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The name Simmons is a famous name for mattresses worldwide and is associated with a quality assurance that few other manufacturers can compete with. As you would expect from a company that started making mattresses 140 years ago they have developed a huge range through the years, maintaining their core innerspring products and adding new innovative memory foam and latex models to their collection. Here we take a look through the Simmons mattress sets and throw some light on what your choices are.

The Simmons ranges fall into 7 main categories: the BeautyRest, BeautyRest Black, Comfor-pedic, Natural Care, Simmons Kids, BeautySleep and Comfort Advantage ranges, encompassing all the materials and technologies you would expect from a top name.

Starting with the BeautyRest range, these mattresses use Simmons’ own pocket-spring technology as opposed to standard coils which are tied with wire. These models use carbon steel springs which are pre-compressed and individually wrapped in non-allergenic fabric for extra pressure relief for the sleeper. Pocket springs reduce motion transfer so BeautyRest mattresses are ideal for couples sharing a bed. This range has recently added a memory foam option too, which works in combination with the springs to produce a top-level combination mattress set.

The BeautyRest Black mattresses are a new addition this year and combine the pocket-spring technology with Simmons’ Transflexion Comfort technology, which actually treats the foams used in the mattress before they are placed inside, for extra comfort. As always with a Simmons mattress set they are available in firm or plush finishes.

The other main innerspring Simmons collection is the BeautySleep range, which uses a compact, heavy gauge coil system in its mattress bodies to provide the support. Some models in the series also now use Simmons memory foam, BackGuard support and other foams for extra comfort.

The Natural Care collection is series of three mattresses using varying levels of natural latex, from a soy-enhanced foam and latex mix to an all-latex model. These mattresses are designed to be comfortable, supportive, hypo-allergenic and heat-regulating and normally appeal to people who like the thought and feel of using natural materials. They come with a 20-year warranty and are a high-end solution.

You may have heard of the Simmons Comfor-pedic range of memory foam mattress sets. These use their NXG high-grade memory foam which is very shape-conforming and responds well to body heat. This sensitivity separates the Simmons range from other cheaper ranges that use lower grade memory foam and do not always match the standards of workmanship. Simmons back up this guarantee of quality with a 25-year limited warranty on each of the 5 mattresses in the range.

The other main memory foam range from Simmons is the Comfort Advantage collection. These are modern-looking mattresses with a good layer of memory foam, soft-knit fabrics for a smooth finish and the Triton foundation for a robust build.

We have covered all of the main mattress set ranges from Simmons, with the exception of the Kids series. These encompass a vast range of grades, materials, builds and finishes but all with the guarantee of being well-made and backed up with excellent warranties. There really should be something for everyone here.

A Simmons Beautyrest mattress offers customers a wide range of choices and scores consistently highly in many consumer satisfaction surveys. The Simmons Beautyrest comes in a range of different styles and finishes, and there are a number of different springing options available.


The Simmons brand has built its reputation on the back of the three key features of each mattress they build:

Patented Pocketed Spring system – all Simmons mattresses feature their patented Pocketed Coil system. These uniquely design, hand finished coils provide excellent support throughout the night which is one of the main reasons Simmons actively encourage all their customers to try their mattresses before they buy. The number of pocketed coils in the Simmons Beautyrest range varies from 800 for the Beautyrest Classic, to almost 2,000 in the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress generally speaking, the more coils your mattress has the more comfort it will provide.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Advanced sidewall technology – the strength of any mattress is derived from the quality of the work and materials that go into the sidewall of the mattress. Simmons use two different systems in their Beautyrest range, the Classic Edge Support system and the Ultra 360 Foam Encasement. Both of these systems offer excellent levels of comfort for both sitting and sleeping right up to the edge of the mattress.

Premium Visco foam materials – after the coil system, it’s the padding and fabrics that add most to the comfort of any mattress, and latex and memory foam is used widely throughout the Simmons range. The Beautyrest NxG uses advanced memory foam that is said to help with heat dissipation, keeping you cooler at night. One of the major flaws reported by memory foam mattress users has always been the fact that heat builds up throughout the night. The NxG range addresses this major issue.


Some of the unique features that the Simmons Beautyrest mattress provides, leads to some appealing benefits for the sleeper:

The combination of the pocketed coil springs and memory foam padding leads to unsurpassed levels of motion separation. Simmons maintain their mattresses reduce movement of the foam by over 65% which means that when your partner moves during the night, you are far less likely to be disturbed by that movement.

One of the main problems with memory foam mattresses has always been the amount of heat generated created by the friction of the movement between the body and the mattresses surface. Because of the way the NxG foam is manufactured, it facilitates the movement of air around the body which ensures an ideal body temperature is maintained throughout the night.

Sleep studies have shown that if a mattress is not finished to a high standard, it can cause disrupted sleep. Because of the luxury materials, such as cashmere and silk, that are used to finish Simmons mattresses, they eliminate many of the regular complaints surrounding rougher mattress surfaces – this results in a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

The Downside

Overall, the amount of complaints we here about Simmons mattresses from their customers is fairly low. The main issue seems to be around their warranty, and it seems they can sometimes interpret their terms and conditions quite strictly. I have heard of people who’ve had their warranty claims denied for reasons such as a soiled mattress, or for something as simple as removing the tag.

I must stress that Simmons have sold millions of mattresses in the United States and any complaints come from a tiny fraction of these customers. All the grievances I have mentioned come from entirely anecdotal evidence, I myself have never experienced this.

Trawling through the reviews sites on the Internet can be a confusing experience. We’ve all heard how great memory foam is for pillows and mattresses from our friends and from retailers and manufacturers, but often in reviews there will be negative comments about odors, sagging mattresses and unresponsive foam that doesn’t get soft enough or is too soft. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to believe. Soon we begin to realize just what a range of quality there is in these items and we need to look at the top manufacturers to see what they do to be able to compare with the rest, from an informed standpoint. Here we do that using some of the Simmons NXG mattress reviews and other manufacturer information out there.

Simmons use their advanced NXG memory foam in their Comfor-pedic range, which competes at the top end of the market. It also appears in the BeautyRest and Comfort Advantage collections. Their material is based on the original NASA foam that was developed for their astronauts as a shock-absorber during take-off and which was modified for use in mattresses by the Swedish Tempur-pedic company.

What this means is that Simmons NXG memory foam will respond well both to body-weight and body-heat, unlike some of the cheaper foams out there. Firstly it will take the weight of the body and envelop it so that it feels like you’re sleeping “inside” the mattress rather than on top of it. It shapes itself to the sleeper’s shape. Secondly, it is highly heat-sensitive so it will soften as it detects body heat and will regulate itself so that it doesn’t overheat – especially important during the summer months.

The Comfor-pedic and Comfort Advantage ranges both include mattresses with varying depths of memory foam, increasing the thicknesses as you go up the range. The top models will include latex or even a cooling gel in the top layers too, for added comfort.

Recently the Simmons BeautyRest NXG range was introduced, combining the industry-standard quality of pocket spring technology with the benefits of NXG memory foam so that sleepers get the best of both worlds: the support and the reduction of motion transfer from the robust innersprings, combined with the sensitive, heat-dissipating and body-conforming comfort of the foam. These sets also incorporate the Simmons Edge technology which expands the sleeping area and reinforces the edges when people are sitting on them, as well as the Triton foundation which creates the solid build.

Reading the reviews of these products you will begin to understand the differences between the products established manufacturers release and the ones that are put out claiming similar things at a fraction of the price. The fact is that memory foam is not always of the same quality and is not always used in sufficient quantities; and neither is the general workmanship of the mattress the same.

Simmons need little introduction if you are someone who has shopped for high quality mattresses in the past. They are one of a few enduring US manufacturers that have survived the turn of two centuries, with all the changes that has encompassed. Simmons have had to move with the times, incorporating new materials and production methods into their operations and this flexibility has served them well. Here we look specifically at the Simmons World Class mattress, from their signature BeautyRest range.

The World Class is one of the newer collection of BeautyRest mattresses to arrive on the market. As with all of this series the World Class uses pocket-springs –1000-density super pocketed coil springs, to be precise! This limits the motion transfer of the mattress, which is the advantage this series has over many of the traditional tied spring models.

Support-wise it also uses the Total Surround Edge Foam Encasement which expands the sleeping area and adds durability to the edges of the mattress – especially useful when people sit on the edge. The mattresses are designed to be non-flip, which is unusual for an innerspring model. Part of the robust design that makes this possible is from the Triton foundation and the Energy Foam support base, which add strength and stability to the model.

A Simmons BeautyRest World Class mattress achieves its reputation for comfort by using generous amounts of its premium NXG (“Next Generation”) memory foam in the upper layers of the mattress, along with natural latex rubber as an added option. This foam creates the softness and body-enveloping feel that people expect from memory foam, but which is not always provided by the cheaper, less well-made mattresses. The NXG foam is heat-sensitive and reacts well to weight so that there is no overheating even when the foam is wrapping around the body’s contours to give the luxurious feel. It also allows the model to breathe well by

The Simmons WorldClass mattresses all come with the choice of Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush, Plush/Firm and Pillow Top finishes so that you can personalize your comfort level.

The list price of these mattresses is around $2500 for a Queen size, but shopping online you will probably find one for around half this price. Within the BeautyRest range as a whole, they are positioned between the Classic and the Exceptionale in terms of price.

In Summary

Simmons have been making and selling mattresses for more than 135 years, so they must be doing something right. They make a range of mattresses to suit different needs, but the Simmons Beautyrest mattress remains the most popular model in their catalogue – prices range from around $1,000 for the Beautyrest Classic, up to around $2,500 for the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress.

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