Are Simmons Plush Mattress Sets Firm Enough?

If you have ever been shopping for a mattress, either online or in bedding supply centers, you will have heard of Simmons. They are one of America’s most established mattress manufacturers and have retained their position in the leading group by being flexible enough to incorporate new designs, new materials and new technologies into their ranges at the right times, whilst consistently keeping a high standard and giving people choices. With this brand you always get a choice of finishes to the model you choose – should you opt for a Simmons plush mattress or firm mattress?

One of the most popular Simmons ranges is the BeautyRest collection, so we’ll start there. There are 5 main mattresses to look at, beginning with the Classic, then the Anniversary, the World Class, Exceptionale and the NXG. The pocketed-spring feature that defines the range is present in all 5 of the models, but the use of foam and other materials varies from set to set, as does things like the edge technology employed – that’s where your choices and budgets come in. What is consistent is that you will also have the BeautyFeel choice to make – and that’s how plush or how firm you want your mattress to be.

A Simmons BeautyRest plush set uses thinner gauge pocket-springs that yield to pressure from the upper layers that you’re sleeping on. They will also use extra foam in the upper layers of the mattress to provide an all-round softer finish to sleep on.

A firm mattress in the same set utilizes a thicker gauge of pocket-spring which resists the pressure more from above, meaning there is less “give” in it.

Then there’s the Pillow-top finish which uses multiple layers of foam attached to the upper mattress areas to really create a surface that wraps around the body, even more so than the Simmons plush feel.

These are the three main finishes but there are also degrees of plushness and firmness including Luxury Firm and Plush/Firm that may be available.

Which one you will choose comes down to advice you receive and your personal preference. If you are one of the many people who suffer back-pain then your doctor or chiropractor will need to advise you on the type of mattress you will need to relieve the symptoms. The average buyer, however, will just need to try out the Simmons BeautyRest plush mattress in the store and compare it to the firm model to see which one suits best.

Tempur-Pedic® provided the original memory foam mattresses. They were the Swedish/Danish manufacturer that took the NASA technology of memory foam, which was used to provide cushioning from the G-forces experienced during take off for shuttle astronauts, played with it and made it suitable for use in bedding and then delivered memory foam mattresses to the world a couple of decades ago.

When the Tempur® material was introduced to the US, the Tempurpedic headquarters were set up in Kentucky and engineering and manufacturing plants were set up in Virginia and New Mexico.

From this point on there were a number of other manufacturers around the world that sprung up and began imitating the Tempur material and you see today that there are many choices of memory foam ranging from cheap mattresses for a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. This should tell you that there are many different qualities and standards of memory foam and while it’s still possible to get great value, cheap Tempurpedic beds, it’s becoming harder for the customer to distinguish between the real thing and the inferior models.

Nowadays Tempurpedic makes mattress toppers, bases, pillows, bed linen, cushions and other accessories, as well as the mattresses, but let’s concentrate on what you can expect from a Tempurpedic mattress set here. Basically they have been able to ward off stiff competition from around the industry by never compromising on the original quality of their memory foam models.

There are 3 collections of Tempurpedic beds to choose from, allowing you to find one that’s right feel and contouring for you. These are the Tempur-Cloud® collection, the Tempur-HD® and the Tempur® collection. While they are variations on the same theme there are some important differences.

The Tempur collection is the original range and features 5 beds ranging in price from $700 for a single up to $2200 starting price for a Double. The mattresses vary in the thicknesses and feels of their comfort layers and you will only really know which one suits your body by trying before you buy – never a bad idea with any mattress!

The Tempur-Cloud Collection has 3 mattresses ranging in starting price from $1100 – $2900. These have more of a pillow-soft feel in their upper layers than the Tempur range and use a slightly more advance Tempur-ES material, which is highly body-conforming and heat regulating.

The Tempur-HD is the top collection, using the highest grade, highest density Tempur material. The 3 mattresses in this range have a starting price ranging from $2500-6500, so you can see they represent quite an investment. The GrandBed® is the model that starts at $6500- in addition to the soft and supportive Tempur-HD feel, it uses silk and cashmere fabrics to cover it and is the height of luxury.

The investment in a Tempurpedic mattress will be sizeable, but it is backed by a 20-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. The prices of their mattresses are the same online as in the stores and they rarely have sales. A few years back the company issued strict guidelines to its retailers so that there is no under-cutting of price or free giveaways to make certain retailers more attractive. However if you look around carefully you may still find a cheap Tempurpedic bed online. Just make sure it is genuine.

If you’ve ever been in the market for a memory foam mattress then you may be familiar with the Tempur-Pedic® brand of mattresses. They’re the ones in the corner of the store with the big price tag on them that many people try out but few can afford to buy. But seeing as Tempur-Pedic beds were the original memory foam beds, it’s worth knowing more about them. Here we take a brief look at the history, the range and the tempurpedic mattress prices.

Tempurpedic Swedish/Danaish mattresses were introduced to the US in the early 1990′s after many years of research had produced a heat-regulating and body hugging foam that was suitable for use in bedding. This foam had actually been used by NASA since the 1960′s – to cushion the extreme pressures on astronauts’ bodies during take-off – as well as in the medical industry (beds for long-term patients not able to move) and sporting goods (such as the insides of helmets.) Production of memory foam was expensive back then, but in subsequent years, the methods developed, gradually brought costs down so that today there are many memory foam mattresses out there that are a third of the price of the original Tempur-Pedic mattress. So why do they still retain their good name and market share?

The answer to this is in the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing of the bed itself. Memory foam is a polyurethane based material that has other chemicals added to it in the manufacturing process, producing a foam that can vary greatly in density, heat-regulating properties and overall comfort levels. Some high quality memory foam mattresses will react well to the body temperature and envelop the body to give that hugging feel that cheaper ones cannot provide. IDF and density are two measures of memory form that you can to look out for and another variable is the cell structure of the foam which, if too tight, may not allow for good airflow through the mattress. Check labels carefully and also double-check how much memory foam is used in your mattress. The best makers like Tempur-Pedic know that less than 2 inches of memory foam will have little impact and more than 6 inches may make it too soft.

The single biggest complaint about Tempurpedic mattresses is their price. They certainly don’t come cheap and, unlike other manufacturers, there prices tend to be pretty fixed. Tempurpedic are careful to maintain the integrity of their brand so even on their web site there are firm pricing guidelines that their retailers don’t seem to deviate from.

When we look at their range we see they have about 13 beds spanning 3 main collections – the Tempur®, the Tempur Cloud® and the Tempur-HD® ranges. The Original bed – available only in Single, Twin or Double – is the most reasonably priced at $1000 for a Double mattress (not including base, frame or protector.) Most of the other mattresses are available in a large range of size including the California King and gradually increase in price until you arrive at the Tempur-HD Grand Bed® which will weigh in at over $8000 for a King Size bed including a base and protector.

You can see why people are keen to shave a bit off the price, but even online you will have a hard job finding discounted Tempurpedic mattresses. If you are lucky enough to be offered a discount by a store owner or online, be sure to check that you are getting a genuine Tempurpedic model.

Tempur-Pedic® is a brand of mattresses and beds owned, manufactured and sold by Tempur-Pedic International Inc. The brand has gained much popularity in the United States since it was introduced back in 1992. Its mattresses are widely used in many hospitals and hotels. The aim of this tempurpedic mattress reviews is to look at what makes these mattresses so special, and to help you decide whether this pressure relieving material will suit your needs.

Memory foam originates from an improvement on NASA’s research that saw the development of memory foam for the original space missions back in the 1960’s and 70’s. The Tempur-Pedic company (know as Dan Foam back then) took NASA’s original development and created a dense product that provided a very responsive and supportive sleeping surface. The foam is still, to this day, considered to be the premier quality product by industry experts and tempurpedic mattress reviewers worldwide.

So Why Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Special?

The memory foam they use is a ‘smart’ material that conforms to the shape of any object that is placed on it – even if that ‘object’ is a human body. Because of its soft, spongy properties, it has the ability to return to its normal state when the object is removed from the foam.

The clever people at Dan Foam realized that when it is used as part of a bed or a mattress, the memory foam has properties that mean the mattress will adjust to the dimensions and weight of the individual who sleeps on it. These properties ensure that weight is distributed across the entire surface of the mattress, which results in a very supportive night’s sleep.

Buying a Tempurpedic Mattress

One of the main problems when you’re buying a new mattress, is that you will not know for certain if a particular model is suitable for your needs or not, until you have spent quite some time sleeping on it. I advise people all the time to spend as much time as possible in the mattress store, lying and moving around on their preferred choice of mattress, but in all honesty, there is only so much this can tell you.

Tempurpedic has addressed this problem in the best way possible, by offering a 90 day home trial of one of their mattresses. You get to sleep on the mattress you choose for a full three months to see if it is suitable or not, and if it isn’t, the company will collect it from you free of charge. There are one or two conditions attached to this deal, so make sure you read the fine print carefully.

The Cost of Tempurpedic Mattresses

The cost of Tempurpedic mattresses is pretty standard wherever you buy them from, because the company seems to control the pricing very carefully. If you want to strike a deal, you will probably have to settle for a few extras thrown in as suppliers have very little leeway to give you a better deal.

As you can imagine, these mattress are not cheap. Prices start in the region of $1,500, and go as high as $7,000 for the GrandBed® model. For that kind of investment you would expect something quite special, and the devotees of the Tempurpedic mattress would tell you that that is exactly what you get. The best Tempurpedic mattress reviews will look at the downside as well, and there are a few points that some customers mention that are worth noting.

The Downside

It is claimed that about 90% of people who take up the Tempurpedic home trial go on to purchase a mattress – however, as you would expect, they don’t suit everyone. Some people complain of a chemical smell coming from the mattress when it is new. Others moan that they have difficulty rolling over in the night as they feel ‘trapped’ by the mattress, and finally, some customers find they get very hot during the night sleeping on this type of foam.

If the reason you are here is because you have been searching for Stearns and Foster mattress reviews, then this article should help you out. We try to give as much information about the mattresses we review as we can, while remaining impartial throughout.

A company, like Stearns and Foster, that has over 160 years of history producing and innovating new mattress technology, deserves some respect just for the fact that it has existed for so long. In my experience, no business survives, in any market for any length of time, without being in tune with their customers and providing consumers with what they want.

From a personal point of view, what frustrates me about Stearns and Fosters mattresses is the huge amount of names, ranges and sub-ranges the company uses. It is said they offer more than 1200 mattress set combinations, which is a crazy number – this criticism is not only reserved for S & F, most of the leading manufacturers are guilty of the same thing.

That being said, the majority of Stearns and Fosters mattress sets fall into 3 main categories. They have their Traditional range which are their base models and start at around $1200, their mid-range Silver Dream mattresses, and the top end Golden Elegance range that tops out at over $6000.

Because the wide range of products available, my recommendation would be to ignore all the hype, and look closely at the constituents of each mattress before you choose which one is right for you.

Stearns and Foster Mattress


One area where a Stearns and Foster mattress claims to be unique is in its use of their progressive support coil design. This innerspring system is said to offer a great level of support and at the same time enhancing body alignment so that your sleep experience is optimal.

The company offers 5 levels of comfort for the finish of their mattresses; Tight Top, Box Top, Euro Top, Pillow Top and Euro Pillow Top. Each level of finish has its own merits, with the Tight Top being the least expensive, up to the Box Top which is mainly seen on the more expensive mattresses. Offering a range of comfort levels has become a popular option from most manufacturers recently, but you have to remember that they can add considerably to the cost of your mattress purchase.

The Downside

When I look around at the many Stearns and Foster mattress reviews online, it doesn’t surprise me that when I find so many (after all the company is more than 160 years old). While the vast majority of reviews are positive, there are a worrying number of reviews of a similar nature. Most complaints tend to center on two things, first they come from people who claim their mattress has sagged in some way, and secondly the complaints are about how S and F deal with claims under their guarantee.

There is no doubt in my mind that S and F make very good mattresses, and as I’ve said, the vast majority of reviews are positive towards the brand – however, the negative reviews are relevant are is something I thought you should know.

Hopefully this review of Stearns and Foster mattresses has been useful to you – they have a great range of mattresses and offer some good value. As with choosing any mattress though, the final decision is yours, so take your time and try out as many as possible.

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