.

That being said good reviews will raise questions about what you should be looking for in your mattress, if you are looking to buy. You should be asking questions about your exact requirements in terms of comfort and support levels and durability, as this will greatly affect your budget. The Serta mattresses may represent a significant investment for you, so make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

The Simmons Mattress Company was founded back in the 1870’s, so it is fair to say they have plenty of history. Their pedigree was enhanced in the early 1900’s when they were invited to furnish the first class areas of the ill-fated Titanic. The company has moved on considerably over the last century, and if you take the time to read through some of Simmons mattress reviews, you’ll see that their products are some of the most modern available today.

Simmons Mattresses are responsible for many of the leading innovations in the mattress industry, such as the coil spring system, that was introduced back in 1889. Slightly later, in 1900, the company developed the padded coil system – the coils, which were individually hand padded to provide extra comfort, were very expensive to make, so were the sole preserve of their more affluent customers.

Simmons Mattress

Moving ahead to the 1950’s, when other manufacturers were stuck manufacturing twin and full sized mattresses, Simmons were the first company to introduce the Queen size and the King size mattress. These larger size mattresses became popular very quickly with the public and other mattress makers after they were featured in magazines such as Life.

Other notable developments from the Simmons Mattress Company include:

  • Introduction in 1995 of the Backcare Mattress – this mattress aided the proper alignment of the spine while the occupant slept.
  • Development in 2001 of the Olympic Queen size mattress – this was an innovation that gave couples an extra six inches of mattress space, with the need to invest in a larger bed frame.
  • Introduction in 2004 of the HealthSmart mattress and bed – this bed was designed to help allergy sufferers while they slept.

The Simmons mattress range splits down into five distinct usage areas. Each mattress type is aimed at a very specific type of customer to address their sleep related needs. The range encompasses all age groups from a range of kids’ mattresses, through to foam mattresses and spring coil mattress made for adults. The 5 product ranges are:

  • The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress – a pocketed coil mattress that have a ‘Triton’ base and are claimed to virtually eliminate motion transmission. This lack of motion transfer is said to make the bed ideal for couples to share.
  • The Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress – these are considered to be the Simmons luxury range of coil-sprung mattresses. Featuring an advanced pocketed coil system and consisting of luxury fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and modal yarn, they are said to provide soothing comfort.
  • The Simmons Natural Care Mattress – a range of mattresses made from 100% natural biodegradable materials. This is an eco-friendly range of hypo-allergenic mattresses that is especially suited to those that suffer from a range of different allergies.
  • The Simmons ComforPedic Mattress – made from high density advanced NxG memory foam, this mattress has some clever in-built technology. The advanced memory foam is said to dissipate body heat, which addresses one of the memory foam mattresses biggest drawbacks, that of sleepers over-heating.
  • Simmons Kids Mattress – they say it’s never too early to benefit from a great night’s sleep, and that is what Simmons promises from its kids range of mattresses.

In these Simmons Mattress reviews, will we try to include as many mattress reviews as we can. We will test out their claims to prevent joint pains, back aches and neck problems. If you have your own views on a particular Simmons mattress, let us have your review and we will publish it for all to see.

For a company that made its name from traditional coil-spring mattresses Simmons has taken the new developments in design and materials in its stride and has created its own range of competitive foam models. We take a look at the choices on offer in the Simmons foam mattress range and what can you expect from them.

The best-known Simmons foam range is the Comfor-pedic memory foam series. This range uses NXG memory foam which is a specially formulated foam that reacts to heat and pressure to provide a sleeping experience where the mattresses envelop the body. This foam is highly responsive and so takes the body weight quickly and completely, molding to the contours. It also dissipates heat so that no overheating occurs, which can be a problem with some of the cheaper memory foam mattresses. With the Comfor-pedic mattress range also comes matching memory foam pillows as an extra accessory.

The range incorporates 5 models to choose from. The higher you go up the range – from the BlueSky to the Fiji – the more memory foam is used and the thicker the comfort layer becomes. Also latex is used in the top models as well as something called GelTouch, which adds an extra cooling sensation to the mattress.

A Simmons memory foam mattress from this range is available in plush or firm finishes, uses stretch-knit removable and dry-cleanable covers (with suede used for the borders) for ease of maintenance and comes with a limited 25-year warranty.

The assurance of quality from the manufacturer’s name and the accompanying warranty means that these are not the cheapest memory foam mattresses available, but comparing these with a $300 or $400 mattress is not comparing like for like. You are paying a premium for the workmanship and the quality and thicknesses of the materials used. Simmons memory foam is based on the original foam that was designed by NASA for astronauts to use and which was brought into the mainstream mattress market by Tempur-pedic. A lot of manufacturers now copy this technology but use cheaper materials to keep the prices down.

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